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Presales: “Design your own opt-in forms: opt-in forms can have 3 different fields: name, e-mail, phone #.” <- is this mean i cannot add new field like “Company Name ?”

Yes. You can. You can do everything you can do with main plugin Layered Popups: https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263

Another Presales.. will it support Form-To-Email when i did not have any newsletter provider…

Yes. But remember. This is add-on for Layered Popups. You need it to work.

Will this work for wordpress 4.7?

Sure. But this is add-on. You need main plugin to work.

This plugin is not working with layer popup 6.0.0. Linklocker addon is showing when add content locker in any post but content is still visible. Please guide

Of course it’s working with Layered Popups 6.00. Check my demo. It works. If something doesn’t work for you, please provide URL of the page where you use it and access to WP dashboard. I’ll check and let you know what you do wrong. ;-)

I installed the plugin and it works fine. But the content get unlocked after sending the form. I need the content locked until the user passed the double-opt in. Otherwise I can not add the user to my list, because the laws in germany are so. Is it possible to unlock the content only after double-opt in? I activated the double-opt in at the popup, but the problem is the same.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. Content become unlocked when form is submitted.

And it’s the same at the Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress plugin?

where are the settings: integrate facebook and google authentication where can i find the analytics tracking feature where is the extended email mx validation?

Can you send me a Screenshot to mn@millenium.de Thx alot

thx for that it works!!!

another question:

is it possible when a user enter an inline content locker gioes to a second page with an another content locker, that the fields are prefield with his previews entered data?

Can you tell.me where you write the cookie or sending the former that I can write the user data to a session Thx

This is done using javascript. file script.js and script.min.js. Unfortunately, I can’t guide you through script modification process, because it is out of support scope. You need do it by yourself.

ok thx i have made asimple solution with local storage this works perfect for me


if some needs

ad to the script.js

var clientemail = post_data[‘ulp-email’]; var clientname = post_data[‘ulp-name’];

localStorage.setItem(‘clientemail’, clientemail); localStorage.setItem(‘clientname’, clientname);

and to your popup

$(“input[name=ulp-name]”).val(localStorage.getItem(‘clientemail’)); $(“input[name=ulp-email]”).val(localStorage.getItem(‘clientname’));

Yes. Please notice, you need both plugins.

Are Layered Popups addons such as this one also multi-site compatible now? So that admins of network (subdirectories) can choose their own settings?

Thanks in advance! :)

~ L

This add-on and side tabs addon works with multisite. Others – not.

About news letter:Can you work with benchmarks? About subscribe form:Can you make any background image?

This is addon for Layered Popups. All popups are configured through main plugin. Please read its description.

The cookie doesn’t seem to be working for me. When I enter the info my content is revealed. Once I refresh, the opt-in form shows.

All functionality works, admin notification, all data sync with Mailchimp as well.

- I’ve logged out of Wordpress, - Tried it in a private window - Tried changing the length of the cookie - Tried deactivating your original opt-in plugin - Tried Safar/Chrome

What’s the deal?

Please provide access to WP dashboard and URL of the page where I can see the problem.

Will this also unlock content in exchange for a social share? If not, is that possible with another add-on?

Yes. You can unlock content with FB Like, Google +1, Twitter Tweet and LinkedIn Share. Only these methods and nothing else (not FB Share, not Twitter Follow).

I see. I must’ve missed that in your demo versions. I’ll check again.

Hi there!

I’ve been searching long, but still haven’t found this funcitonality. I have an audience that comes back often to the websites.

If I would lock certain contact, what will the people see when they’re already on the Mailchimp list? In other words, does this plugin check the addresses of Mailchimp and decide on that whether or not it should lock the content?


Hi. Nope. How can plugin check it before user submitted his email address.

Even though Layered Popup as well as a few of your addons for layered popups is supported by your Halfdata Admin Panel, I don’t see this one listed. Can I run this in https://codecanyon.net/item/halfdata-admin-panel? Or if not, do you plan to make it compatible any time soon? Or any others (like Subscribe & Download)?

No. This add-on is not supported by HAP, because its functionality can be implemented on WP only.


can i lock content perpost ? if user submit lock post, user must submit again to unlock other post ?

If user unlock one piece of content, all content become visible.

Presales : To see hidden contents, users have to validate their mail I suppose (maybe checked as subscribers)? Or just a random mail can unlock contents? Thank you.

Layered Popups has option to validate emails through

Hi, I was wondering which add-on I should buy to be able to use [ulplinklocker] shortcode.

You dont need addon for that. It,s included into plugin.

I have a post which should be locked until someone hit the LIKE button, but it seems it does not works http://www.getfun.eu/best-of-jackass/ can you help me to make it works ? I have both required plugins enabled, embraced the code with “[ulplocker id=”POPUP_ID”] ... [/ulplocker]” but I hit the LIKE button but the popup does not dissapear and have no clue why

BTW, what URL did you set to be liked while configured popup? If it’s FB page (not website), please notice FB doesn’t allow to hook events when FB page liked. Try to set your site’s page.

it was a fanpage, I replaced it by my website url now but stil does not works

OK. Please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what you have there.

Can this work with word press latest?

Sure. Please notice, this is add-on. You need main plugin to make it work: https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263

which one is mail Plugin?

I don’t understand what you mean. Please read item description.