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Is there a stripe insert?

Sorry, stripe is not implemented.


im212 Purchased

Hi, I’m facing a problem (Invalid Login) please fix it asap! we need to use the form

Is the issue resolved?

is it possible to have a slider/quantity for add-ons so they can select any number of the same add on, and also select multiple products?

Sorry, that feature is not available.

I am facing the same problem with the invalid login.

Can you share your link and admin details and FTP to our support mail

hello – great looking code, how customizable is it?

I only need a employee order form submitted. No payment. But need email back feature to update status.

Is this possible? I want to cut out everything else!

oh – I also see a tracking feature, how does that work!

Here you can see tracking url in our demo site

Here you can track the project status using reference code you got through mail and email id you used in order.

Are templates and Multilanguage planned in the future?


PhiGi Purchased

No Answere here, thanks …

I also reported a problem using the contact form and did not receive a response. Why is there no support?

Replied through mail..


PhiGi Purchased

Yes, now ;-) Thanks

I did a test in the demo but from what I saw it does not allow to activate 2 different products in the order? for example np psd to cms can not ask for worpress and magento ????

Here, we cannot select/order 2 products at a time.