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Hi rabartu, does this script run on the fly?

You really need to put more of a description here as you have very little to read about it here??

pls .. check http://rabartu-docs.gopagoda.com/ome/ and the demo in http://rabartu-wp.gopagoda.com/ !! if you have question you can contribute for better documentation

I set up API at ourmoneyexchange, but when i use the AAPI key, the widget won’t show, only if i use the link to the APi in alternate URL does it show.

Second issue is i would like to use the Euro as my base currency, but despite selecting Euro as the base currency, it still shows the USD

Hello .. the first issue ..check if you host have connection with http://openexchangerates.org the second issue .. if you use free plan only is available USD …

sorry .. for the delay … so .. i can check you wordpress and server !

Hi, I cant get it to work.. ive put api key in and widget not showing.

Don’t worry.. i’ve got it working now. I want to ask if the user can change the base currency, if not, this should definatley be a feature.. please advise.

I have 2 presale question:

1) Does this script support Georgian Lari(GEL)? 2) Is it possible to modify this script in case I want to have another design and another 6, 3 or 2 currencies? For example 2 currencies and horizontal design.

Hi, Great one! Can i change the exchange rates my self… Here we have many money transfer agents so i have to add those rates? Is it possible?

yes !! you can send us the example .. We can work together to resolve this !!!

Hi, I purchased the widget today and when I tried to upload the plugin on my website, it didn’t work. The page said:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Also on the downloads section of this website, the “Install Wordpress File Only” option isn’t there, so how can you download this to Wordpress?

Greetings Ayaan

Hi.Can i change the exchange rates? And add it manually? No auto update by API? thanks

Hmmm. 6 months and no response. Looks good but I think I’ll skip this widget, Too many missing details in the description.

Hi, when update??


Why can’t change Base money to Omani Rial?

Its showing US doller only after change to Omani rial.


i want to buy the Our Money Exchange plugin and i want to us South African Rand as base currency and using currency changes with http://fx-rate.net/ZAR/getwidget/ . Please note that i dont want to use the fx-net widget it does look good in appearance , i dont know if it is possible to use Our Money Exchange plugin but linked to http://fx-rate.net/ZAR/getwidget/ ?

Sir, i asked some help. But i didnt get any help from you.

I need make Base money as “omani rial” i changed and not coming. Only shows USD .:(. how can i fix that?

do not compatibile wordpress 4.5.3?