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I need this to have subscription recurring capability. Then I buy.

can we customize and add additional forms?

We will try to implement it on next update


Hi, I also bought your script only for recurring payments. Is this implemented already?

Sorry, this is not implemented yet.

What are the new changes in last updated on 5 April 16 ?

Improved some coding part

Can this be used with a Squarespace site?

It should work on a website run in PHP server

Could it be possible to have it working with Stripe as payment method?

Stripe is not implemented

Will this be able to calculate prices based off a price matrix?

Its just working with html, js and php. Its working like in demo site, if you need any other features or other format then we have to customize it.

What about Payoneer Payment option?

Only paypal payment is implemented now.

Hi is it possible to accept order without PayPal, like for cash on delivery kind of order. Thank you

Yes, its possible to accept without paypal, it will receive a order mail so you can ask cash on delivery.

hello sir . before i purchase , i want to know whether this support multi select or not ?

Sorry, its not support multiselect.

Hi, How to access demo site for administrator backend? I want to know the backend before I buy. Thanks

Greetings, I’m having problems with the form that the user fills the order is proceeding conducted blank and does not require the user to fill in the blanks before. If anyone knows how I can fix this I be grateful. Thanks!

ok. Thanks!

Greetings, I wonder what it could be that I click on a package some texts in the packages options and other texts change. And change again well when I refresh the page. Thanks!

Can you share your edited file and website link to our support mail


Before i purchase, i want to know if it’s possible to add more and select multiple package ? Thanks!

Sorry, it can select only one package at a time. We will include that feature in future. Thanks!

Good Day,

I created additional package, when i selected, price is not changing and showing to other tab also, Only the two existing package working.


Hi, I solved the issue and working fine now!


Hi, just purchased this awesome script.

Quick query, how do I output the inner pages field value into the Extra Options display within the Order Summary?

At the moment, if a user adds 10 inner pages, the price updates but it doesn’t show the 10 inner pages on the page – so I wanted it to display the amount of inner pages under the Extra Options element within the Order Summary display on the index.html page.


There needs some changes in the code, thats why i asked you to share your code through our support mail. I didn’t say i will not help you.

Thanks – have send a support ticket later regards adding extra pages to the column in the index.html page.

Can you also advise where we edit the email content, i.e. after clicking email me button – the wording in the emails needs changing, how do we do this please?


you can edit mail content in thankyou.php file line no. 105,160,169


urozz Purchased


I have the script working all good but for my service I also have an app. I’d like to extract the raw url that the script generates so I can simply just use it in my web view. Whats the URL?

Essentially i will handle all the data inputs app side and simply present it all in one url construct. But i cant seem to figure out how you construct the paypal url string?

thank you!

This is the paypal url , and you have to post other paypal parameters such as item_name_1,quantity_1,amount_1,discount_rate_cart,custom,return,currency_code etc.

Just want to say a huge thanks to developer for rewriting parts of the script to get it working on my site. Customer service is awesome, being they did this for me over the weekend. Top job – thanks Responsive Expert – awesome support and awesome script :)

Hey there. Great script. I want to buy but I have a question. I know you said it doesn’t have subscription capability. If I am using paypal subscription, when they check out via “Order Now” will it subscribe them to that payment? Also, you have two order form items v1.4 and v 2.0 in your portfolio. What is the difference?

Sorry, its not supporting paypal subscription.The dots are images which is located in ’/img/basic01.png’

Yes I know that it does not support subscription, but I am willing to pay to have that coded. Can you quote me a cost and send it to

ok, i will contact you through mail


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Would it be possible to have the payment method as a 3rd party, ie. Worldpay? If so, any suggestions? :)

Hello, I would like to implement this form via iframe to a homepage. Is that possible?

Yes, it will possible. Please let us know if you face any difficulties.