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I like it very much :) Good luck!

Thank you! I’m glad to hear it ;)

really useful stuff, good job ! :)

Thanks ;)

Please help. Attempts to install opticzoom from WordPress Admin have failed. Downloaded and unzipped purchased item from Envato. Zipped what I thought was the plugin files only. Each failed.

(Error msg in admin both times: No valid plugins were found.)

Excited to try this plugin. Docs only show how to use, not install. Must have missed something. Thanks!

This is not wordpress plugin. I’ll create such maybe soon. This one is jquery plugin.

Can you tell me if mouse events will be detected on an image map on top of the image while the glass is active? I’d need to be able to click on things and capture what was hit, mouse coordinates, etc…

If you need mouse coordinates it would be very easy to do. I can explain you in email if you want and I’ll add special event like ‘opticzoom.move’ with such data.

Hi there,

Great script for the realistic glass effect. :)

However, could you help me out to config the script to have the magnify glass to move only when I’m touching and dragging on the magnify glass itself? Right now the default scripting is detecting my touch point and the magnify glass “hops” over when I’m touching on the image. I tried modifying to remove away the mouse move, but it didn’t work.

Thanks & regards

I’m not exacly sure what you mean. Could you be more exact?

Hey there please help! I’m using this with multiple images however realised that there might be a maximum amount of images that can use this function. I’ve realised that if there is more than 4 images that uses this Zoom function the Zoom will stop working for the 5th image on wards (eg. magnifying glass is there but it will show Black/While instead of the zoomed image). And if there’s 10 over or more images all images will be affected, all will not show the zoomed image but a black/white in the magnifying glass.

Please help! Thanks!

Hi. This is limitation of browsers – as plugin uses WebGL for graphic effects and browsers allow only some ammount of instances of WebGL (like 5 – I think it depends on browser). So actualy I can’t do anything about it.

Would I be able to specify a different image for the hover effect? My goal is to have a normal image display, and then when I hover over it the lens will show a second image (same size as the original) to give a thermal camera effect.

I could do it for you as additional job. If you’re interested, let me know. It wasn’t oryginally ment to support 2 different images from obvious reason.

Hi, is there any option to show different image on hover, instead of zooming main image? Let’s say, i have image of a chest, and on hover i’m showing it’s content, instead of zooming chest.

Very nice job dude =)

Hey, this looks great – quick question before buying – is it possible to have the “loupe” appear on click instead of hover?

Good day, I like your product I would need someone to assist in installing…

What exactly would you like to do with it?

Hi, I am wondering if it’s possible to maintain the functionality of the plugin if I want to add in the script to disable right clicks\copy/save?

Sir hi! Please can you contact me in regard to the basic technical issue associated with the plugin. Please! Have a lovely day! ❄️

Hi the plugin is labeled as supported, if this is not the case send notification

I have only a couple basic questions & I am the customer who is nice and receptive.