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Congratulations for this work !! it’s very professional extension.

Thank u :-)

I installed the module and the page (order tickets Pro) is blank. I tested on a clean installation of Magento in version What can it be?

Hello, The module works well on this version of Magento Your errors come from your server configuration, please check the configuration and the access rights of your server configuration. I can not give you more support in this way Good luck

Hello , Works perfectly on localhost windows, Apache and Zend Server. Researched and found this topic http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11680404/is-there-a-limit-in-the-length-of-magento-classes, the class name can not be CamelCase , see in app \ code \ community \ Abdi \ Tickets \ controllers have IndexController.php and ListticketsController.php , linux servers do not understand . Please test on a Linux server that is where most shops are magento .

Hello , I’m Waiting for a return , it is in generating many problems.


Item support includes:

Availability of the author to answer questions – I need Answering technical questions about item’s features – I need Assistance with reported bugs and issues – The bug exists Help with included 3rd party assets

Only works on localhost because the server is windows , does not work on linux server.

The problem is Camel Case classes

Nice work! Good luck with sales

Thank you

recieving this error when i try to open an order. and also getting an error from the front end when customer hits send Message

Hello thank you for your purchase, can you send me your error please ?