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Привіт, цікавить даний модуль

Добрый день. Покупайте, если интересует.

є декілька питань, можете дати посилання у вк або пошту свою?

hi i got an error in Notice: Undefined property: Proxy::getProductSerialkeys in /home/......./public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_storage_modification_admin_controller_catalog_product.php on line 1375

Please, send admin and ftp access to support@foridev.com We will check

Please help. I’m using OC, I follow the instruction in file “serialkeys_sale_module-v.4.3-” but not work !

Ah no need support. I’ve fixed it !


Notice: Undefined property: Proxy::getProductSerialkeys in /home/folder_name/public_html/system/storage/modification/admin/controller/catalog/product.php on line 1396

I am getting this error

Hello extension has a problem when we change order status from dashboard. We can not change status on you have to check it. When we disable module, it works.

Hello! Why did you decide that the extension has a problem and not your site? The extension was tested on the version and errors with statuses were not found. I think you use 3rd party extensions that can conflict.

Becauase i tried on different Stock oc2.2… And when i disable serialkeys, status is normally working. I sent user and ftp details after your requested. Thank you bro.

Hi this is not support 2.3.0.X version? i bought it

Hi! If you have errors after installation on 2.3.x please send us admin and ftp access to support@foridev.com

Can you update the install file for 2.0.3.X

Ohh sorry it is not 2.0.3.X version, Can you update the install file for version?

Hello sir

I like this module, real good

But I need to have some changes if you can do it for me..

I need the ability to view/edit/add/delete codes from order page in control panel

Please, contact us on support@foridev.com And we can discuss your task there.

cannot install it it doesnt show up in extentions after installing

Please, send us admin and ftp access to support@foridev.com We will check installation.

Здравствуйте, можно получить модуль для 2.3.х

Здравствуйте. Можно. Напишите мне на support@foridev.com

Serials Module installed normally and is working fine. I can put in serials and 1 downloadlink. But I miss the field for the documentation to be downloaded.

Not sure, what you mean. Please, send me the admin access to support@foridev.com

Hi can you update your extension here to oc v, I see that on https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=15217 it’s already updated.

Hi :o)

I purchased your extension for opencart, however I am getting an error when clicking on a product in the admin…

Notice: Undefined property: Proxy::getProductSerialkeys in /home/jnash22/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_storage_modification_admin_controller_catalog_product.php on line 1382

Please can you take a look for me and explain how to fix the issue.


Kind Regards

Pete :o)

Hi dmonco

I have tried to update and to refresh but am still getting the error when trying to edit the products.

Kind Regards

Pete :o)

Send me the product id where you get the error. And remind admin access and ftp to my email support@foridev.com

sent, thank you :o)

May I know what is update for 6.1, because I had modified some codes by myself, so also may I know what files you are edited?

6.1 is for opencart for fresh installation

Is it possible encrypted the serial number before write to DB?

Yes, possible. You can write to our email support@foridev.com and we will discuss all modifications you need.

I cannot find where to add download link?
Please help

You can include link into email template

Please check your email support@foridev.com
Best regards

Hello About your serialkeys extension… I have opencart 1526 . Is compatible ?

Also what i want to do is this.

I sell a software with download and i need for each download a unique serial to be given to customer. SOS i must provide the poll with the serial numbers .

Also to have a report which serial is used bye each customer .

Is your extension what i’m looking for ?

We have old version for opencart 1.5.6 included. I think it should work with your version, haven’t tested. Maybe some changes will be required, not sure. Anyway, you can ask us for modification after purchase, we will give you estimate for any task you need.

Hi, I just purchased your extension and installed it without ny problem through extensions installer. The only problem i have is in the admin panel. When i click on sales>orders it displays a blank page without any other error messages. This way i cant see the orders of my clients. I am using OC V2.3.0.2.

I need your help !

Its very Urgent. Thanx!

Please, send us admin and ftp access to support@foridev.com

Finally i reinstalled oc and now it works fine !!

Hi.!! I have setted up a Product template but after succesfull order when i am viewing admin>sales>orders and try to click the “send email” button (the one with the key icon from your extension” i am getting this popup message: “Warning: Templates products not found!”. Whats the problem? As i said i already built the Products template from admin>catalog>products template and i assigned it correct to all of my products !!

Hi! We never saw this error before. Did you change some paths or what do you use to send mails? Could you write to support@foridev.com


I bought your extension a couple of hours ago and I would like you to help me explain what the issue might be.

I add codes/serials and I am required to choose a template.

How do I do that?

email sent.

ok, checking

Outstanding support. God bless you.


i have a prepurchase question: is there a bank payment module (visa&mastercard) for the customers? thank you.

No, serialkey module has no payment modules inside, but you can use any like 2checkout, PayPal, Worldpay, Stripe like this one https://codecanyon.net/item/apple-pay-using-stripe-for-opencart/20387302 Keys module works with any

dos it work on opencar

i have installed ajax quick check out

Yes, it works with and Ajax quick checkout


Hi! Sure, you will have support from us. Also we can help you to install.

After purchase you can send admin access details to support@foridev.com Support team will help you.