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hey friend…am in a hurry to buy your item….......if i can install it to run directly on my local wamp server…..and integrate it into my website?

hey man i bought it now…and i cant install it…shitt

Hi, Please send me mail through my profile page. I will install the module for you.

u said html files are included…and there are no html files inside..

i need to have something like what u have on your LIVE VIEW …thats what i need man

i have sent the email to your profile…so whats next??? u thought i did not buy before contacting you???

pls get back

First of all, i can clearly see that you have bought my module on this comments section. Secondly, i asked you to send me email so that i can reply back to you through email and provide more detailed instructions. Earlier i didn’t thought that i should reply back to this comment as its not required but after the way you kept on blaming me and on your side did’t tried to cooperate or provide any info or details regarding problem i thought i should reply back. How am i supposed to resolve a problem when i don’t have any details about the problem.

soooooooooooooooooooooooo???? u have ripped me now? i will report u

First of all you don’t reply to my emails. Then you don’t provide any info regarding your problem and when i asked you to send me a link to the page where you have installed the module so i can check the problem, you also didn’t do that. And when i sent you mail requesting your store details so i can install the module you didn’t reply to that also. And now you comment that i ripped you, what does that mean.

man u have not sent me any email…..i cant send u a link cos i am installing on a localhost…...just send me instructions or any other files i need so i can do it myself

bro….is it possible for it to be installed on a localhost?....i have not used ur stuff since i paid for it

Yes the module can be installed on localhost.

can u send me the instructions, steps for me to install it on my wamp?

This module replaces the current shopping cart..

The module does not replace the default inbuilt shopping cart. Are you also using some other module for customizing the shopping cart. Also please ensure you have correctly followed the installation steps. If you need any assistance then send me details through my profile page.