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Hi! I would like to have the possibility of selecting multiple subcategories with their options, and have these appear in the order. Think of it like a products order from different product subcategories. Right now I can only choose one subcategory and its options. How can I modify this? Thanks for your help.

Right now, it has no multi select functionality.


001kkh Purchased

excuse me~ how can i update?

Update details are specified in the help file.


001kkh Purchased

sorry..i don’t know where is it?

If you changed anything in css just take the backup of it, and then uninstall the existing plugin and install the newly updated plugin.

This plugin looks great and perfect for us, although we can’t use paypal. Is there anything in the pipeline to add other payment gateways soon?

We are planning to integrate stripe.

So I tried to use the shortcode [order_now_form category=”catergory”] and it’s not working for me.

I want to separate the categories so I can have a different form for each page. How can I achieve this?

Sorry, the shortcode was missing in last update , i will update the plugin soon. I tried to send a mail regarding this and updated plugin attached but i am getting failure notice, mail not sending to you.

Just sent you a message with an alternative email address.

ok. got it. Thanks!


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Hello, we love this plugin! Can you point us towards a firm you work with who can do customization to it…Thanks

Please send a mail through our support form, we should help you to customize it. Thanks!

Hi, would this work in a modal pop up? and then carry the information to diferent pages? thanks

It should work in any area that accepts shortcodes.

Would the order information be kept if someone “Continues Shopping” and opens another page? then adds another item?

No, it will not work like shopping cart. One item can select at a time. You can refer its demo.

Problem Order Amount. I test your plugin and have problem this plugin view image: http://i.imgur.com/mB0qGHE.jpg

Thank you for identifying this issue. Let me check it!

There was some bug in tax calculation. Fixed it and file submitted for review. Thanks!

custom payment method availaable ? like offline payment/bank transfer ? users will be emailed with details how to pay.

In plugin settings, you can provide custom messages, there you can put your payment/bank details.

I Wanna Add A Custom Upload Button On Specific Category?

Hi. I like your form and i have a question. do i use multiple forms. i have to use different forms for days of week. i have a menu for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. How can i solve this?

Using this form, you can create multiple forms based on categories using shortcode. Can you check its demo?

Ok. Thanks. i wanna be sure about this. Thank you.


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I have purchased you plugin, but i think it lacks 2 very important features: 1. ability to add a inner price per category. very important if say doing customization versus theme development 2. Ability to upload documents within the contact form. This would allow clients to upload design briefs and image files (zip) etc.

Any possibility of adding this?

Thanks for your suggestions. We will implement it in next update.


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how to add more coupon code and discount 5$ 10$...?

Sorry, there is no option to enter more coupon codes.

Is it possible to use this plugin to create a PDF order form that the customer prints off once submitted

Sorry, that feature is not there.

Hi, All of the options in WP Plugin like as PHP version???? can i define DISCOUNT COUPON in wp plugin???

Yes, most of the options are exists.Yes, you can define discount coupons.

Hi, My currency and gateway is different can i define ??? i can’t use paypal

Only paypal is available in current version


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Hi so I just bought his product it works great and all but i was just wondering is there any way to change the fonts of the text and can i place images instead of icons, thanks!

Fonts you need to edit in plugin file, For image, you can set featured image for each items, so it will images instead of icons


csimack Purchased

Hi thank you for the quick reply, any way you can explain how to add the fonts and also is there a way to change the category options. It seems to be in the order it was created. This is going to cause some issues later on if i would like to change the order or add something in between options. Thanks again!

You can change the font in css/style.css #reo-order-frm { font-family:’Open Sans’, sans-serif; it will be in line no: 55

ajax blocking order from.js need help

cancel that! :) We just figured it out. .htaccess was blocking. Fixed.

ok. Thanks!

Does this plugin work with 4.7.1?

It works with wordpress site only.

What I mean is to accept wave or square payments

Sorry, its not :(

Hello, is there any easy way to allow multiple product selections? I need the customer to be able to select multiple products and the plugin automatically add them in the total. Please help!

Sorry, multiple selection option is not available in this plugin. We will try to implement it in future update. Thanks!