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Hi could you add integration with Mailster, or add to export mails, to choos from which date to make export ?

Hi! Is there any way for avoiding gmail, hotmail or other generic email accounts? I need their business account and this would be a perfect filter. Thanks!


Yes, please wait a bit. We will add such the option within a pair of days.


Great! Thanks


There are several serious issues and limitations with this plug-in.

1. Under the blurring effect, I can use my mouse to select, copy, and paste all the text under the blur from the website onto MS Word. Thus, the content lock is completely ineffective.

2. When using uMatrix, no form of content lock works at all. I can get around any content lock if I disable javascript and/or CSS; the entire article becomes visible. This doesn’t happen on other websites with their content lockers (e.g. WSJ).

3. I have a locally stored (no third party mail service) list of subscribers in CSV I need to import from my computer into Optin Panda as “leads” so they can access website content without having to re-subscribe. How do I manually import user emails into Optin Panda? It doesn’t appear to be possible which is a serious limitation.

4. Once a lead is captured by Optin Panda, how can I edit the email address? I have tried doing this but after I click “save”, the old email address keeps showing up. I have tried clearing cache and it doesn’t help. Again, not having this ability is a serious problem especially if you can’t manually create a user (see #3 above).

5. Where do I change the text of the GDPR consent checkbox? I have tried to change the grammatically incorrect default text in Global Setting -> Front-end text but nothing actually changes.

6. The plug-in uses a comma between Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the footer reference. This is grammatically incorrect for two items. There should be an “&” not a comma. How can this be fixed?

Until these issues are resolved, I cannot give this plug-in a good rating; but it is a very promising plug-in nonetheless!

Thank you!

P.S. I sent an email with some of these issues and never got a reply from you guys. Hopefully your support is better than that.


I’m extremely sorry for the delayed reply.

1-2. Please use the Ajax option (you can enable in it in settings of your locker) to remove the locked content from the page completely until it’s unlocked.

From other side, there is only few visitors who wish and can trick the locker. The most of users will not use uMatrix or other tools. To give a like is not the same as to pay money. There is not any real sense to think about keeping locked content unreachable for users who wish to bypass the locker.

3. Thank you for this point. We will take it into account. At the moment if you use a local database to store emails, you can configure the By Pass Code on the page Global Settings -> Lock Options that you can append next time to links you send your subscribers. Then they will not see the locker.

4. Currently the plugin doesn’t allow to edit leads as it implies that you will lately export them to a plugin/service/program you use to send newsletters.

5. It has to work. Please clarify – which version of the plugin do you use?

6. This text is editable, you can replace the tag {links} with your own links and put ‘&’ between them. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.


Hi, for some emails (not all) I get error “[subscribe]: Invalid Resource” but they are subsribed in Mailchimp. What is the problem?


Can you please send me any email that causes the issue (that exists in your list)?


Normail Gmail email. If I delite email from Mailchimp, then I can unlock the Locer with this mail. What exactly do you need?

I tested via my gmail email. It worked for me. I need some exact email address that causes the issue.


Hello, I was wondering how is the Zapier integration? I also wanted to know is it possible via api or a custom job. It’s such a amazing tool, a game changer and Divi ready… Taking about Divi, it will be nice if could lock a entire section, not just rows, but is just a idea. Thanks in advance.

Hey guys… Still no answer! Thanks


Thank you for your feedback!

The Zapier integration is already ready for the upcoming update but not released yet. ;)

If you wish to get this update right now, please contact us via email / support form and will be glad to send it to you.


1. Is there a Zapier integration? We dont use standard email services as Mailchimp. We need Zapier to automate stuff. For example to send to 2. Does the plugin crate an user? How does it assign the password to a user? Does it send an email with a link? 3. If double opt-in is enabled the link sent to the user is to every the email address, but does it also allow the user to choose a password? 4. What does happen to Blog posts where the header is a video? Does it lock the video, or does it work only when the video is embedded in content deep down? 5. Are you 100% certain your plugin does not hurt SEO? How do you know?


Thank you for your interest in the Opt-In Panda plugin.

1. Yes, the Zapier integration is already ready and will be released in the upcoming update within a couple of days. If you need it right now, just contact us after purchasing and we will send you the update.

2. By default a new user is not created but you can enable this option for a sign-in locker. The user is created via the standard Wordpress API. One will get the standard Wordpress welcome email with login and password generated randomly. You can rewrite or disable this email via free third party plugins.

3. The Double Opt-In is mainly used to confirm subscription to newsletters. It contains a link to confirm. The password cannot be sent there. You need to use the welcome message I mentioned above for that.

4. You can lock any content including video located inside any part of your page.

5. Of course, the plugin is fully SEO friendly because it doesn’t affect content of the page. The locker appears after a page is loaded and then overlaps the content you marked. In other words, the locker exists only in your browser as a client web app. At the same time, the plugin provides option to cut content from the page to hide it from search bots.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


thank you for your reply. I would like to buy this theme which includes social locker which we also have I am surprised to see that social locker is used on that theme to lock a video, the plugin I have from onepress does not do it. I would like to know why and whether optin panda can be used to lock video (not embedded in content) but on top of page or standalone page as you have in that theme.


Social Locker and Opt-In Panda can be used to lock videos like that made in the example of the theme you mentioned.

That’s more the Social Locker in the VidoRev theme is our Social Locker exactly the same you can purchase from us.

If you faced any issues when trying to make it working the same way as in VidoRev, please contact us via email. Opt-In Panda can be used also to lock videos located in the header of a page.


can we collect data from any mail (template base) such as name , no, address … many more


Yes, sure. You can add any custom fields (text, dropdown, checkbox and so on).


Can I use my own design for the locker?


Yes, you can change the locker design via the StyleRoller Add-On or via CSS.


Hi There,

I want to buy opt in panda. My problem is that my site gets lots of traffic from lots of different sources, some traffic sources more valuable than others. Would there be an option to get a customisation done if I paid you guys to only show opt in panda for specific traffic sources? Maybe based on the users UTM source for example?