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is oraclix for easy ios app development like a mobile website version of the existing one or is it for file storage of your projects?

It’s for file storage of your projects.

oke thanks for the fast reply

this looks impressive, good luck with sales.

Thank you Audev.

can I use this to view WordPress Posts automatically ?

No you can’t. Only SQLite database.

is the source code available ? In the download is only the app ?

and after creation – when i want to add column or tables – i dont can open an project ?

Yes Oliz the source code is available for download.

Please read the documents. Open OracliX.dmg file on Mac OSX and follow steps (Database create, fields, SQL query and table filelds selections).

After importing into my project, setting up my nib, and copying the code, all I get is a blank UITableview. The cells arent being filled.

Any documentation on what to do after loading it into the iOS app?