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Hello! I have a big problem. The menu is not working properly on the ipad/ iphone. When hover over the menu in the ipad, you can not choose because it instanly open the items. Probably hover modus but this can not change because we need it in the site for pc. Thanks you very much in advance for your help!

We will take a look on this problem, and see what we can do

Hello. I have a problem with your great menu :) In my template there is an id like “nav” cant use ur menu’s css nav id’s. can you please help about it.

Thx For Help


Simplest solution would be change “nav” in html and css to something you want. Just that id name. If you will find problem to do that contact us via profile form and send us files.

Regards, Valentino


Great menu, well documented.

How could I add a logo to the top left hand corner before the first menu entry?



Hello, thank you for purchase. The easiest way would be like this:

Go to index.html and add this just after the UL open tag

<ul class="main">
<li class="logo_img"><img src="img.jpg"></li>
You can name class whatever name you want. After that go to css and add following.
#nav ul.main li.logo_img {
    margin-right: 15px;
#nav ul.main li.logo_img:hover:after {
    display: none;

Hope this will help.

You’re a 5* star, thanks! :)

Glad I could help you! :)

How is Contact Us acting? No preview?

We are currently in process of updating this menu, so everything will be posted ( update and new images ) within few days.

Fantastic work on the navigation, The CSS is well written and well documented.



Thank you !

is there any possibility to add an 3lvl sub menu?

Hello, it’s possible to add it via CSS or implement JS for unlimited dropdowns. If you don’t know how to do it, send us email via contact form.

This product is great, but I am having an issue with the contact form.

I have my website setup on a Rackspace server using IIS 7.0, I have installed PHP. You can check it out at . This is a follow up to my previous message, as I have tried to fix the issue since.

Before, installing PHP, I would submit the contact form and it would say “message sent!”, but no email received. After installing PHP, it does nothing. Please help, I am willing to pay a fee for your assistance.


Your script is good. But someone will got trouble if they use bootstrap template in their site. Do you have plan to remove bootstrap files and make it just CSS3, like this magento menu extension ? Thanks.