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on the admin side: go to “edit product”>>>data>>>Minimum Quantity I set the value 10 for “Minimum Quantity”.

If a customer purchased 10 items one time, how many Serialkeys he can recieve?

thank you


already bought it. question one:Is the purchase code limit to one install only, or limit to one domain name only?


where to fill in the purchase key. tks

Hi! It’s limited for one domain. Keys can be added in 2 places: 1. Catalog > Products > Icon with a key 2. Catalog > Products > Edit product > Data Tab > click checkbox to sell keys and then click to icon with a key If you have any questions feel free to write us to

hi under the path: system>>settings>>option I can’t find the “Restrict shopping”.

my opencart version: Version Serial key version:serialkeys_sale_module-v.7.1.2-

I this functionality was excluded from module. Description has to be updated. We can added it per your request. Send us an email with ftp and admin details to

Hello, good night, I realized the purchase of the module, it was difficult to configure / edit everything but I got it, I only have one problem, there is a product on my site that when it sends sends 3 serial, and the module can not say the number I want to how many are sent, could you assist me in this? Thankful!

My purchase code: f28de053-1ae6-4918-9f91-9eb1956a10d3

Hello, we tried to answer to your email, but it says incorrect email, delivery has failed. Could you explain what do you mean? It’s not clear. You can use Skype: dmon-co

I do not know if it is a mistake, or it is not ready for this to happen, which does not make much sense, since it makes sense of automation, but the email with the key is not being sent automatically, it is only sent if you click on Send E-mail button or manually change the OpenCart purchase status. Could you tell me how you can make this email sending automatic?

My purchase code: f28de053-1ae6-4918-9f91-9eb1956a10d3

It’s all okay for payment status, when payment is authorized goes to “Full”, normal opencart emails are sent, but the module with the key is not, but if I click “Send Mail” or pick up a request in “Pending” and force the change manually to “Full” in the panel the email of the key is sent!

Please, send admin and ftp access to Our team will check

I sent


我看到你有Wordpress。 Opencart在哪里与Opencart合作。

我已經將系統改回Opencart,再麻煩你們操作了 我的系統需要中文系統 請問我該如何安裝語言進入

该扩展没有中文翻译。 我们可以为您收取翻译费用。 请将翻译发送到,如下所示: 英文变体=中文变体 我们将估算并向PayPal发送发票。

i sent email please check

Ok, we got it

Hello, how to use it? Do you have FAQ? I installed Opencart and then your modification, there are no errors.

What should i do next? How to create a product with serial keys? I have txt file with 100 keys, how to create one product and manage keys after each purchase (should be deleted if bought). Please help


We are in stage of creating new documentation.

After installing go to a product list and create a product. Then go to edit the product > data tab. Find the section with keys and add all your codes to the product, click to save. After a purchase is completed a coded will be moved from product. You will see the sold code in an order list. If you have questions feel free to ask