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Is there a stripe insert?

Sorry, stripe is not implemented.


im212 Purchased

Hi, I’m facing a problem (Invalid Login) please fix it asap! we need to use the form

Is the issue resolved?

is it possible to have a slider/quantity for add-ons so they can select any number of the same add on, and also select multiple products?

Sorry, that feature is not available.

I am facing the same problem with the invalid login.

Can you share your link and admin details and FTP to our support mail

hello – great looking code, how customizable is it?

I only need a employee order form submitted. No payment. But need email back feature to update status.

Is this possible? I want to cut out everything else!

oh – I also see a tracking feature, how does that work!

Here you can see tracking url in our demo site

Here you can track the project status using reference code you got through mail and email id you used in order.


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Are templates and Multilanguage planned in the future?


PhiGi Purchased

No Answere here, thanks …

I also reported a problem using the contact form and did not receive a response. Why is there no support?

Replied through mail..


PhiGi Purchased

Yes, now ;-) Thanks

I did a test in the demo but from what I saw it does not allow to activate 2 different products in the order? for example np psd to cms can not ask for worpress and magento ????

Here, we cannot select/order 2 products at a time.

Hi, the total price says “NaN” how to fix? Thx

Please remove ’,’

You mean the comma? Where is this comma?

hello? what comma?

Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in C:\xampp\htdocs\book\common\lib\function.php on line 170

Line 170

if($file=='.' || $file == '..') continue; $file_parts = explode('.',$file); //This gets the file name of the images $ext = strtolower(array_pop($file_parts)); .

PHP 7.1.10

Does OrderNow not work on PHP 7 ?

PHP 7 has that bug. Dont worry just replace “continue” with “return”. We will update the script soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Is it possible to have one product per page? e.g

For that we need to customize the script


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Will you be adding other payment gateways to your script such as Stripe, Square and so on? Can we expect any other updates?

We are planning to update it with other payment gateways.

Is there a way to select more than one item in category? What i mean? I want to use it for sample request. Material sample and Wood sample catetgories and list of the available samples below to multiselect by the customer. Thanks in advance!

And the samples are free to order upon registration. So Order is free without payment proceed. Is Your module support that scenario?

Sorry, it does not support multi category selection. If you not the set the amount the amount will be zero. And there is two options Pay through PayPal or send order mail.

So it need update with this :( maybe anything similar to in mind?

Im having the same problems that everyone else is with paypal, if you choose the “mail me” option everything works amd it directs you to sitename/thankyou.php, but when using paypal i set the return url to the same thing sitename/thankyou.php and it does not work.

I see in previous comments you said to set the paypal return to sitename/php-orderform/thankyou.php but when i do that it still doesnt work and takes me to page doesnt exist!!! Please help asap!!!!!

If the paypal “php-orderform/thankyou.php” is supposed to be a separate file from the “mail” thankyou.php on root directory then i dont have it?

one thing to add, the confirmation emails to both the customer and myself are working, but the database is not showing the order, and the thankyou page never loads, it just shows the infinity preloader after paypal transaction.

I too am having the thankyou.php return problem. looks like the $_post isn’t parsing correctly with the insert in mysql2: error on page: You have an error in your SQL syntax near ’’’,’$1.00’,’$’,’$1.00’,’paypal’,’completed’,’20P83100B3817634R’’ at line 1

We will check the issue asap. Thank you!

Please check your site link and its access details to our support mail.

Hello and bravo for the good php coding! A question now please. Are we able to set specific file types on file uploading? For example only .png or pdf files. Also what about about file size limit? Can we set limits in order to protect our server? Thank you in advance. Waiting for your reply

Please contact through our support mail. We will help you!

Thank you, working great now, i accept png, jpg and pdf files only. A+ Support

I’m also having the same problem like everyone else is with paypal system, “mail me” function is ok, it directs you to sitename/thankyou.php, but when using paypal, i get not emails, no thank you page, no order on admin panel. I sent to you an email through support. I am sure that you are going to give a solution instantly. It is very important issue. Actually the most!

Just to inform, this solution i found didnt work. on place-order.php <input type=”hidden” name=”return” value=””> it returns blank page

I think we need something like this for the php form to be 100% functional for admin and user also.

// PayPal settings $return_url = ‘'; $cancel_url = ‘'; // it must returns from paypal to previous page. $notify_url = ‘'; // it gives the success message and email to admin and user.

in order customers to have an idea what is happening each time.

I give some idea. Hope are useful to you.


Vito227 Purchased

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

MySQL extension needs to be loaded for our site to work!