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Presale question – Smart Ajax swatches – smart ajax dropdown attributes plugin

Hi, I want know if your plugin can make the following configuration such as this example in the following link:

So I would need to populate the ajax attributes based on the programmed combinations within the product with a select ajax made up of smart swatches.

Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

if you want ajax with combined variations , it is default of woocommerce . no need use any plugins. Our plugin made the funcitons, you just change a variations (for example : color), gallery will change follow it , without choose all variations. and in our newest version, we doesn’t use ajax because it need long time to load.


I have sent you a support message but I did not receive any ticket number. I wonder if you got it at all? It was this morning (CET time) and I registered with an address.

ok, we are checking and response via your ticket, pls keep it up , tks

It’s been 6 days. When will I have my plugin working?

what is your ticket id


ZiDay Purchased

Hello, pls respond to #214300 ticket. thx

it responsed , pls check

Hi! I have a bunch of tickets opened and no answer from you for some days now. Do you still support the plugin?

pls check again , tks

I still didn’t get any answer on instructions on how to do with the customization next time we update the plugin or the theme… Please read my answers on the customization ticket!

check again

Hello there,

I’ve got a ticket open #552102 and trying to PAY YOU to get the plugin to work with my theme. I’ve kindly asked if you can accept this project but I’m not receiving any replies by email anymore.

You really should be more clear that this plugin is NOT recommended for WordPress users with small knowledge. This is not a plugin where you can download the zip and get going. It requires backend implementation. Even once you’ve done that, you may need to “fix” it if it’s not compatible with your theme.

The last step is what I’m trying to do (been told it’ll cost 50USD), but I’ve stopped receiving replies.

What is going on? I understand issues can happen, but not replying to emails is unacceptable…

we are on holiday, so, we will check it and reply you , tks


I would like to know if this plugin does for example:

If I have size 40 in black, but that size does not have any variation for the color brown, then it does not show on the screen.

Is it possible to do this with this plugin?

yes, it display both black and brown but with disable for brown, just clickable on black only !

hi, few prepurchase questions: 1) will you plug-in work with current woocommerce version (3.3.1) and current flatsome theme? 2) will colour galleries change if no other options is selected, especially if there are more than one additional option, for example Size, Waist size, Lenght, etc…

one more question 3) is it still possible to switch product colour galleries, then my variations setup based Size only and for colour it has “Any Colour” selected? because from what i see in your videos – colour galleries are being setup on product level, right?

we are made this plugin base on default logic of woocommerce and wordpress , so, i don’t know how the custom theme (this depend themes author) . We can’t increase the answers about the ability with flatsome because we haven’t and try it yet .

Please can I have reply to ticket #172262.. I Paid for plugin, I had to pay to have it installed, I paid a further 50USD to have it fixed, and now it doesn’t work again. And you don’t reply to tickets…

we are on holiday, we got our ticket and response you once we back to work, thank you!

hello, my friend, just kindly wondering if you were back to provide support??

we are back work in today, pls check ticket

having an issue on some where its not showing all the colors is the swatch on the product single itis only showing up to 9, on the product listing page it shows more

i don’t see you buy our plugin, if you got problem, pls get support from our support page: . thank you!


I have purchased the plugin and I logged a support ticket on Feb 17th for the website, but I don’t have the support ticket number.

Could you please review the support tickets raised that day and answer my query?

Thank you,


Ah I found the ticket number: #661167

Thank you

ok, let me check ,tks

Where can I find an updated changelog?

we are submit new update, the new update queue in review

Is there any way that we can change the swatch color under products > attributes

rather then setting the color under each product? I have over 600 products. that’s heaps of work to set the color red which is the same on all products.

Thank you!

pls post support ticket on our support page, we will provide advice once received your ticket, tks

Thank you. i’ll do that now. It’s still a pretty excellent module! I’ve bought 3 others and this is the best!

thank you ! we are checking your ticket

we haven’t that themes, so, we can’t make sure , if they follow core logic of woocommerce, we make sure it work . if no, you should integrate to make it work with our plugin

Hi! How it works when there won’t be any variation? That will be crossed icon or something?

There’s only a possibility to choose photo instead of #color? Have you got admin demo?

yes, their are 2 option: image or color code , if no, it display as attribute option text.

What about unavailable variation? Will it show somehow that is is not available?

with unavailabe varitions, it doesn’t display , with out of stock, it display but can’t choose .

hello dev,

i just found out there are alot of error from nginx.

FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in plugins/openswatch/includes/class-color-swatch.php on line 117” while reading response header from upstream

do you thing its affecting performance ?


no, it don’t effect perfomance. if you want ,pls create support ticket on our support page , we will help you resolve it . it already fixed on last version. thank !

Presales question : I saw that this plugin was compatible with Flatsome theme when customized, is that correct? Also, can you pease inform if this plugin offers the possibility to add product variations images (add multiple images to each product variation) Thank you

yes, it work with flatsome theme after customized. it able add multi images for swatch attribute, not product variations. For example: you have a variations product with variation attribute : color (2 colors) + size (2 sizes) . with variations, you should add images for 4 variations product, but with openswatch, you can set image depend on color only , it mean you just upload images for 2 colors galleries only (instead 4 variations with single image)