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Hello, I am interested in this calendar, however I want to confirm something. when I upload all the files, do I need special server permissions to run this app?

Also, when a user lands on the calendar page, can I restrict them from adding events, so then only I can add events, even if its by visiting a different page?


I noticed some bugs in the application and wondered if you knew how to fix them.

When using a small screen such as a phone or a tablet, the popup dialog for adding a new event does not close after you click the save button, even though the event is added.

When adding a week long event (for example wednesday 8th march 2017 – wednesday 15th march 2017) I will drag my mouse between those dates on the calendar to create that event, however it seems doing this will open two pop-up dialogs for a single event instead of one.

If you know how these bugs could be fixed or even patch them, that would be great.

many thanks, Colin

Hi after I add and save a new event on the calendar, the event is lost when I refresh the page. There are no instructions on how to make it work properly. I also looked to where the calendar should write. Please advise.

Hey Team

Very cool Plugin :)

I use bootstrap 4 for my website and the calender is built with bootstrap 3. Unfortunately, the popovers dont work anymore . What can I do to make it work again with Bootstrap4.

Thanks :)