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It looks amazing, very useful. Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you.

Thank you for purchase. Here you find tutorial for remove Ex Tax line

Hi, I’m really interested. Does this work on Wordpress? Please let me know. Thank you.

Sorry only OpenCart.

Thank you for your reply!

excellent. Works as expected. Very nice layout. Congrats!

can see it on

Thank you for purchase. Here you find support for this extension

strong>Slow and buggy extension. I’ve installed it on my website and it was crashing the site every time I was clicking the link of Generate PDF until I installed the php_mbstring.dll on my server. I think this must be stated on the documentation of the product. Now after I click the link on the product page, I need to wait minimum of 3 minutes until the PDF is opening, which sounds ridiculously long time frame for such easy task. When PDF is finally open, none of the images is appearing on the generated PDF, only X [failed] signs instead of them. 100% disappointment so far…

I am very sorry that you are disappointed. Module use mpdf library – this is external php class. Please look and discuss this issue with developers OEM hosting providers do not have this issue at all. Everything works fine and very fast. it must be some issue or just wrong settings at your own server. Or you simple can refund with Envato support.


I’ve just purchased and installed this extension but this doesn’t work for me. Can you please help solving the problem ?

yeah it is something wrong. Link must be like

your customization at system SEO URL must destroy Product PDF module.

In Contact section – please send me FTP access and access into opencart administration. Thanks

Data sent

could be possible to get pdf from an entire category?

sorry, not in this plugin

Hello, i bought the module, all perfect but… i testing in explorer 11 or Chrome last version and show a message ERROR. Can you help me?


Which version of OpenCart you use? This is not error in browser, but in site. Maybe too much customization and vqmod do not do right job.

I can not see version number

make sure if you no not using Mijo or another ecommerce based on OpenCart.

My module is OpenCart only.

Last thing. Make sure if are not error in vqmod log or error_log.

Can you send me FTP access if you do not find anything?

Contact me in my profile.

Hi, just purchased. Works great for english but when I switch to spanish Error code: ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED. You can see it at . No errors show in VQmod. Could you help please. I can send access to server and admin with reply. Thanks

it is error after install this extension? Try

Maybe different language folder name, can you send me FTP in my profile page from contact form? Thanks

Compression level set to 4 under server settings. Set it to zero problem solved. Great ext. well worth the money. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to create a pdf for a product. Thanks!!!!

I am glad that the issue is resolved. Enjoy the module and thank you very much for sharing.

Hi this is a great extension – but I need to adjust it slightly.

• Product page – the “Generate PDF” link for some reason is being included twice • Price on the PDF shows in dollars (whereas my page is in GBP) • Logo – I need to use a dark version of the company logo on the pdf – not the reversed out one my shop uses (on a dark background) – can I set it to use an alternative logo for the PDF…

Please advise..

send me PM with FTP access and informations,

Please let me know. How to display Chinese in PDF file.

you have any issue with chinese symbols? Send me PM from my profile with url your store. I try help you. pls tell me. your email address.

I would like to know if this has a console panel my clients can add/remove products on their own?

If there is a control panel may I see how it works.

Thank You Michal Tuzinkiewicz

This module do PDF sheet from your products. Use image, description, price and attributes and generate easy PDF document. no console panel.

add and remove products is job in opencart. This show you product sheet with chosen product

do you have a version for opencart 2?

I do not have version for OpenCart 2. Sorry

Can you contact me @ thanks..

write your message from my profile

Does it not include options prices? I bought this and the options and prices are not shown in the pdf.

yes, option prices are not supported, only general product price

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales

Thanks for not purchasing the item

Do you have a Woocommerce version, or are you planning to soon ?

Sorry, I do not.

Opencart 2.3 ?

Sorry, not planned, only as described- OC 1.5.6x

Hi there,

I have installed the OpenCart Product PDF. I can not get it work.

My OpenCart version is I use Shoppica 2 CP theme I have copied pdf.tpl to /catalog/view/theme/shoppica2/template/product folder

I have cleared VQMod Cache.

There is no Generate PDF link on the product page when I use Shoppic2 theme.

I tried to use the Default them. The Generate PDF link does appear. However, there are no images. Attributes are not all displayed on the PDF.

Is it possible: - to have the PDF open in a new TAB (leave the current page open)? - User can control the PDF contents?

Thanks in advance

Here is the url of a product page:

Hello, when is no generate button then open vqmod and copy first file code for displaying it. Delete it from vqmod and open /catalog/view/theme/shoppica2/template/product/product.tpl find place where you want display link and place code

<a href="<?php echo $print_pdf; ?>" class="btnPrint" title="PDF generate"><?php echo $text_product_pdf; ?></a><br />

for opening in new tab add in code target="_blank"

PDF content is generated from product – name, price, photos, description. If it is not same than is some error in it.

Or send me your FTP in PM. I will place the codes in your theme.