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Is there a way to do multiple product selections before ordering? I did some search here and saw that future updates would include this option that comment was dated from 1 year ago. Thank you in advance for your help!

That is just a html template, that is not working like a cart

I meant to share their open cart version – Anyhow- I really like your theme much better than all I saw thus far, plus it’s in WP! I noticed under the HI-END PACKAGE” in your demo, you have sub-categories. I am thinking o use those for multiple selections One question – Is is possible to add images next to sub-categories?And where? Don’t worry about the reimbursement in looking back the buyer is really fault here to be fair!


Yes, images can be added for each sub categories. Using this design concept we cannot implement multi selection so we are planning to develop another plugin with multiple options

These plugins are entirely different ones so it may not have connections.


I want to buy this plugin for digital print shop site. now i want know, can i set Measurement Price for large format print?


We should be able costs for large format based on measurement units like centimeter determine.

Of course, costs are not fixed and by selecting options such as “type of paper,” “coverage” by the customer, the price must be changed.

And the client by entering the length and width dimensions of his project in order to display the total amount for him.)

can i set a field for “number of pages” and a field for “copies” in one form for digital print? And calculator could gather “number of pages” field and other cost fields (for example “binding”,”cover”). and Total costs multiply the number of copies and the total amount to be displayed?

(FOR digital print

The cost of printing per page is NOT fixed. And by selecting options such as “color or black and white,” “type of paper” and etc,The cost of printing per page must be changed.)

could i set this plugin with other plugins?

(SET plugin with other plugins

i want a plugin that i could set it with other WooCommerce plugins such as “each bank gateway, delivery date, discount codes, file upload and and etc.”)

(FOR more information

Sign-in page order for customers need a box to write a more detailed description.)

Kind regards


This plugin will not satisfy all your requirements specified here. We may customize the plugin to do it. For customization, please contact us through our support form.

+1 for “Would guy plugin if it supported Stripe”. The problem is many people do not trust Paypal to handle their real business. We definitely do not. A year ago author(s) said they plan to integrate Stripe. Does it support stripe now? It’s not clear….

Its not supporting Stripe now. We will try to implement it

Hello, Pre-sales question.

Demo is not showing any order form

Please check,


Here is the demo link its working http://responsiveexpert.com/demo/wp/

Hi! Is it possible to exclude fields from form? For example, e-mail and Description.

yes, we can customize it

Hi! Pre-sales question:

Is it possible to send the order immediately, without the order confirmation page ? (only orderNow button => thank you page)


IreneWolk Purchased

Hello – I need everything in this plugin in german. I tried to do this with locotranslate, but that does not work. Please help – not using this in my language makes this plugin useless for me. Thank You Irene

You can do it. Please share your mail id to our support mail. We will help you and share steps to do it. Thanks!


IreneWolk Purchased

Thank you, I did it now with Locotranslate ;-)


IreneWolk Purchased

But I have another problem. I only have 2 categories and in this 2 sucategories. As soon as I choose one of the products, no price is shown. What did I wrong.

You can find it here: http://reshapeyou.de/produktbestellung/

Please try it out Thank you

I think the decimal notation is the issue, can you replace ’,’ with ’.’


IreneWolk Purchased

Thank you very much – that helped ;-)

Hi Support Team!

I need help to make order form. How can I direct contact you

Please contact us through our support form