Opinion8 WordPress Polling Plugin

Opinion8 WordPress Polling Plugin

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Grab your visitors attention with amazing polls

The Opinion8 WordPress Polling Plugin lets you ask your visitors attention grabbing polls. It then shows them the results and prompts them to share with their networks

Using this plugin lets you easily gather your website visitors opinions. It’s a great way to host opinion polls and even capture people’s feedback via text opinion boxes

Check out the new walkthrough video here

Fully customisable with backgrounds and extensive style options make this WordPress plugin the only plugin you’ll need to offer your very own polls and track your visitors opinions on the easy to manage polls admin page

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It’s a great way to promote your content since each poll can have related polls which link to other articles.

Plugin Features

+ Manage Polls via Custom Post types
    + Custom "Manage Polls" screen, (see interactions at a glance) (sort by interactions, created, etc.)
    + Bulk Delete
    + Custom Taxonomy for Polls
+ Two types of Poll:
    + Multiple choice
    + Text Field (Ask a question, get responses by email!)
+ See results inline on poll edit page
+ Restart any poll at any time
+ Each poll can have:
    + Question
    + Bi-line
    + Include/Don't switch for "Related Polls" feature
    + Custom Background
        + Choose from 19 High-quality built in backgrounds
        + Upload your own
    + Custom Text Colour (specific to this poll)
    + Type (Multi-choice or Textbox)
        + Specific email to send Email feedback to
        + Choice manager: 
            + Specify multiple-choice answers, each can have it's own outcome, including:
                + Show Results, then sharebox
                + Show sharebox
                + Redirect to URL (custom URL!)
                + Custom HTML!
            + Easily Add and Remove options
    + Tags (These are used to wire up related polls)
+ Custom "Post Vote Reload" Options
+ Show how many times a poll has been viewed and compare to how many votes a poll has had
+ Show a Random Poll (shortcode) from your polls
+ Show a Poll's Results (shortcode) without giving the option to vote
+ Show Poll Results in a Widget
+ Use the shortcodes in a text widget for added flexibility
+ Settings page lets you setup social shares and other general settings
    + CSS Override
    + Reference Open Sans Font
+ Styles page lets you set global styling options
+ Language page lets you override front-end language right from WP Admin
+ Language integration (/lang directory) means plugin can be translated
+ Share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+
+ Responsive front end output
+ Optimised for many devices
+ Compiled JS, CSS etc.
+ FULLY annotated SCSS stylesheets

Change Log

v1.2 – 8th December 2015

- Fixed bug where menu option read 'Opinionion8 polls'
- Added 'Post Vote Reload Outcomes' feature 
    - Added outcomes for 'Post Vote Reload'
    - Added 'Hide' for 'Post Vote Reload'
    - Added 'None' and 'Redirect' Actions for 'Post Vote Reload'
    - Improved result loading on Post Vote
- Added 'Log View Count' feature to settings, front end, and poll edit page
- Fixed bug where 'seen on pages' was not working on poll edit page
- Added 'Random Poll' shortcode, WYSIWYG button, and output
- Added Aff URLS to main url global
- Added 'Select colour for Answer texts' to individual poll edits
- Added 'Powered By' logo option, including Affiiate Username integration
- Fixed bug with admin page icon (background size)
- Added 'Poll Results' shortcode, WYSIWYG button, and output
- Added 'Poll Results' widget
- Added small CSS / SCSS fix for percentage bar labels to fit better within widget area
- Upped version v1.2
- Rebuilt as bug found in compile, refactored to allow for Multiple polls per page (over and above spec)

v1.0 – 20th November 2015

>> Initial release