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Nice! The first osConmerce module here on Codecanyon.

Is this the first of many modules? Hope so..

Thanks! Yes I have more in the making.

Just installed! Excellent work! If Google is going like it that will be wonderfull !!!

Thanks for your purchase and kind comments.

I’ve made updates to the osCommerce 2.3.1 Dynamic Meta Tag Module. If you purchased you should apply the changes, very easy to update, just overwrite 2 files as listed in update log on item description page.

In following SEO standards the canonical URL link has been changed to only show when a URL with parameters that change the link are used. I’ve also added extra parameters to trigger the canonical link if a URL contains reference from the Commission Junction affiliate program. (The osCommerce affiliate contribution references already exist) If anyone knows of any other link parameters that may be used by other affiliate or tracking services, please post details and I will add them into the module accordingly.

I have installed on www.huggiesbebekbezi.com but not working. Only shows default site title on every page. Home page title not working. That website uses an Algozone template. Can you help me about it ?

I have reviewed your site, but the build appears to be for a version of osCommerce MS2 or RC2 . This Module will only work with V2.3 and up. I will send you an email.

No it uses 2.3.1 but algozone template system is a little bit different. When I click a menu name, it shows category page as a search result. I think this is problem. Please contact me via email to solve this issue. Thanks.

Please check your spam box, I sent you 3 emails so far. email ends with @wsfive.com

I have just purchased this addon and am quite disappointed with the lack of customisation that is possible… Works well for what it is though. I would like the Site Name to appear on its own without the separator when on the home page, and I would also like to have a space before the separator, which doesn’t seem to be possible. Can you assist?

In order to place a space before the separator, you must add the space in the meta separator field, both before and after your separator. If you open the module settings to edit anything, you will have to add the spaces again as by default osCommerce will strip the white space.

This is a “dynamic” module, therefore customization has been brought out as far as possible without having to manually make adjustments to the category and product data tables. I do have working versions that allow for manual input of each page created, but the coding procedure is much to complicated, involving several core file as well as SQL changes. The main objective here is to provide an easy to work with module that requires minimal installation for desired results.

If you need to change anything, look inside the file includes/modules/header_tags/ht_dynamic_tags.php

Here everything is well documented and each area the module works with is laid out, including the home page.

I’ve now got my head around this add-on and am pleased with how it’s working…

Is it possible to switch around the order of the page title / site title to site title / page title? I assume it’s just a matter of moving some code around in the ht_dynamic_tags.php file?

Cancel the last, I’ve searched through and switched round all the ’$oscTemplate->getTitle()’ instances I could find… Seems to be working as I’d hoped. Thanks!

work in 2.3.3?

This module will work in 2.3.3, simply uninstall the default canonical and let this module take care of that area. The default osCommerce canonical tags will show up in areas where there is no need, while this one will only show a canonical tag link when it is necessary.

works on 2.2 rev2?

No, only works on 2.3 series. For 2.2 have a look at cDynamic meta tags from the osc addons site.

Very good work!