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Not working, i install everything as you indicate and it is not showing the unlimited product info tab in the product settings. Please advise. I am using opencart and PHP Version 5.3.10


i sent you email send me admin and ftp access to my email address thanks…

I reply to the email Please reply ASAP. Thanks

I sent you again the ftp credentials, please check your email

hI, don’t work , please help me

dear sir sorry for late reply send me admin and ftp access to my email address devsolver@gmail.com thanks..

I can not give these data are personal, I can tell you that the module can be seen in admin, only that the product page does not display the option to add the text I want.

dear sir sometimes it create problem for theme so we done all work based on opencart default theme so if you used other theme so there html can create some problem and we used vqmod override xml file so i need admin and ftp access to solve this issue so you can give me product edit access and my module access using a new admin user and ftp access thanks my email address devsolver@gmail.com

Have the same issue. The extra details are not visible. Have emailed you the access. Kindly revert back asap.

It happen when you used theme and we are using vqmod so if you try into default theme then it work but for your theme i need to make it OK for your theme and most if the theme is different so if you don’t give me admin my module access then how can i test it man at-least i need module access and always welcome for help thanks….

hello sir i have error

Notice: Error: Table ‘*.ultimate_product_info’ doesn’t exist Error No: 1146 SELECT * FROM ultimate_product_info WHERE product_id = ‘71’ in /home/sites/*/public_html/system/database/mysql.php on line 49

Dear sir have you run my sql script ? i am sure not….

how can run sql script

please email me

go to your database and run this script but change oc_ to your prefix if you cannot send me ftp access in my email address devsolver@gmail.com

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `oc_ultimate_product_info` ( `product_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `product_info` text CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`product_id`) )

Hi, how i can add this information to product category page?

Check into product entry page Tab ? if not or any issue please send admin and ftp access plz thanks :)


I installed the files and added to the table in the database. I enabled the module in the admin area but when I edit a product the field does not appear. What can be the problem?

best Regards

for this email ? -> devsolver@gmail.com

My friend so far still no answer I have closed the site and now await response to 4 days Need help

done and tested and sorry for delay :)

all problems were solved the developer helped deploy the plugin in the template Thanks great work


Is this updated for OC

within 2 days it will thanks :)

Hello i get this error Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property ControllerModuleUnlimitedInfo::$data has no effect in /... Can you help me with that?

kindly send me ftp and admin access plz email: devsolver@gmail.com

Excellent! Worked perfect. And bigboss555 was there to customize everything!

thank u so much :)

thanks great work helpfull bigboss thanks

Good day I have problems with the plugin again as not working on my platform will send a private email with the access data , I appreciate your prompt response I have received no response.

send me login details admin and ftp devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

Hello, does this extention support journal2 theme on OC, since this theme can also modify the product info to some extent. Tnx, cheers.

yes it is but if u face any issue i will help you to make it work with journal2 theme no problem thanks :)

Hi I have this theme http://themeforest.net/item/up-multipurpose-responsive-opencart-theme/14484175?s_phrase=&s_rank=25

would you be able to adapt you extension to work with this theme

Yes it will thanks :)

Great thanks I’ve sent you an email

sent u reply :)

Hi. I have Journal 2 (V2.9.6) and opencart 2 ( I saw the previous comment that your extension works with Journal 2. What happens if I update to new version of Journal 2?

it will work thanks if u face any issue i will 100% help u thanks :)

I have last Porto theme , and already installed VQmod, How can I install this plugins

Salam brother i have sent you email kindly send me admin and ftp i will check all myself no problem. Thanks :)