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Hi! I want to connect a “poll of the month” with a raffle, but only users who have voted can enter their e-mail-address to participate in the raffle. So I need to display the entry-form (just e-mail-address) when the poll results appear, not before. Can I do that in some way with your plugin? Thanks!

Hi. No sorry. It doesn’t have that feature

Hi, nice plugin. Im wondering if this plugin will work with page builders such as Divi builder. Will I suffer any compatibility issues or any conflicts as some plugins do not function properly

Hi. It runs from shortcodes so will fit in fine

Is this compatible with buddypress?

How do you mean? It’s embeddable via shortcodes so it’s compatible with anything you like (since you can put shortcodes anywhere)

Hi, I’m uploading the Opinion8 folder to the plugins directory but it’s not showing up to activate on the plugin screen on the WordPress Admin page. I’m running on WordPress 4.6.1. I’ve tried to download the plugin again and the problem persists. Please advise.

This is being handled via the support forums here:

I nice plugin mate. I have just installed it and I am facing the first issues: 1) I can’t get to see the boxes where the answers are shown. 2) The colour of the answers don’t go WHITE (#fffff) as I have set on the poll settings. Maybe because the invisible box is white, and it is changed automatically.

Observation: Any chance to remove the Powered By Op∞? I think that for a paid plugin that’s a bit unfair.

thank you for contacting us. All support is handled via please submit a support request there and one of our team will assit you.

Hi, I’d like to integrate to Facebook API, so after user vote, before it shows the result it asks for allow the site to post in user’s facebook and automatically post user vote result in facebook, calling others to vote also. Is it possible? If its not default how much it will cost to be implemented?


It’s not in there by default but I understand what you’re looking for.

Facebook actually make it very difficult for apps to get approved which post on users walls now (even with permission) you have to demonstrate that it’s not spammy etc.

It’s not something that is easy for a lot of users of the plugin (and results in increased support tickets etc)

You’re free to modify the plugin though to do what you need. If you’d like me to quote you for this send an email through to


Just purchased this plugin and the add poll button is not enabled in my editor. Only the results can be added via a widget. I followed your documentation but you don’t mention somewhere the shortcodes, only how to add a poll/results via buttons.

Also how can I get the poll’s ID? Shouldn’t the shortcode be created automatically as soon as I save a poll?


Thanks, Natasa

Found the answer via the YouTube Video. For anyone who has the same problem, the shortcode is:

[Opinion8 pollid=”xxx”]


Marcet Purchased

How often do not vote a person? Can I set somewhere that you can only vote once?