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I´m using porto theme and the plugin doesnt show the color gallery how i can make this works?

do you have any product attribute with type = select ? pls create one and mark it as swatch gallery in openswatch setting , tks

Hi, I just got this extension with my purchase of Claue Theme. I’m not yet ready to switch the the theme but would like to start taking advantage of the swatches. I selected Color and Size in settings but I don’t see anything. Do I need to upload Images with teh label or should it just show S M L in a smal box? In the Claue Demo, the size is a span with text and colors are actual images. Right now I just see the dropdowns.

pls see on top right of edit product page, there are option enable openswatch(yes/no) , pls choose yes, update and see it again. if have any problem , pls send your details via your support page ,we will help you check it , tks

Awesome!! Works great! I ended up creating Images for S M L this way it still shows Small Medium Large in the tooltip and whenever the products is not openswatch enabled. Also, I am using Woocommerce Product Bundles that allow to group products. On the same page you get to select each individual product options. OpenSwatch does not trigger in that case. would it be complex to get to work in that plugin as well? Here’s an example page with options: ty

pls send your site details(temporary admin account) via, so, we can check it details

Hi there I can see the color attribute was changed from drop-down to listed images. If I want to display the name of the attributes in order and adaptive. Is that possible with your plugin. Wish to hear from you soon.

yes, in order invoices, they are color name

Pre-Sale Question! Looks like this plug in MAY be just what we need:

Currently we have lots of dog collar types, but they are offered in the same colors, from reading the comments, we can group the collar colors? However can they select multiple colors? Is this an option available?

We are switching from one platform to another: here is an example of our current site, and it would be great if with this plug in we can do it like this so they can pick 3 colors and then the price increases or that they dont have to add each color individually.

See how you can select multiple color options? Is this possible with this plug in? (and look nicer lol)

hi, it look like you use checkbox for theme, this don’t fit with variable product type (support for select box only). If you want, i can suggest an other way for you, pls create ticket on, we can discuss details about this . thank you!

Hi, I’m interested in the plugin but would like to know if the swatches could also show on the homepage where product thumbnails are displayed. If the user clicks on one of the swatches from the homepage, it would take that user to that specific product and colour in the product page. Please advise, thanks.

yes, can but we need more customize. default, we only support change image thumb only.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Is it possible when selecting a swatch that it would go to a different product page? For example if there was a blue swatch and the customer clicked on it, can it go to the product page with the permalink /product/blue-version ?

no, it can’t display as single page, it only display like as variable product with selected color you choosed. because in some case, 1 color maybe have multi size.

Hi, i would like to ask a few things about he plugin.

1. Does it include product gallery feature, or the gallery require other plugin. 2. Does is require other plugin to be installed? 3. If the product gallery is included, can it be used in the single product type (no color option, just product gallery)

Many thanks, and hope hearing from you soon

1. it use theme gallery, no own gallery. so, if you use gallery as default woocommerce , you just install and it work as default. if customise theme, you should check our guide to make it correct with your theme.

2 .no require other plugin

3 . it work for single product as default .

My question is pre-sale. I want to use on Flatsome theme. I noticed a few others that commented. And you told them to email you for support. Did you get it working for them on Flatsome theme? Would you show me how to make it work for flatsome theme too?

yes, it work with flatsome but need some customise, you can inform me via support page, so , i can help you . tks

sent a message via support

I made the MISTAKE of buying this without researching properly since i was in a hurry. I was unlucky that it did not work “out of the box” with my theme and i tried following the instructions in order to integrate it. Since i am not a coder and esp. since the instruction are written in probably the worst english i have met, i could not figure anything out.

When i turned to the developer for assistance he was dismissive and rude without even taking the time to properly answer my questions in full. When i finally asked if there is anyway to get a refund since his code is completely useless to me, his reply was, word per word:

“we are provide integrate service with cost = 60$ , please let me know if you want buy this service, thank you !”

I think this is extortion and if i wanted to write my own code to make a plugin work i wouldn’t be paying 25$ to get a ready solution.

as you know, each theme author has own solutions and logic for product gallery , so, with custom themes,we only provide guide to do it . We just make sure full support with default wordpress and woocommerce themes, with other , we can’t cover . We only support without free when it fast and simple. With complex themes, we should check and read all their logic to make suitable actions. This is not free. Thank you for understand .

Can you allow to choose the color instead of color images only?

yes, simplest you can use a images of colors

Are you sure you support color code instead of images of colors? I prefer the color codes because it’s flexible and avoid many requests to server. When we use images, it will take much time to request those images.

it no support enter direct by color code, but you can do it by css code.

hi, i’m trying to configure the plugin, but the pictures doesn’t appear like a thumbnails under the principal photo. Can you see it on this link Can you help me please?

i can choose pictures from each color variation, but in the frontpage, i see one picture bellow the other one, in normal size, no like a thumbnails

yeah, that because you are integrate doesn’t correct. what is your support ticket id ? can you provide your details on it?

i don´t have any ticket yet

Hello, i have a woocomece site that has thousands of products with color variations as dropdowns using this plguin can i bulk make them image swatch variations instead?

pls take support issues, we will discuss details on it ,tks

I want to remove the border. How to remove it?

with simple css, what is your demo , so , i can suggest if you provide your site url. pls create a support ticket , so, i can follow to help you , tks

I submitted the ticket. Please help.

ok, pls check your email , we already response ! tks

Is this compatible with wordpress 4.8?

yes, it is

Hi, can you say me if your plugin support CUSTOM VARIATION and if you have a demo please ?

Before buying, I would like to know if this plugin allows me to set the image for all variations of a particular attribute.

For example, I have attributes COLOUR and SIZE.

Let’s say I have 10 sizes, and two colours (black and grey). That makes 20 variations in total. 10 for each colour.

I want to set a colour related image for each variation. In default WC store, I have to edit 20 variations just to set a BLACK image for all black variations, and to set a GREY image for all grey variations. It takes a long time for such a simple thing.

I want to be able to just set the GREY images once for all variations with the GREY attribute, and again for all with BLACK attribute. Does your plugin provide that functionality?

openswatch support set gallery follow COLOR only , if you has color + size , gallery change everytime you click COLOR , not both color + size as default . And you set gallery for COLOR options only , not for whole variations


hondanho Purchased

plugin does not work with the product has 3 attributes, help me !!!

pls create support ticket on , so , we can follow and help you tks

Hello, I sent 2 tickets, but I didnt get any ticket number. Can you help me? Thanks

Now I got a response and I will try a advice. Thanks a lot

Had a couple of questions before buying this plugin: 1) Does it work with Smart Variation Images Plugin, if not how do you display a gallery of images for each variation? 2) Will it work with Mr.Tailor Wordpress Theme? 3) Does it work only with Global Attributes or can it work with Custom Attributes as well? 4) If I have a product which has variations both in Size & Color, will it still work?

in our plugin , gallery base on 1 attribute : color or size or anything depend your setting . For example. you choose “color” , after you that , it generate every colors elements with gallery, you able upload gallery for each color . We provide api to integrate with custom themes. we full support default wp themes and woocommerce themes. with your custom themes we need check first . So, if you have any problem , pls create ticket support, we follow and hep you much as possible. tks

Hi, i’m using openswatch which is included with zoo-moza theme. I’have enabled openswatch but doesn’t work.

Here’s the link

Any solution how to get it work ?

pls create new task on our support page with your site details. we will check it and let you know ,tks

ticket submitted with details as requested