Order Taking App for Restaurants and Shops (Point of Sales)

Order Taking App for Restaurants and Shops (Point of Sales)

This is a complete POS (Point of Sale) app that processes sales orders in the cloud for use in restaurants or retails outlets. We have had a great success with this product in our market and now we would like to share our POS with you.

This PHP/MySQL and jQuery application will give you an easy to use platform where you can have all the advantages of a POS without all the heavy bulk, cost and equipment. Quickly process your on-location orders like never before! This system is tailored for owners, cashiers, servers, managers, accountants and customers.

Watch your customers in amazement when your process their orders from any location using just a tablet or even a phone.

This POS comes complete with thermal receipt printing, multi-user security, sales reports, your own custom drag and drop floor plan, inventory management, touch screen ready, barcode scanner ready, and now our latest tool integrating Google Image search making it quick and easy to add new products.

You get all the source! For hosted POS plans or white label opportunities please visit:

This app can be submitted to the Android Play Store!

Product Features:

- Android/iOS support*
- Sales Spreadsheet Export
- Sales report dashboard
- Barcode functionality
- Receipt printer and cash drawer support
- Mobile responsiveness
- jQuery Ajax integration (much faster system)
- Full Touch and Drag & Drop capabilities
- Voiding orders
- Add Discounts
- Order Reactivation
- Transferring an order or guest
- Order status (waiting, active, delivered)
- Order notes
- Multiple order options
- Multiple guest orders
- Barcode/Product search
- Credit card charge
- Table reservations
- Arrange table layout/floor plan
- Drag and drop products to cart
- & much more to come

Multi-user login support for cashier:
Business ID: demo
Username: demo
Password: demo

Multi-user login support for customer on phone/pc:
Business ID: demo
Username: democustomer
Password: democustomer

Multi-user login support for Admin:
Disabled for demo

Who is Tiger Data and what is cloud point of sales?

Tiger Data is a software business operating in Nha Trang, Vietnam. We specialize in IT, Programming, and Design and we’re looking forward to serving the business community of Nha Trang and beyond.

Recently we launched a brand new web app focusing on speedy point-of-sales and business management solutions. We’re excited to showcase how it performs as more and more people are choosing to run their business in the cloud!

Stay connected in the cloud…

A cloud POS reliably connects you to your important sales and inventory data using Wifi and 3G interchangeably, and Google Chrome or Firefox for outstanding uptimes, business mobility, and automatic updates.

Tabulates all cash sales, major credit cards or PayPal transactions automatically whether they occur online using an ecommerce website, or at your place of business. Number crunching has never been easier.

Use an executive dashboard that allows you to check inventory or financials on easy to read spreadsheets, or real-time graphs and charts from any location. Our cloud based point-of-sale software can be installed easily onto your computer, laptop, tablet and phone.

A cloud POS system can be used with clothing stores, furniture warehouses, motorcycle repair shops, coffee shops, resorts, gift shops, food courts, fitness clubs, spas, salons, restaurants and more.

Whether a business is selling a product or a service, Tiger Data endorses our cloud point-of-sale system to provide you with the best tools to compete in an age of information and technology.

Tiger Data works with international suppliers to provide cutting edge solutions for young entrepreneurs at our best price. Stay focused on your next task while a cloud POS takes care of the rest.

- POS Terminal Ordering System
- Inventory Controls
- Sales Analytics
- Financial History
- Thermal Receipt Printing
- Automatic Ticket Printing
- Barcode and Scanning

Scaling up a businesses is no easy task and POSture leads the way with tools to stay competitive and grow. This package provides everything needed to instantly process a sale from any location. Use the Wifi Network POS to communicate between large distances inside your business and save precious time!

- POSture Terminal Ordering System
- POSture Tablet Ordering System
- Sales Analytics
- Financial History
- Thermal Receipt Printing
- Unlimited User Accounts
- Cloud storage
- Real time order History
- Tablet Order Readout Displays
- Tablet Ordering System
- Unlimited Networked POS Terminals
- Employee Sales Tracking
- Excel Spreadsheet Exports

Business owners with multiple storefront locations will enjoy the easy networking compliance Tiger Data has integrated into this POS. In a matter of minutes businesses can digitally merge their entire POS network to track inventory, store sales and employee sales from all locations.

By speaking directly with our clients, Tiger Data has identified a major flaw in the way POS systems communicate with websites. You can automatically synchronize website sales, products and inventory to the POS. Businesses will never have to update and maintain two completely separate systems. Not only will businesses save time, but also money!

- Real time order tickets from website and POS
- Synchronization between website and POS sales
- Product and inventory synchronization from website and POS

If you have any questions chat with our representatives by visiting