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I purchase the product, and when I activated then is not loading the orbit.js

athemes_orbit_tabs is not found

Hey lucks17,

Could ypu please submit this as a support ticket at the Help center and we will get this sorted out for you right away.


Hi, I am one of the original plugin owners and I also agree with the comments posted as I think that selling a plugin to another author and having to re buy the plugin is not fair on users who spent money to purchase somehting that states future updates. I contacted Envato and they sent me the below reply.

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your patience. I just checked this one and it looks like the author removed it from sale.

I’m sorry to hear that the item is no longer available for download.

If you would need to re-download, please contact the author directly as we are not able to provide you with the files for the item. For more information why the item was removed, you can check this link: The Item Has Been Removed.

Here’s a link you can use to contact the author:

Author Contact Form: https://codecanyon.net/user/a-themes/#contact

With this advice given from Envato and your posts stating that your not allowed to honour the original purchases they seem to be conflicting advise.

I feel the very least you could do is put the plugin on sale at half the price it is now and then it would be like the original owners are purchasing an extended 6months licence this way its not such a big blow.

I understand your working hard to add more features and make the product better but I have bought this plugin 3 times under my various accounts for clients and don’t wish to buy 3 more versions.

Hey skdsam,

I apologize for the delayed response. So Envato should never have told you we are the original author. I have no idea why on earth they would tell you that. TrueThemes was the Original author. We acquired Orbit from them. And yes they did delete it, that was part of the transfer process Envato had them do.

As far as doing something for people who purchased it under TrueThemes. We have thought very hard about this. Because, to be honest we agree with you. You should not have to pay twice.

Unfortunately there really isn’t much we can do. As you mentioned we could drop the price but that would be a price drop for everyone. And we are offering competitive pricing with other similar products on the market. There is no way for us to isolate the 800 people who purchased Orbit under TrueThemes. There also is no way for us to confirm who out of our sales previously owned it under TrueThemes.

Your concern is legitimate and we brought this up to Envato before acquiring Orbit from TrueThemes. They told us they can not transfer any licenses for people who already purchased.

Honestly we would love to do something for the 800 people who already purchased it. But even if we can confirm you owned it somehow (which currently we cannot), and give you a free copy. You wouldn’t have a purchase code to enter to get future updates.

We are open to suggestions on this matter. Because we are not looking to take advantage of our customers. Our aim is to assist, and in this instance our hands are sort of tied.

We sincerely apologize.



jf Purchased

I bought this plugin (same name) and it says: Download not available Item removed by either staff or the author – Please tell me what is going on? I read the previous comment and I am wondering what you will do with people who bought the plugin from the company you bought. It would be logical for you to continue to fully support for free what the previous company sold us because that’s basically what you bought from them (technology and clients). Please advise.

You are welcome.

We also sent in a ticket.



jf Purchased

Problem solved!! You have a new happy Customer! ;)

Hey jf,

Thank You, Glad to hear it.

Please contact us via the Help Center if you have any issues.


Presales: Noticed when clicking on either vertical or horizontal tabs in the demo that if you scroll down a little to position the tab content within the browser, that in most cases each click of a tab will continue to move the screen down about the height of the tab, eventually pushing the content of the tab out of view.

Hey SiteSubscribe,

Thanks for pointing this out. We will take a look at the issue. It most likely is just with our demo site. We did not see this happening in our testing.

If you do happen to purchase and find this is happening. We will have no problem getting it straightened out for you. If we haven’t by that time already.


Why did you remove the ability to download from past purchases?

Hey tlemmy,

We did not remove the ability to download past purchases.

We are the author A-Themes, we acquired Orbit from TrueThemes a few months back. When we did, Envato transferred the product to our author account. However this did not transfer any past purchases. Those had to stay with TrueThemes.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this, this is out of our control. We recently had another customer who emailed Envato and had this issue resolved.

Please let us know if there is anything you need from us in regards to contacting Envato.


Hi just bought it – where do I find the Flipping Box/Circle?

Hey cyrilsnear,

Do you mean the Round Image Box? Or are you referring to the circle Icon Background of the Image Box?


Your plugin is causing a 500 error – recommend an update!

also – can’t register on your site – says I haven’t purchased your product yet… then the link to your envato theme page is broken on top of that…

Hey michaelswilder,

Lets you get you situated. So to take a look at your error we need to get you logged into the support center. The support center uses envato API. So when you log in to Envato API to submit a ticket, please make sure you are using the account you use is this one.

Can you please double check that you are using the correct account.

Also can you tell us where the link is located that seems to be broken?


love your product but need to find a why to increase the size of the icon on the square image flip box

Also when i change the background colour it wont show in firefox, animation is broken on safari, but works fine on chrome

Hey Blacc360,

I sincerely apologize for the long delay. I got extremely sick and was out of commission the past few weeks. Which hurt everything with support.

I am back full time. Again I sincerely apologize. If you haven’t already could you please submit this as a ticket at the Help Center.

If you have we will be getting to all of that over this weekend.

Once again I apologize for the long delay. We have things put in place now, so that if something like this happens again we wont have down time.


Is this plugin compatible with Visual Composer 5.2??

any updates?


agiveon Purchased

Pre-sale question, regarding the flipping boxes:

Is it possible to put a BUTTON on the “flipped side”? at the bottom of the text. I know you can make the whole card clickable, but is it possible to put some HTML and shortcodes on the flipped side?


agiveon Purchased

4 days and no answer? That’s not good…

Am I able to custom each tab color? Pre-purchase question

I can’t install Orbit plug in unless I deactivate Yellow Pencil plug in. And I can’t activate Yellow Pencil unless I deactivate Orbit plug In. Are they incompatible or I have a wordpress. problems? I already sent this comment to Help Center but I didn’t get any reply…

Over a year now, no updates. Not compatible with WP 4.9, definitely a scam here.

Plugin crashed my website after upgrading to the new “WPBakery Page Builder” version 5.4.5

Hello, When your plugin is active, impossible to open a lightbox. When inactive, lightbox open normaly. If I try to uninstall your plugin, it’s broke my template (the site is like a very low resolution). Thanks for your help