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I am getting error when trying to add font awesome code on the item, products. I did checked twice. I can’t see the icon, but only see box/circle. Emailed you details already

Hey, I just purchased your plugin and I need help setting up demo. I sent you an email already. Thanks

Please share your URL

Email with details sent.

Thanks for the fix, all is working now.

Hey, I was wondering how to remove ‘Submit’ button. Will on have Paypal payment option and not bank transfer. Thanks

Hi, is it possible to select and add to cart several products and not only one choice like on the demo?

Sorry, it has been implemented like to select/order only one product at a time.

Hey, Can I build an application form and charge customer/user after that. I’m looking for a form builder(File Upload Must) along with a payment solution(Paypal). I will implement it in a conference website. Also how many form I can build in a single domain? I need two form. Appreciate a quick response. Thanks

Okay.. So there will be two types of form like One I will invite project owner to register in my website and will charge them a flat amount. Second one will be Conference ticketing. But here I a condition for pricing based on date like Early Bird, Regular and Final. So that’s all about my purpose. So you’re I will implement it with your plugin?

I’m not sure whether it will suit for you or not.

Please check it here, login and put your values there

DEMO Front End


Back End

http://responsiveexpert.com/demo/wp/wp-admin/ user: test password: test123

I thought there is a form builder. Unfortunately there is not. :(

Is this working well with the recent version of wordpress?

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is the stripe been integrated on this ?