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Awesome plugin for OpenCart, good job :)

Thanks diank123 :)

not woriking on i have oc

hi benw! nice work very useful!! i install in and works fine only one issue with subcategories i cant make them show in product page, i have a (category) women leather – (subcategory) leather jacket – product the subcategory dont show, please help me thank you!!

Thanks, just sent you an email.

working fine!! thank you benw!!

For every future buyer i want to say this script isthe most important i buy for opencart, i know this was big failure in opencart because seo titles is the most important thing.. this script fix everything and multilanguage!!!

And the author is super kind and helper!! he answer and fix my issue in 5 minutes!! i will give it 5 stars…

Authors like you make envato so famous..

Thanks basil5 :)


I have purchased your extension, it is not working for onopencart version. and its ruin my product display page, rest pages is work fine. But when I click on any product it shows me loading of the page and if I stop loading page it show wrond display of page. and super page title link is not showing in catalog menu link.

Thanks & regards Nitasha

Hi Nitasha,

The script is fully tested with, I’d like to help you solve the problem on your installation though, I just replied to your email.



Great extension. Easy to install, and so easy to use. Really impressed with all Ben’s extensions, hence have 4 on my site. They have had a really significant impact on the site’s organic clicks.


Thank you, robthegorilla, glad you like it!

Hi Benw

First of all i want to thank you for your module its works perfectly. We are 1000% satisfied. This module is so cheap man thanks for the prize too :) we can give only 5 stars at envato but personaly we give you 6 ) best regards Tony

Wow, thank you Tonykcz, glad you like it :)


Hi Benw,

Under shoppica 2 doesn’t seem to work, can you look over it if i give an url? My mail address is tajkep at gmail dot com. Thanks$!


Sure, can you give an email address? Thanks, Gergo


It’s in the PDF manual, or you can use the PM on my profile to which I can reply.



Thanks! Message sent.

I have purchased your extension. But it is not working for onopencart version.

Can you please instaled for me.


Sorry, installation is not included. I’d recommend checking the troubleshooting section of the manual or having an OpenCart developer review the logs.


I just purchased this extension for

Installed it (painlessly) in minutes (yes, I followed the instructions) and


Great Extension. Thank you.

Hi Markman1,

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :) Leaving a star-rating here http://codecanyon.net/downloads would be greatly appreciated. And as always, feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for ways to make it better.



Working in opencart ?

Not yet, I have an update in the works for OpenCart 2.0.x, it should be done soon. I’ll drop you a message when it is.



Hello, this extension is truly great! Everything works perfect, except some of the icons on my website turned into some strange symbols, adn i have this message on my category pages: “NOTICE: UNDEFINED VARIABLE: HEADING_TITLE IN /USR/WWW/USERS/TIMPRO/ORIGINALNIPARFEMI.RS/CATALOG/VIEW/THEME/CRYPTO/TEMPLATE/PRODUCT/CATEGORY.TPL ON LINE 17”

my website url: http://originalniparfemi.rs/ opencart version: Version

Any help would be great! Thank you in advance!

Thanks for purchasing. I will look into that notice to see what might be causing it and if it’s a bug will patch it for the upcoming 2.0 release. In the mean time, you can correct the problem by disabling error message in your OpenCart Admin Settings page.



Thank you very much! The problem with the error messages is solved.

I will recommend this extension to others!

Best wishes! Aleksandar

Hi olaf032,

Glad you got it working! If you enjoy the extension, don’t forget to leave a star rating on your Downloads page.



Hi Ben,

Thanks for the plugin, it’s just what I need. Unfortunately, when I activate the plugin, the homepage won’t load and I get the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_REQUIRE_ONCE, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/fitfuelc/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_home.php on line 7

I am using OpenCart V1.5.1.3. Any ideas?

Hi ZDltd,

Thanks for purchasing. Can you email me a copy of /home/fitfuelc/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_home.php (my address is in the manual)



Hi Can I set for some product individual title template (modify global product title template)?

Can I create different product page title templates for different categorys ?

Is there a demo version of the admin to see how to actually work ?

Hi webspilka ,

Unfortunately I don’t have a demo, though the screenshots can give you an idea of how it works. The system doesn’t use templates, you can:

1) Set a global title format used by all products (or categories) on the store 2) Override each product’s (or category’s) title individually, products/categories not overridden will use the default (see #1)



ok, can provide a screenshot of how to override each product’s ? Can I rewrite global title format in category (change title fitmat for children product by catefory)?

Hi webspilka,

It adds an extra field to the category editor that lets you change the title for that category and the product editor that lets you set the title for that product. There’s no way currently to change all products in one category, you can only set a title format for all products on the site, and override them individually.

Hope this helps.


Setup not done. What am I going to do. We use Turkish OpenCart. There is no file Manual installation

Hellio, I just bought the plugin. When I moved the files to the ftp and follow the install documentation I cannot see the plugin installed. Please help asap!!

I have a new opencart install version.

Hi creativeshops,

You’ll have to contact Envato.



HI Ben, can’t you update the plugin??



Hi creativeshops,

I’m working on an updated version, no ETA yet, but it will be a free download for you when it’s ready, make sure you’ve checked the notify checkbox in your downloads list so you’ll get an email when it’s released.



dude, where’s the 2.0 update?

is it working now .. i mean this 2017