Discussion on Openswatch - Woocommerce variations image swatch

Discussion on Openswatch - Woocommerce variations image swatch

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Presale question. For multiple choice addon selection. Can your swatches stack up in layers ??

Module needs updated. It doesn’t work in the admin after woocommerce update.

Pls drop a support ticket on to get help. Thanks

Can you guide me on how to add CSS class to out-of-stock variant option.

Any chance this module will be updated so it works with new versions of woocommerce?

Just a note: the module works fine. The bug is with pinterest for woocommerce.

Salutations. I have a need. The shop sells sofas.

among the variations represented by miniature images I have two elements: leathers (8 colors) and fabrics (7 colors).

The user wants the red leather sofa.

Among the various free plugins, the system forces me to choose both leather and fabric as a variable (imagine a t-shirt that obviously makes you choose the color and size) and as you will have understood, a sofa cannot be in leather and fabric but ONLY one of the two. Does the plugin allow you to choose a single variable represented by a series of thumbnails?

Hello! I think the plugin needs updating. It no longer works on the product list. It gets a javascript:void(0)

Still works on the product page but not the product category page.

If you need any help testing let me know. Would be happy to help. Still there is no other module like this one!

I just wanted to check when you’ll have a chance to update this module? I have last year hired a guy to upgrade it for me so it worked with the latest version. But I don’t want to do that if you have a plan to upgrade this sometime soon.

Have a great day!

Just a note: the module works fine. The bug is with pinterest for woocommerce plugin.

Hi. Do you need to manually assign variation images for attributes, or do they take images automatically from product variations?

hi anhvnit, I need to clarify, suppose if i have only one color-red in one design, so, is it possible to create other colors like blue, black, navy with the same image with this module. just to change only the color, design is same. pls advise

I’m getting errors with the lastest version of woo.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘black’ of undefined at swatchImage

Sorry, won’t let me delete this comment. Just to confirm the module has no errors.

ok, tks

Can your add-on make variants as separate links to pages? There are pants on the site. I need links to separate pants as variants. Separate ones are those that have a different color with variants (different sizes). Look → and → and →

Hi. I would like to find out if you would be able to customize this plugin. We would like to be able to set an attribute option to popup like this example : Have a look at the Wallpaper option which pops up but the Roll size still displays as a dropdown. What would you charge if you can do this? Thank you

Hello, I would like to know if your plugin can apply to my problem. I have an image as a product then I want the customer to be able to choose. 1. Object or clothing 2. If object offer mug or trivet (a different weight and price depending on the choice) 3. IF clothing offer T-shirt or jacket (a different weight and price according to the choice) 4. Offer sizes (a different weight and price depending on the choice) And I plan to add possibilities later Thank you in advance Karine Lecluse

Anybody get a quickview to work with openswatch? I’ve tried with my rubbish hackery and no luck. Openswatch is far more important than a quickview but it’s a wish list for compatilbity

try version update recently. tks

Hotdam it works! I’m so glad your back. Last year I hired a guy to update it. STILL in 2021 no other module like this one.

ok, i try arrange time to support this. tks

I’ve hired someone to update the module. If anyone wants a copy email // it works now with the latest version of woocommerce.

It is not compatible to WooCommerce 4. Anyone solved this? Thank you!

I assume this module is not being updated. I will update my site next week with a different module. Shame… I liked this one.

I’m just checking if this module will be updated for the latest version of Woocommerce. It is no longer compabilty with woocommerce.

I will spend a many days switching out the module but I want to check first if this module will be updated. I prefer to use Openswatch. I find it superiour to the others!

Sadly the module doesn’t seem to be compatable the latest version of woocommerce. I upgraded and users can’t add to cart.


I need color and size swatches with functuonality on product page and category page (choose color and size and add to cart from category page), and add color and size with plugin view on theme filter in category page. I need for this theme: . Please tell if your plugin have this options and work with this theme. Thank you

Hi, I have 2 pre sale questions.

1 – can the swatch images be pulled from the variation images? 2 – Will the swatch images show on product category pages?


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