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Hi, Do you have any experience of implementing this with Xenforo Community platform?

Hi. Unfortunately, I never heard about this system.

Hi, Everything was working fine for my site till I created a duplicated panel and then the whole panel disappeared. I went back and deleted the old panel, and ensured that the original panel is still set as default.

I also checked whether the JS code is loading properly on the page and it is. I dont know what happened but the panel has just disappeared now :-(

Please provide access to script’s admin panel.

Hye, may I know how to add this optin script in opencart 2.1?

Hi. Please read “How to use” in your admin panel. It explains how to embed it into any website.

I’m having problems with the icon doesn’t show up. How to solve the problems? Can I replace the original files? If can what is the icon folders?

Please extend your support period and provide URL where I can see the problem.

Hi halfdata, strange icons appear on submit button, and also, how to change font? – URL is

Hi. Seems you contacted me through wrong item page. If you purchased WP plugin please contact me through its page (to verify your license).

Hi, I have a strange problem. I got this error “Invalid query: Table ‘uop_panels’ already exists” when I open opt-in folder ( Can you help?

Hi. Please provide url and ftp-access to this folder. I’ll check.

Why you write unlimited if is only one???: Unlimited number of panel: create as many panels as you need (IMPORTANT! You can add only one opt-in panel to webpage).

1. Because you can create unlimited number of panels and add different panel to different pages. 2. Just curious, why do you need 2 different opt-in panels on the same page.

One for ebook, one for prize game

İs it possible to use this script with Sendinblue integration ? Just like in Layered Popup WP ? Thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, nope.

I can install this on other server then domain?


I see in the demo only the option to connect Aweber. The new version have all the other autoresponders?

Thank you

Integration is configured of panel editor. Just choose desiired panel and check its settings. ;-)


I am always interested in the script question before buying?

1) Prevue for when the new version?

2) Do you plan to add double opt-in?

3) I have already created a form in HTML and would like to use your script to manage the processing of the form? Possible

4) Possible to post on a form the number of subscribers?

5) GDPR?

6) Would it be possible to hide the “admin” folder of other users.

Thank you

Hi, my client has a strange problem. “Invalid Query:” The ‘uop_panels’ table already exists “when I open the registration folder ( Can you help? Thank you

Hi. For any support assistance please contact me though account that you used to purchase the plugin.