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We followed everything but when i try to login, it says ” oh no, login failed” and i changed the email to mine and when i click reset. it wants to send email to you..

It sounds like your database is not installed. You need to import the .sql file using phpmyadmin and set the config.php to your database username/password.

Yes. We did both.

Db is in phpmyadmin and config.php has db info

please email your hosting info to curtis@tigerdata.vn and I will take a closer look.

Hi, does this software work with my sandwich shop? I don’t have tables, only sandwiches and drinks to sell.

Hi, yes it will but I have another POS that might be more suitable for what you need. It’s for quick checkout lines (think subway or quiznos). You can email me: curtis@tigerdata.vn and I can give you a demo on that.

is their any Queue System (Token System) on the invoice ?

there is a KOT display (kitchen order display)

please see the latest version 2.9 released.

login info please to check out new features

You can register for free (blue button at the bottom)

Hello SIr, Its possible to talk to you at skype for your POS ?

Sure, add my account: cmenz1

Hi Curtis, Please reply my email

Just sent a reply. Sorry for the delay. It’s a long weekend here. Will catch up with you on Tuesday! :)

Hi Curtis, Your POS can’t export excel. I’m using PC browser. http://prntscr.com/ha7jwa

This bug has been patched.

Demo login info?

you can register for a free demo

Unregistered POS Licence Key: 96da4d2a910857e4e300e5d89d8403ea

Hey, can you message me your Teamviewer id? I will take a look tonight.

Sorry, I do not understand what it sells.

It is a script with monthly subscription system or it is a platform for a single restaurant.

i can sell this software as saas to my clients under a monthly subscription?

What is the difference between version 2 and 3? you do not sell version 3? why

i can sell this software as saas to my clients under a monthly subscription?

You can sell the version 2 (Envato Extended license) to charge monthly to your clients or with version 3 you will need the “multi-location”

Feel free to message me in the POS chat for a quicker response.

this is for Multiple Stores or Multiple vendors shop or only for restaurants ?

Forgot to mention as well, yes, this POS will work with basically any type of business and not just specifically restaurants.

i can not see in demo kindly help me to find that setting and users accounts before i purchase thanks

The super admin is disabled in this demo but you can create manager/cashier/customer accounts in the “User Accounts” from the settings dropdown.

what are the differences between Version2.0 and 3.0. Can you explain in detail. Thanks

1. The app (.apk) needs to be compiled by you after you have installed to a server. 2. You can print to your kitchen but only tickets along with the prior mentioned disadvantages and 3. You can print without internet

Also with the .apk file, you don’t need a web hosting. You can use you local server and your wifi modem by registering a domain with ddns.net and having the Android .apk app point to that

ok .. thank you

Please help me to setting POS Printer

hi, I follow every thing but “setup/install.php” not working then i manually import “store.sql” now when i go to “2.7.1/login.php?logout=true” and try to login in using admin as user and password that not working it shows “localhost/food/2.7.1/login-verify.php” this url and a blank page

Should be activated now.

no show the same error

i reset your license key. delete key.php

Hi Curtis, I’d like to buy your scripts. How can I contact you? Many thanks.

Hi, you can contact me at www.tigerdata.vn or email curtis@tigerdata.vn


approx Purchased

hi, I can not use the supermarket tee.


approx Purchased

checkconnection.php error


approx Purchased

checkconnection.php error after installation

Try importing the database manually.