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How to use openswatch with WP ALL IMPORT for import mass product , how to use with global product ?

pls open support ticket on , so we can help you , tks

“you can set it in woocommerce / attribute and edit the options, each option has 1 area to upload colorswatch . If you ignore upload on each product, the plugin auto get colorswatch in this area.” It doesn’t work for me

pls open support ticket on , so we can help you , tks

I am very pleased with the service. The support team replied within 24 hours and fixed my issue. OpenSwatch works perfectly with my site using Flatsome theme 3.3.8. and is easy to use. Thank you!

Thank you ! you are welcome

I need support for working “plugin” with Flatsome theme 3.3.8, not is funcional en mi wordpress

Do you helpme?, please

pls create your ticket on our support page , we will help you

Does latest version support WPML?

yes, it supported, if you got any problem, please create support ticket, we are support for free for you , tks

I’m using the Flatsome theme and the following problems are what I’m experiencing.

1. The thumbnails don’t match up with the selected/featured large image I select the color or size buttons.

2. The “add to cart” button doesn’t become active.

3. Only two thumbnails are displayed at a time.

Can you please help me to fix these problems? Let me know if there’s anything I can try on my end.


pls create your ticket on our support page , we will help you

Thanks I already created a ticket, just waiting to hear back from you all.

your issues has been resolved, pls check

Can you fix the issue for us… We tried contacting you twice from the Support option which you have. need quick urgent help on this.

pls create new ticket , so, we can follow it , when you create new , their are email sent to you , you can follow to see our response

Created and Done

checking , tks

Quick question, lets say you have an item with two attributes (color and size) but only want to show the available color attributes on the shop/archive/category pages – will this plugin allow that option?

thank you about it , that is my work :)

Thank you! I have it installed but having a few issues with configuration – openswatch tab also does not appear on product page – how to proceed?

pls create a support ticket on our support page. it seem you doesn’t enable openswatch on this product in top right sidebar of product form, if you want enable for all variations, there are option in woocommere / openswach


Hey there! I like your variable product attributes plugin and want to buy it, however had one question.

On selecting a different color variation on product page, instead of just changing the image on the page, can we redirect visitor to that color product page with all the images. This makes product / inventory management a lot easier.

Check this site for example:

On choosing different color it actually redirects visitor to that page. Which is perfect!

Please advise.


yes, note, we can implement it in next update, if you buy right now, i can do it for you first with free, tks

Hi there – hopefully quick pre-sales question…

Does your plug-in store the swatch information as serialized data (which causes an issue with many import/export plug ins) or is the data (eg. file paths to images) stored as individual records? And if so, which tables/fields in the database does it use?

With many thanks in advance Nik

yes, we store with product meta data

Thank you but it’s not clear whether you mean data is serialised or not? Is there any way of test driving your plug-in to see for myself?

yes, the data is serialised already.

I got your plugin as part of the Claue Theme. I noticed an issue with it. Swatches are not disabled when variations are out of stock! We need to click on the variation swatch to find out creting a lot of deceptions. The normal woocommerce dropdown behavior does hide out of stock variations. Can this be fixed? See example Woocommerce behavior: (XL is hidden) OpenSwatch behavior: (XL is visible)

hi, can you create a support ticket on , so, we can help you via this ticket . thank you!

Hello, ​ ​I would like to use OpenSwatch to replace the functionality of two WooCommerce plugins used on my website – 1) “Additional Variation Images” and 2) “Variation Swatches & Photos” ​ ​Currently I used both plugins TOGETHER so that on my individual product pages you can choose from 1) multiple designs, then 2) multiple colors, and the product images will change depending on what choices are made. However there is a problem with the “Additional Variation Images” plugin, and WooCommerce is advising me to use a different plugin while they fix it.

I tried to ask this question through your website but there is nowhere to ask pre-purchase questions, and I don’t want to post the site or passwords here. Thank you.

yes, our plugin has both functions of 2 plugins and more easier with both. for example: if you have variations for 2colors + 2 size , in their plugin, you should upload and setup 4 times for 4 variations , but with our plugin , you just 2 for color if you choose options when click color , images change . and you just choose / click to color only , no need choose whole variations attribute. if you have any question , pls contact direct us on without purchase code . thank you!


yukatat Purchased

Hi anh Anh

Em mới mua cái theme Gecko, nó dùng cái plugin của anh. Em kết nối woocommerce với phần mềm bán hàng sapo. Sapo sẽ tự động đẩy sản phẩm lên woocommerce thông qua Rest API. nhưng bị 1 cái là cái plugin của anh không hiện album cho từng màu riêng được, Plugin không hiểu cái attribute tạo bằng API.

Khi tạo sản phẩm trên sapo có các attributes: ví dụ màu sắc: xanh, đỏ, đen. API nó sẽ tạo attribute trực tiếp luôn kiểu: xanh | đỏ | đen . Chứ không phải attribute dạng có thể lựa chọn từ danh sách attribute của woocommerce đã tạo sẵn. (Mình có thể tạo attribute bằng 2 cách thông qua woocommerce, 1 là vào menu attribute tạo , 2 là tạo trực tiếp trên product page của sản phẩm đó, mỗi attribute ngăn cách nhau bằng dấu ”|”). Anh xem hình link này sẽ hiểu:

Ko biết anh có cách gì khắc phục không. Em đang đau đầu với nó lắm đây, Anh có thể trả lời ở đây hoặc email cho em qua nha.

Cám ơn anh.

pls create support ticket on , we support you via that page. For custom attribute, it already support on our plugin , Gecko can’t got the newest update because they ins’t our partner right now . you can check how to setup custom attribute on: Thank you!

yukatat Purchased

So, In this case if i bought an upgrade product of Openswatch will solve my problem, right ? I do not know is that my plugin is your plugin because in my plugin it show version 1.0 of this website but currently this website not available

yes, current version is 3.0


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Dear supporter

Please help me in this case. the plugin is show thumbnail picture wrongly and image after click in product image is not correct

pls response on our support, tks


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I have reply. please suppport via ticket. thanks


yukatat Purchased

I have received support. verry good support. Thank you very much

hello dev, pls respond to #976184 ticket asap. thank you

ok, let me check , thank you!

thank you very much, the problem is solved :)


swissfilm Purchased

My ticket is not beeing answered: 419788

yes, we are checking your ticket already , tks