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A few months ago I bought the theme GECKO and with it came his Openswatch plugin.

I love this plugin, but the GECKO thema was not cool with a performance so I bought the thema Flatsome. But plugin stopped working with him :(

What do I do?

can you open ticket on our support page , we will help check it for you , thank you!

Hi, it is possible to add thumbnail for clothes size S – M – L – XL thank

oki i buy it

Hi, i have installed the plugin but in general setting,i not see any option.

please create new attribute with type = select to use for swatch options. if have any problem , pls try open a ticket on our support page , tks

Does each product come with their own set of images for color swatches per product?

For example: if I have tanks and shirts, would the tanks have their own set of images of different color tanks and the same for shirts?

yes, that is exact our plugin functions.

you can set image for color in general color options or on each product . If you no set in product, it auto get default images get from attribute options setting.


mrterje Purchased

HI, Just installed it, and open swatch tab does not show up in products, any clue ?


mrterje Purchased

is it possible to increase the swatch image sizes ??

yes, it with some simple css code, pls provide your site, so , i can suggest the code


mrterje Purchased

email sent

Hi, I just bought this plugin to install with North theme. But I dont see the “openswatch” option on the product edit page. the last tab is “advanced” and there is no “open swatch” option. I installed and activated the plugin. please help


got it , let me check . tks

waiting for a replay.. why does everything takes so long…

Hi, I was told by your support that your plugin cant be installed because my theme override woocommerce settings. And they can only install it for EXTRA money! which doesnt make sense!! I asked for a refund 10 days ago, and no reply..

Hi, Pre-purchase question plz. Can I add multiple images against one color option like this ?


yes, it is exact same with our plugin functions.

Hi There is an issue when the Attribute has multiple words e.g. “Dark Blue” the swatch will not work on this: please fix.

One way to get around it is to ensure the Name & Slug of the attribute is exactly the same e.g. Name: Dark-Blue Slug: dark-blue

instead of

Name: Dark Blue Slug: darkblue

please fix thank you

Yeah, got it , it will fix in next update, Thank you about your report.

Hi! Looks cool but before buy it I would like to knoe if it works with YITH Zoom magnifier. Thanks!

we not try it yet , but we has api and document to guide how to integrate with other themes.

Hi, I am using this theme and this theme is for compatible with this plugin.

So I am going to refund plz.

please check in our document, this help you integrate your theme with our plugin

Hi, I have dispute on evato but I want to use this plugin so If you can send me the complete detail means in which file I will change and the plugin will run perfect then I will again buy this plugin ??


Hi, i am migrating shop from opencart to woocommerce and need this or similar plugin for options/ products variations

Is it possible to make product variations tool looks like this product page?

Image Thumbnail + variation text + variation price

Thank you

yes , can like it , it is exact the functions of our plugin

I bought and installed but it looks like doesn’t working properly , i can see it under

Wooecommerce / MG OpenSwatch Options

and there are no options available just General Settings and Save Options Button

I am using latest versions of Woocommerce and WordPress

pls create new product attribute with type = select, now, you don’t have any attribute with type = select, so, no attribute to select in setting screen.

Hello!!! I hope you remember me. I paid for some customizations to OpenSwatch back in September. Unfortunately, we never noticed that there’s a very large issue with how it functions.

I need you to respond to the ticket that I updated in your support system. THANKS in advance!

hi sir, pls tell me the ticket id you already contact to us , i will check it for you , tks

Ticket #162710

ok sir, let me check , thank you!

Will this plugin allow my variations to have gallery images or additional images linked to them so when a user clicks on the variable it only shows those color?

yes ,it is , it allow display galery images follow the variable color.

“Enable Openswatch for this product” is set to Yes but I still can’t see any OpenSwatch tab. Can you help? I sent a support ticket but didn’t get a number.

pls leave ticket at here with temporary your site informations, i need check your site fist, Thank you!

I sent another ticket. It says “Support ticket request created” but I never get a ticket number or email

Ticket number: #541657 and #320479

Can I get some support please? Ticket number: #541657 and #320479

we are checking , pls wait

It’s ok I fixed it.

It won’t select the swatch attributes automatically. “Swatch Attributes PreSelect” is turned on in the cp. I sent a ticket.

Ticket number: 838089

How do you automatically load the black hoodie gallery on page load here?

Mine doesn’t do that :(

that is default gallery of woocommerce product (gallery without color name prefix )

Hello, I have a problem with the color change on the products page in list, it works for some colors but not all, ?? I’m not coprends of where the problem comes from! Can you help me ? I chose this theme especially for its functionality of choice of color on the product page … It is urgent enough .. thanks to you!

i don’t see your status buy our plugin, anw, pls create issues on our support page, we will check and help you . tks

Problem resolved ;)


fedehrc Purchased

Good afternoon, excellent plugin!

Some questions before you buy.

1-In the demo page, when you select another color, the image thumb is opened in a new window? why?

2-Is it compatible with woo 3.0+?

Thank you!


fedehrc Purchased


hi alreay compatible with woo 3.0, in our demo , the themes in old version , but woocommerce is new , it open in a new windows because in our demo themes use prettyPhoto , but this already removed by woo 3.0

Hi, I finally bought the plugin, but I have the problem that mentioned in the pre-order. The images of the general gallery, they work Ok, but the images of the galleries open in a new window, besides the zoom does not work. Woo version 3.0.4. Any suggestions? Tnx.

Pre-Sales Question: Can this plugin be customized so that alternating thumbnail galleries are vertical stacks to the right side of the primary single product image

it auto get first images in your swatch gallery as swatch thumb