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which setting is best, the longest url or the shortest.?

Personal preference. I prefer the longer URLs as they convey more information. Some people the shorter.


The extensions semes to work on all pages except the front page. Its only the front page that get stuck in a 301 loop.

I have tried to remove all other vqmods, clear vqmods and browser cache. But problem is still there.

I have also looked in the error logs and nothing to see there eighter.

Have anybody experienced this error?

Hi, i have OC 2.3x the installation is only in vqmod? or you have in modules? best regards


Yes it’s vqmod only.



Greetings Ben, I discovered your SEO de-duplicator, and hoping to know:

  1. Bear with me – I am tech newB # using Opencart 2.3.x and Journal2 theme #
  • Does this work with already existing SEO, or can it also generate for blank or missing SEO info?
  • Homepage, Products, Categories, Subcategories – will it report duplicate, and then allow to set the Canonical, and the 301 Redirect?

*How does this then update to the OC generated Google Sitemap?

  • I noticed that you no longer offer the Canonical plugin? Is it no longer needed? or does the de-duplicator do the job?

Thank you for answers, and suggestions.

Hi nordiczen,

1. It requires your SEO keywords fields to already be entered, it won’t replace missing data. 2. It will set a canonical URL based on your SEO keywords, opencart will pass the canonical tag of those pages 3. OC 2.3 does the canonical tags by default, so it was no longer needed. OC 2.3 doesn’t deduplicate URLs, so the deduplicator is still necessary

Thanks Ben


doom4 Purchased

Just bought, files include on v1.5 2 till v2.2, where is the file for ocv2.3.0.2, I am using complete SEO package, can you check what how it can work with that.

Thanks for purchasing. The 2.2 files also work with 2.3


I noticed that when the de-duplicator is set to it creates an issue with the Top breadcrumbs. There are two Home in the top. Please see attached image.

PHP Notice: Undefined index: host in …/httpdocs/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_library_pagination.php on line 45

45: $pageless_url=$cparse_url[‘scheme’].’://’.$cparse_url[‘host’].$cparse_url[‘path’].$querystr;

Thanks for purchasing. I’m having trouble duplicating this. Can you click my name and send me a direct message with your opencart version?



I sent you a message


xksefa Purchased

Hi, Waiting for compatible release for Opencart 3. Thanks.

It’s in the works. No ETA yet. I’ll update the product description and send out a notification when it is.




slewman Purchased

Hey Ben. I hope your going well. I’ve bought a couple of licenses fro myou in the past for the journal theme and all going well.

Ive got a client wanting to use the “Shopme” theme & opencart 2.3.x. Have you had any reports of conflicts with this setup?

Cheers mate.

Hi Slewman,

It does work with 2.3.x. I haven’t heard any positive or negative reports regarding that theme. You’re welcome to report back here your findings.

Hi I bought this a while ago and it works great, any plans for releasing a version for OC3? I wouldn’t mind buying separate license…its that good

Is this compatible with Opencart 3 yet?


I have some questions, please:

- Does it support non SEO URLs e.g:login, cart ...etc?
- Does it support v3.0.2.0?

Thank you.

Any plans to update this to OC3?


fikoc Purchased

is there update version for 3.0 + ??? i am using in for many years but need to upgrade opencart.

It seems to work great in our online fashion store