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Please update this addon to work with current VC version!

God willing the update will be in next week

Great plugin, just out of date :(

we will update it very soon, sorry for this

Another 2 weeks passed, please! :)

we are very sorry for this late and we will update it as fast as possible

HI is this latest version compatible with VC Version 4.4.2?

it will be in next update

I see a lot of people asking about whether this has been updated for the latest version, can someone verify that it has been? Thank you!!

we make a new update in 8 March and the plugin now integrated with the latest version of visual composer

Maintenance of your “Organized – VC UI” VC-Addon

Hi Momizat,

before I buy this very productive & well designed VC Addon, one important quiestion for me: when you are planning to provide an update to the newest VC version 4.5? Open words: in the past it needs a long periode of time from your side to maintain your very helpful VC Addon to be compatible with the latest VC release … ;-(

Thanks very much for an commitment to the maintenance of this VC Addon!

i test it on our premium themes with the latest version of VC 4.5.1 and no problems at all

Hi great looking app. Pre-order question :has it been updated yet does it work with latest V.C. ?


yes it works and we use it for our premium themes


I just purchased and installed.It Is not working for me!! I have disabled all plugins yet I am receiving a message which reads: I need to install Visual Composer to work. I have VC installed. I am using Kleo theme.

Any advice?


this plugin is redesign for Visual composer UI so you need to install and activate visual composer

I was wondering how many days it would take for you to ACTUALLY read what I wrote… Since you have not… Let me repeat.

I HAVE 4.5 VC INSTALLED and HAVE disabled all plugins.. Your plugin is NOT WORKING for me.

sorry for this, if you can send a login details for me to debug this that will be easy to figure what cause this problem

The plugin needs updating to be inline with the latest version of Visual Composer, currently it doesn’t work.

the update is almost complete God willing it will be available in next week

Hi Momizat,

”... The plugin needs updating to be inline with the latest version of Visual Composer, currently it doesn’t work. ...”

I agree forced with this comment form “EskiLabs” ... have the same problem in a customer consulting project!

Best Regards


it’s already updated to version 4.7 but i wait till make a fully test with the newest version of visual composer

Still doesn’t work with the latest version of Visual Composer, does nothing.

Can you screenshot the problem and i will fix it immediately

Hi there,

Does this work with the latest version of VC?

Regards Alex

Any ideas when you plan to release the new version?

we work in our new theme it will be released with it .. maybe a month

Looking forward to it, thank you :)

This plugin work with VC Version 4.9.2?

I really want to buy it. Does it work with current version??? Does it only work in backend or also in the front-end? ?? Best wishes from Spain!

it’s work with current version in backend only

Thank you so much :)

Any update on the new release?

we will release it with our next theme very soon

Hi! Will it work with VC 4.12?

Sorry for late,

Sure it works and we will release new update soon to make it better

Does this work with modified versions of VC? For example delivers a modified one (some elements are different). Is there a way to get a “demo” to test if it will work?

it depend on what theme author modified in VC.

if he just modified the the functions of VC it will works … and we use it in our themes

Does this work with version 4.12.1?

Sorry, didn’t see the previous comment. When can we expect the new update you were talking about?

orginzed UI – not longer working together with with the newest VC version 5.0 … all icons are now doubled: orginzed & VC icons … sometime ones above the other … sometime ones next to each other … when is next upgrade release comming?

fixed in next update .. it will be very soon


why is here nothing happens? It’s not professional & business practice to announcing the next release and nothing’s happened!

we are very sorry for this late we do our best to fix this ASAP

This work with latest version of VC?

with next quick update it will be .. so please wait for the next update before buy

... again it’s not working together with VC 5.1 … any timeframe to fixed the duplication of the working Icons?

sorry for late response .. i just see your comment now

the latest update fix the issue with VC 5+

Hi Momizat,

are you meaning not current not published v07 … because the current available version v06 is not working with 5.1.x most of the regulare VC Backend working icons and your Organized VC UI icons are doubled ;-(

i just check it with the latest version of VC :