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Idea is very similar to my slider.

Thank you for your comment, we have two types to display the slider (Linear and half circular) and these two types can view in five different way. Our slider have many unique options making it not similar with your slider, there are many different in design, options, concept and especially the idea. We think you are not browsing the whole demo pages. Nice day. :)

No examples in the file?

The installation is a little bit tricky. I need a “circular slider” example. That would help me. :(

please submit a ticket in the support tab and we’ll reply you with a complete demo ASAP thank you

OK. Thank you. :)

hi I dont want to background-color SliderBackgroundColor : ’#2fc7f7’, change to SliderBackgroundColor : ‘off’,

but not. what must I do? thanks

Hi yagmurum, thank you for your comment and purchasing our slider. If your question was about how to make the slider transparent (without any color). Please just change SliderBackgroundColor : ’#2fc7f7’, to SliderBackgroundColor:’transparent’, If you have any question about how to change the style (css) of any slider elements please send ticket from support tab to our support team and we will answer any question you have. Thank you.


Does your js support texts on the slider?. as i can see there’s only image, i need to show dynamic contents, offers, info on the slider to user.

Will you include that ability in future?, how long?.

And i want to talk with you about exclusive right, convert to wordpress plugin, how can i contact you?.


Hi, Could you please send ticket from “Support Tab” and we will continue our discussion there. Thanks.

New Update will come soon.

Hi, i’m interest into buying you’re cool slider but before i have to be sure that i can put some text content (prices, percentage…) with the images in each the slides.

A little suggestion, why not use data-attribute in your html element, you could have html5 valid script. Another thing, suggestion for a future release will be to pass the title in the html element with data-attribute instead of writing it in the script.

Hi can you put on line your last upadate (v1.0.3 of 20th april 2015), we can only download the previous one (v1 of january 2015)

hello, i bought your slider, and when i extract examples in the rar, examples doesnt work in chrome, bu it works in firefox. i emailed the problem, but cant get answer so i wrote here.

i want buy this item but this item r not live

sir i want purchase this item but this no see preview

the demo is does not working , and after i bought it the examples are not work too i need your help and this is my purchase code 179e5b45-7a93-4aab-b518-f38fc3f14333

great work! GLWS.

Hello, I have bought this plugin in order to have the circular slider, however it is not working on chrome, only on edge browser and even there the thumbnails aren`t displayed in a circular way of navigation. pageurl in chrome is not working- any idea how to solve this? thanks

Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Recommendation … Buyers should not have to send in a ticket for examples like the circular slider. It should included in the purchase with examples.