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revzap Purchased

Hi, I ordered this and it says ” MySQL extension needs to be loaded for our site to work!”. MySQL extension already installed. server use PHP 7.0. Please let me know what to do.

Can you share a mail with your FTP with db details details and website link


pharill Purchased

So my server switched over to php 7 and the script seems broken? any clue?

Can you share your FTP details to our support mail

I’ve been testing paypal using sandbox and none of the order details come back, any ideas?

sitename/php-orderform/thankyou.php is the URL


Thought it was.

After payment using paypal, the page comes back to thankyou.php but the page is blank, and still no details go into the database. Thanks.

Can you please share your website link and FTP details to our support mail

Is there a solution for PHP7

Can you customize this to be a booking form? How much will that cost?

Please send a mail through our support form with your details. Thanks!


Belly Purchased

Hi, I have installed the script but cannot login to admin, keeps saying invalid login, installed 3 times, tried a variety of user/passwords, same output.


Belly Purchased

Tried looking for the credential in Database, no luck.

I have a pre-buy question..does it support multiple products to be added to the cart before ordering? I couldn’t select more than one product at the demo..

Sorry, it can select only one product at a time.

A pre-purchase clarification, this script is related to the Javascript version right? But this one has a MySql database saving capability. And supports SMTP for the mailing engine, but does the Javascript version also support that (SMTP)? Or it’s using other type of mailing system to send mail to clients? Thanks.

Yes, this script has MySql database. And it supports SMTP for mailing. But Javascript version does not support SMTP it uses normal PHP mail function.


I see, glad to know that, because I prefer SMTP like the one with the PHP version since, almost all Mailing Clients accepts SMTP setups. Thanks for the fast response.

Can we integrate our own payment gateway?

Yes, you can do it, but you have to customize the coding part according to your gateway details.

A pre-purchase question, the JavaScript Version 2 of this script has a direct PayPal payment, but this one has only the mail option upon ordering. Is it possible for this one to also have the direct PayPal payment beside the Mail Me option upon ordering of the customer?

Yes, it already has that option.

Thanks for the fast response bro, but I’m still a little bit confuse of what to choose, I like this one because all transactions are inside the Database, But I also seem to like the JavaScript version since it’s direct to the point, which one would you recommend? By the way, I know coding both PHP & JavaScript, I just want to know if which one you recommend to be best for me.

We prefer PHP Version.

It will be easier to manage all contents. And order details you can received via mail and database. In Javascript version, most of the contents are hardcoded.

pre purchased question, does it support for multi language?

Sorry, its not supporting multi language fully?

could you please make it support for multi language?

Please wait 2 days, we will update the script. Thanks!


aloyoon Purchased

I setup everything fine but when I do payment I am not redirected back and I donot get emails for order and nothing get added to the db why ?

Please make sure your return URL is correct. If possible please share your admin username and password to our support mail.


aloyoon Purchased

where do I set the return URL

Can you share its admin details to our support mail?

I’m having trouble getting a response so I will try posting here. I, too, do not see orders posted in the admin when paid via PayPal nor do the admin and customer receive an email after paying via PayPal. I have set up the IPN in my PayPal and I’ve tried both PHP mail and SMTP. It just doesn’t work. ???

Checking the issue. Update you soon.

can I customize field? I need lots of details from client…

If you know HTML and PHP you can customize it. Otherwise please contact us