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hi, does this have some database implementation ?

hi cssn00b,

no the login is session based but you could esaily use a database to store the user data


Are you still supporting this script? There has been other questions asked without any answers.

hi chimesusa,

yes Iam still supporting this app but because Iam currently really busy I dont often find the time to look here for new comments ... in general the best way to contact me is via email.



I am trying to use the interface that is created for this site. However Facebook and Google logins don’t work. Do you have another site that I can go to see the functionality?

Thanks in advance.

can we may this script work a little differently. On clicking the service cant it auotmatically go the the service provider and see if the person is already logged in and ask for permission.

Ex: On clicking Facebook or Google cant it go directly to the respective service and see if we are logged in and then ask for permission instead of clicking connect or asking for id.

Hey will you be able to add Twitter to this ?

Hello. I’ve sent you an email regarding an issue I’m having with implementation but have not had a response? could you please contact me?

Thank you

Could you please update the script.The Aol service doesnt work at all

It’s a shame there’s a lack of support. Also, i’d buy the script if it doesn’t ask for users to type their ids but rather simply click on their icon’s identity provider.

I will keep an eye on it…


Nice script, very easy to implement. I was curious if there is a way I can only allow people with a specific google account domain to login.

EX: Only users with *@company.com can be authenticated.


the demo is not working, can you fix it k42b3 plz?

is there any documentation how setup it?


Quick question… How do I send a request to get the email?

Thanks! Troy

Does this store data in a mysql database?? so i can build up user accounts for email etc.. payments ..

Why facebook login button is disabled?