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Can I use any content in there… as in html, js, css, etc? or are there any limitations?

Hello, How do I widen the content? Content only is as wide as the #of tabs…

Nevermind. Just found it in the JavaScript. Thank you.


I´m having trouble validating my HTML5 doc in W3C Markup Validation Service, becouse of the “rel” atribute that have to be inserted in the “tabs” section, how can I solve this issue?

by the way, as some1ell said: “great file;)”, 100% recommended

Hi there I wanted to try the validator. Can you mail me the link? I will try to solve the issue for you If I can.

I saw that you had an option of making the arrows adjacent. I am having difficulties making these arrows adjacent in the top left corner. This is for the horizontal tab slide. Your help would be appreciated.

Nevermind i figured it ou

Hey great product, but how come this is not working for IE? the tabs will not change. In the preview it works in IE but the version I bought does not. Can you help me figure why it doesn’t work in IE?

Thanks. Yeah you are right and it’s done. Check your email please.

The Template don’t work in IE9 ! What have I to change to work???

Is there an option to have all the slider tabs closed on page load?

Is is possible to make a slide animation between tabs ?

This template does not work in IE. The description said is supported IE and it does not. Please help.

It is not working in IE, also sample file also not working. please fix it asap.