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Can it do repeat entries ?

It has all the features of fullcalendar. By repeat enters if you mean you can set an even as recurring then you can extend it to add a field but handling it it will be the responsibility of your backend. Hope I answered your question

Can i use a different callendar for different users or only one calendar?

You can use as many calendars as you want

very cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)


If you double click to add an end date greater than the day it dissapears from the calendar

Not sure what you referring to, as I can edit and set an end day greater than the day, still can see the event, if it disappears it’s probably because the dates aren’t in the current view, so you have to browse to those dates/month.

is it possible to add a print button?

Yes, you can add buttons

is possible to integrate with codeigniter?

Yes you can integrate with codeigniter or any other backend framework

I downloaded your code – but the file ajaxdemo.php is missing. Do you have a copy of this so I can see how to set that up? I assume it also loads existing events from that file?

Thank you in advance :)

Did you get a chance to look at it?

Never mind I figured it out

is it possible to categorize events and then list only categories?

yes, you can categorize your events, and show by category, it’s your backend responsability


you have any docs about your methods & events related to this plugin


Hi, is it possible to format date in Italian style “dd/mm/YYYY” for all insert, edit and delete event?

Yes you can do that, please check the fullcalendar documentation

Hello I would buy OtxFullcalendar I need to know if it relies on MySQL to work or on which database uses Thank you

It can work with any database of your choice, You only have to implement the events you interested in send the data to your backend.

Someone tell me that the database uses? Maybe Mysql?

It doesn’t use any database, it’s up to you to use whatever you want

Hi! Nice job! Does this package include or does it works with php files and mysql?

Yes it works with PHP and Mysql, it works with any backend you have

Hi, I purchased your code and I am having difficulty figuring it out, please help me with some further documentation, for example, I want to know how to change the list of colors in the “Create Event” color picker. Please reply as soon as possible. :)

Hi, thanks for your purchase, You can do that when you initialize the plugin in the config obect $(’#yourTargetId’).otxFullCalendar({ colors :[’#FF0000’, ’#FF9C00’, ’#9C00FF’, ’#9c0’,’#FF00FF’, ’#EFC631’, ’#6BA54A’, ’#CE0000’, ’#0099cc’] });

Please check the included demo file in assets/js/demo.js You have all you need there to get you started,

Thanks, I adjusted that as required, is it also possible to change the parameters by which the event bar is defined on? For example, how can I change the Time parameter to something like quantity? How can I remove the time variable so that it doesn’t define the start and end position of the event rather it is only defined by the date.

I would also like to know how to integrate PHP with your coding so that I can’t retrieve data from a DB and use it to auto generate an event, I’m trying to use this format for a production planning system. Your help is extremely appreciated. Please send me a copy of some form of documentation if available.

Nice work gud luck


As async property of ajax is deprecated, how can wait for save/update call before we update in the calendar?

As async property of ajax is deprecated, how can wait for save/update call before we update in the calendar?

for example from otxEventBeforeReqUpdate method

In day view, even I am selecting time ranges (let’s say more than a hour), the popup is taking only start time and default duration (1 hour)

Dose it have a navigation API? I’m using react, and I’m wondering if your calendar support navigating into a specific day / month when setState value for current date changes as an example



Your documentation is so insufficient. Just a javascript file called demo.js.

I want to ask you a question about how to handle data from code behind.

I have an application with .net. I am getting data from database but couldn’t view it on frontend.

Can you help me about how to append my data to calendar.

I must each in my data and append it to calendar.

Thank you.