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So.. now… I bought this plugin because it promised to be able to hide products from certain group. Am I missing something in the documentation or is it just again, that the plugin simply does not hide producst, but shows products exclusively to named groups? I need to hide some products from my wholesale group, when they are logged in, so they do not get confused.

Sorry for delay pls send email with ur admin details to support@zozothemes.com email id

Hi, setting up minimum quantities doesn’t work – plugin does not save inputted values. Wordpress 4.3 +WooCommerce 2.4.6. Is seems like plugin is not compatibile with the current WooCommerce…

yes still not updated to latest version…. have to update it….

As I really need it working, I’ll ask: when you’ll release the update?

Give me 2 weeks time friend

Hi, when will you update this plugin so it will be compatible with the WP 4.3.1 and WooCommerce 2.4.x?

Hi hope it will compatible with latest version but need to test it. Thank you :)

Hello, I have a grouped product, see here: https://feedwater.co.uk/shop/product/various-chemical-tests/ and I wish to have a minimum order quantity of 3, is this possible? Because I only want this group of product to have a minimum order not any other products.

I have bought the plugin but I don’t understand how to implement this feature for just the grouped products, I don’t want to force this minimum order quantity on everything in my shop.

Please explain clearly.

Maybe you misunderstand me, I want to make it so they have to have three of these grouped products in their basket, three of the same or three different products but only this group of products.


Sorry for delay reply as we r on holidays and back now. Can u explain bit more…

Hello I was wondering: Does this plugin work with simple auctions module so it hides the bid button for non-members? ( http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-simple-auctions/6811382?s_phrase=&s_rank=29 )

Sorry it will not support

Hi. I am looking for a solution for a problem I have in a Woocommerce store that I am building. Instead of the customer use the input field I wanted to have a range of products to choose from. (1,2,3,6,12,18,24,30). I was told to use your plugin, but before I buy I wanted to know if will it suit my needs?

I look forward to hear back from you soon,

Mariana Rodrigues

sorry it’s not possible in our plugin….


Can we limit no of items (product) in the cart? for example limit only one specific items at the time. For that specific items it is fine if user want to buy more then one units.

I just want to limit one specific product at one time. If they want to purchase another items they have to complete the current order first then they allow to purchase another items (product).

Can we also hide items from shop and can only access directly from product URL.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi Kunato,

Sorry for delay reply, it will not support likw what you asked.

Thanks, zozothemes

I need to show some products only to a specific group of logged in users (so no one else will see them). Will this plugin let me do that?

Hey, Enable Groups Integration allows purchase of products through group based membership levels in your store(You can hide or show products based on groups). Thanks :)


Do you have the demo ? i want to try it. Is it compatible with wordpress 4.5 ?

Hi testing is going on hope it will work. Thanks

Hi, how to set up example group 1 .. min quantity 5pcs and max 10 pcs ; group 2 min quantity 10 pcs and max quantity 20 pcs in one product ??

I think ticket already received pls give me tomorrow , I will reply it as holidays here….


In same product we can’t add different quantities based on groups, Min and max quantity will be separate than groups. it wont work based on groups.

Pre-Sale Questions:

1. Does this work with WooCommerce 2.6? 2. Can I use this to create catalogs of custom products for a user or a few users that cannot be seen/accessed by anyone not part of that company (group)? My products are so heavily customized that when one of my larger clients orders, I like to create a new product just for them. Only users that are part of that group can see it.

In your item description you mention:

“Enable Groups Integration allows purchase of products through group based membership levels in your store(You can hide or show products based on groups)”

However, I want to confirm that I can prevent non-group member from even being able to view items (not just the ‘Add to Cart’ button) that do not belong to their company.

I appreciate your work and the continued support. Any advice you can offer would be welcomed. Thank you!


The plugin only hide add to cart button based on groups we chosen, : through groups plugin we can hide products for non group users. Also we didn’t tested the plugin for woocommerce 2.6 version.

Thanks, zozothemes

I have minimums set at 12 (per order), but no matter what quantity I have on the item in the cart, or however many items I have in the cart, the plugin still thinks that the order minimum has not been met! Please help.

You will want to open the image below in a new tab so you can see everything clearly.

Replied via ticket…

I am trying to restrict products based on the group. On the product page, no groups are displayed and it seems to break. http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1865597/a3a3c97f18d49297f7f79364e299871c

Please submit ticket with login details….


Would it be possible to limit the quantity of order to only one or a couple of items?

Thank you.


Yes it was possible.

Thanks, zozothemes

Are you going to update this plugin? I am worried it doesn’t work on the latest Woocommerce version. This is a pre-sales question.

also can you confirm it works with WP Bakery? My developer says that WP Bakery can affect woocomerce product listings.

Nope mate we left the plugin development