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Great script, good luck with sales! :)


Demo: admin – password not working… please check.

Does this use HMVC structure? Does it use Zend_Acl libraries?


never mind i am an idiot! admin and admin works!

I was hoping for some king of inheritance where roles would inherit from other roles But I will probably buy the script anyways.

Hello, the current version doesn’t support inheritance I’ll add this to my todo list. Yes it uses Zend_Acl this will be dropped in the next release (without affecting backward compatibility or altering the database tables). I didn’t test it using HMVC, however theoretically it should work.

hi Does it support api

Hello, what do you mean by support api? do you have an api build using CodeIgniter? if so, yes it protect any CodeIgniter action in any controller.

Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

Thanks :)

Nice one!

Is there a password reset option? And did you build in some extra safeguards in the login / user part? Like ip-ban, expiring activation links, salted passwords with good hashing algorithms?

Good luck with the sales!

Hello, all is in place except for the ip-ban. for security reasons administrators can reset passwords by editing the user info. there is no direct URL to reset the password, but if many users request this feature it will be added in the next release. Thanks

Hello, which version of codeigniter is this built on?

Hello, It’s build on CodeIgniter version 2. thanks