Discussion on Orion - Responsive Menu

Discussion on Orion - Responsive Menu

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Good luck with your sales

I don’t need to load bootstrap to use your menu, right?

No. It doesn’t need frameworks to work.

Can you change the colour? I am looking for a white background version

Yes. It is possible.

Is there a way to center the menu instead of floating left?.. I can’t find it in documentation anywhere .. :/

Do you have a live preview to show me? Thanks.

Hello, You are using the jquery 1.10.1 library and I want to replace it with 3.3.1 but the menu does not work anymore. How to handle this problem please ?


Is it possible to have it fixed at the bottom of the screen?

Hi, unfortunately not. Thanks.

Hi I sent you as a message 3 days ago re same sort of issue as ea1971, any help would be appreciated.,...

Hi. Check your mailbox.

Hi, Is there anyway to get the menu to close on page scroll? For example, I am using this on a one page scrolling website with a fixed header. Do you have some code that will make the menu close after a user selects a link?

Can you provide me a livre preview? If yes, please send me by this link:

I already bought this amazing menu.. but i would like to have a nav-brand that looks like bootstrap.. how can i do that? becase when menu is in mobile size its says menu and i would like the name of my web insted menu…

Is possible to change the word “MENU” to another. Send me a support message, I can help you:


Great piece of code. The responsive menu displays when its width becomes 768 and when it goes above 768 the default menus displays.

What if I want to change the width 768 to custom width ??

Quick assistance is required.

Is possible just modifying some parameters in the files.

Hi quick question, can the menu be customized to be placed at bottom?


Hi. It’s not ready for this. Thanks.

Hi, if I buy an extended license do I have your permission, please, to use this in one template for themeforest? Thank you!

Hello is it possible to use this menu for a themeforest html theme? I mean what should i do for it? Thanks for help.

Hello. You need an extended license for this.

Let me start by saying it worked great with ease but with a little glitch on iphone. My question: is there a way to make the menu stick on top when scroll down. I put menu inside a div and used css to keep it on top but if drop down is too long it won’t allow screen scroll down specially on mobile.

Hello. Give me some time. I want send an actualisation making the menu “scrollable”, like bootstrap navigation.

This menu is really great! I love the look and the feel of it. And I want to mention the support. The developer has been really helpful when I had a problem with jQuery. He did solve my problem in about minutes. I’m very glad and pleased with the plugin and support by Marco.

Thank you :-)

This plugin is so great. But I have a question. If I don’t want it responsive. How can I do? Thank you.

He is naturally responsive. Are you testing in which browser?

Thank you for your comment. I found the solution now. Yes, this menu is responsive but my website still not responsive website so I don’t to show the menu which responsive when resize windows. It’s working great in responsive website too. I found that i have to change window’s size your your js.

You develop a really good plugin. Cheer! :)

Hi, using this on one of my sites at the moment. I also found the issue with a parent item going to href, rather than releasing the drop down.

I managed to get round it by amending the bind click function. Hope this helps?

function bindClick(){ $(menu).find(“li:not(.showhide)”).each(function(){ if($(this).children(“ul”).length > 0){ $(this).children(“a”).on(“click”, function(){ if($(this).siblings(“ul”).css(“display”) == “none”){ $(this).siblings(“ul,p”).slideDown(settings.speed).addClass(settings.animation); return false; } else{ $(this).siblings(“ul,p”).slideUp(settings.speed).removeClass(settings.animation); } }); } }); }

Hi Xian. You can send me more details by e-mail? I really appreciate that.

I’ve got this working nicely, very simple to get running and a nice high quality look…

I am just wondering how I can delay the drop-down from hiding for a few milliseconds as my drop-down UL has a gap between it and the parent

  • ... which causes a flicker of changing to non-hovered for a second.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for purchase. Do you want increase only the delay from hiding? Please, send an email. I’ll try to help you.

    Hi Marcoarib… I’ve also just discovered that the menu in mobile view clicks straight through to the HREF when it should release the dropdown. This would probably explain the issues the people above have commented on.

    Even the demo in the download does the same thing. If you place test.html into one of the links with a submenu you will see that when in mobile viewport and click to release the submenu that the link initiates the default action of going to test.html.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this plugin looks very nice.

    This is a limitation. On parent item, you cannot put real links. I’m thinking in a solution.

    I like this but tested it on windows 8 touchscreen and the drop downs do not stay open so you cannot select anything in drop down. Worked if used mouse. (worked great on ipad, iphone, and no touch pc)

    Great let me know if you need me to test. One last question can I adjust the width of the menu and the height?

    Yes, you need small changes on the css files to adjust the heigth. The width is fluid, so you only need place the menu inside a fixed width container or give to menu a fixed width.

    I assumed…cool thanks.

    nice menu.. all the best in sales

    Thank you.


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