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Could you give more info !

It’s a Registration form with navigation tabs , those tabs are used to move between form sections or fieldsets , with a transition sliding effect

Well bugger me really?

I would never have guessed.

You have lost my custom.

I’m sorry , I don’t understand you . just tell me what kind of info do you want

He would like a live demo I guess, I would like t see that also…

@SportTipsWorld LOL … you sound like Flamin Harold. Stone the Crows … too funny. Gday champ.

;) lol yup.

A demos not needed, but … Does the form validate, autsave blah blah..

Even a screenr would be cool.

Screenr Added , Thanks for your comments

is it easy to customize and add/delete fields?

Yes you can do this

this is how fields are written inside page , you can add, modify, or remove

ex : <p><label for="address">Address</label> <input id="address" name="address" type="text" AUTOCOMPLETE=OFF /> </p>

Is there anyway to get this compatible for IE7 & IE8 ? If so i’ll buy it right now!

It’s compatible with IE8 -9 only

If i want to have fields that is not required …. how to ignore the field ?

sorry Aljosaprelog for this ,, If u want to exclude some fields , edit the sliding.form.js file

before this line 109 //// if(valueLength == ’’){ /// ,
write the following:

var excluded_ids = [ "username", "password","country"]; // Array of input ids we want to exclude from validation.
  if($.inArray($this.attr('id'), excluded_ids)==-1){

Then close the if statement after this line
//// $this.css(‘background-color’,’#FFFFFF’);//// }

thank you. it works. jeees.

are we able to change the orange color, is the form email ready, does it have a contact .php or how is the data delivered

No , It’s only the client files and plugin , no server action. you can do the server action if u want .

This is only half finished if it does not actually ‘send’ the form & please update documentation for customization would be a ;must have’ to get more Customers also, IMHO.

Would have purchased if actually sent form to an editable contact.php or similar file (or background file with details for email to send to, subject, name, etc…)

We need such a form for official website [tweet] @Code_Collective

if I ask additional work ((((add a paypal and payza as field selector on the form)))), what does it cost ?

Very useful item, good luck!