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Author cannot help to edit any part, may be he is not the author, and he just copy and paste from here and there to create the script. I have 1 week waiting for a response , one more week and I will cancel my order and leave a negative review

In your support mail, you specified ” I added 6 fields with no problem ” so we thought you have done it. Please contact us through our support mail. Thanks!

the initial page of the form to the information I will pass a field that writes the buyer the website and not to indicate the description field !

the next version to do this must possible to vary in this version ?

it would be good in the next edition even pass over a field in the page for the LANGS… English , etc…...

thank you!

ok. Thanks you for your suggestions. We should consider this on next version. Thanks!

If i was too buy the php form,Would i need to make mysql first are does it make one for me and then install all the pages for me

You just need to create a database with username and password, and at the time of installation give these database details in the given form then it will automatically create database tables. It will finish within simple steps. You can refer help file too.

I order it and install it,Only issue i have is how do i add my header and make it look my site but check out form stay the same

You need to edit header of index.php, place-oder.php and thankyou.php page

Hello, I made my installation right. Everything looked ok but I’m not allowed to access backend. “Invalid login”. I made installation twice. Where can I change/update admin info in DB? Thanks, Antoine

When do you expected the file to be reviewed and available for download?

Hello, I’ve installed latest update but I’m still getting “invalid login” when I try to access the Admin page.

Can you share site access details to our support mail?

php version 5.6.23 DO NOT WORKING ! DO NOT ADMIN LOGIN !

Do you getting any errors? Can you share its admin login through our support?

Hi, now your app run PHP 5.3.3 its ok , but do not run 5.6.23 please check your app php 5.6.23 active ON display_errors and look BUGS.

Thanks for updating the issue, updated file is submitted for review. You can download latest file soon. Thanks for your patience!

The field quantity is missing for OPTIONS; If you choose a quantity of 10 Packages + an advanced option, this option will only be in cart one time instead of 10

ok. We will check and update it.

Hope this Script gets updated soon, so much potential but simply not working atm

Updated file is submitted for review. You can download latest file soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, pls fix :)

2016/07/25 15:24:33 [error] 1326#0: *80 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘mysql’ not found in /usr/share/nginx/html/common/lib/function.php on line 34” while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: “POST /admin/login.php HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:”, host: “”, referrer: “http://666.666.666.666/admin/login.php”

this line $db = new mysql();

root@eyeofzauron:~# php5-fpm -v PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.17 (fpm-fcgi) (built: May 19 2016 19:08:26) Copyright© 1997-2014 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright© 1998-2014 Zend Technologies with Zend OPcache v7.0.3, Copyright© 1999-2014, by Zend Technologies

Thanks for updating the issue, updated file is submitted for review. You can download latest file soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi there, presales question, how to make products in certain category multi-choice instead of just choose one.

Sorry, single category selection is implemented now.

hi, is it possible add more CMS square then 8? There is admin panel?

Sorry,admin demo is not available.

what can I manage through the admin panel?

You can manage all contents through admin.

it is possible to set a height and width as option? by specifying itself

No for the products

2 types of package width is exists there, you may change it in code/css

Thanks. Forr your replay

hi… can integrate with local payment gateway ?

It supports only PayPal.

Hello runs the script with php 7

Hi, I have a few questions: 1.Can you add your own fields like Credit Card Number, Expiration date, etc and also have an option to pay with paypal. 2. Can we add terms and conditions and have a check box that requires agreement to terms or form will not be processed. 3. Do I have to install on different domains if I will be using for different sites that are all housed on same server? Thank you

Please see the answers for your questions 1. For adding these extra fields we need to customize the form. 2. We can do it 3. If you want to use same form in different domains, then install it in one folder and use its link there. If you are using same contents and same form then no need of separate installations.

Is there a fee to customize the form

Yes, it depends on your requirements

I’ve notice there is not a stripe payment option yet, Any idea on why ? If there is a stripe option could you please tell me where to find it

Sorry, stripe option is not implemented yet.

Pre sale question:

Is it possible to add other payment gateways like “PagSeguro or MercadoPago” from brazil?

If its not possible to you to implement.. is it easy to implement by myself?


Hello, I installed this script these days and found an error. Can’t update the “quantity” properly on order form. Here have same error: Thanks

Hi, I updated here $(this).val(’’); Thanks

Hi, I tested here and still do not works. Now the issue is that the total value do not shows properly. Please, review this source and send me the correct files to update here. I bought this script and can’t use as have this bug on order form. Thanks

Please contact us through our support form or share your mail id , i will send source.

Good morning, I am interested on buy the script. Please, can I add some fields on form?

You need to edit script for adding extra fields.

hi, your script is good but we cannot update status payment or add some this way, we can record who are unpaid and paid.

We will include that option in next update. Thanks!

Hi! On the website no more than 10 items. Want to organize the dynamic pricing and offer a discount for multiple products. You can display all 10 items with checkboxes or radio (don’t know what it’s called, for multiple choice)? And show the total amount and the amount of discounts if you select multiple items? How to organize the rule for the discount. 1 commodity discount 0%, 2 items – 5% discount and so on.