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Your demo site is down :(

Its up now


My store is located at http://gearninja.co.uk – will your product feed generate the seo urls as per my site (http://gearninja.co.uk/PC/games/Far-Cry-4-Uplay-CD-Key) or will it use the format in your demo site (http://demo.buy-extensions.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=42)

Thanks Ian

I have a site for India and I want Feed for US and UK, is that possible with this one?

Yes, it is possible. But you need to have Currency in USD and GBP on site.

So I have will have a default feed for India, then 2 feeds for US & UK as long as I have currency USD and GBP on the site?

No, the extension have feed for US or Default Country/Currency, AUS and UK. So the other 2 will be for Australia and UK. You have to add/update any other currency than USD, AUD, GBP. I can provide Paid Support to configure extension as per your site.

Hi we need xml feed like this :


when i try to check via their validator its write this errors :

-:2: element rss: Relax-NG validity error : Expecting element SERVER, got rss - fails to validate

if you can fix it we will buy your module :) thanks alot

Hi, This is not my feed and module. Do you want to create feed like this in Opencart?

Hi yes we need feed like this in our opencart store like example ill posted an upper you can do that? Thanks

Yes I can create XML feed like example link, but from where we get Cities, Contacts, Contact Info and other values?

Hi i found another completed feed


He got cities for whole Czech republic (its our country Czech republic) and other is like the example.

They dont reccomend Contact feed but Reccomend city feed : <CITIES><CITY>celá ?r</CITY></CITIES> (that mean whole country shipping or something like that ) thanks alot

Btw Contact feed is feed to shop owner information only but they not reccomended :)

Is it Munip OZ?

What is Munip OZ ?

ok, give me your email id, so we can discuss there.

Sorry founded another programator for 200 euro thanks and bb

Ok, thanks. I would do that in less.

Hi, Can you tell me if this works on Opencart 1.5.6 using mysqli instead of mysql? Had an issue with another plugin which didn’t support mysqli

It will work with mysql and mysqli both

Hi, so this extension generate feed and then I have to upload at google shop right? does this generate feeds for all our inventory or just one product? and i am using Journal opencart theme…is your extension work with that?

Hi, there will be a feed link which u just have to submit under Google shopping. It generates all products, but not like 2K, 10K products. So I recommend max 1000 products. It also not include Product Options or Attributes.

It will work with any theme, bcoz its admin module. Doesnt require any theme.

Hey, well i have around 100-200 products…but i have apparel which has different sizing attributes…here is my website www.flexnflex.com you can see each items has 4-5 different sizing…so how we gonna use with google shopping?

Sorry, but for apparels it wont work. Bcoz it will not generate variations which is required for apparels.

Hi! Google shopping feed not work right in my site http://artsvet-m.ru/index.php?route=feed/google_base

How I can fix it? And I want to select some categories for adding in Google feed, I don’t want adding all categories. How I can doing it?

Hi, currently there is no option to filter categories from the feed. You have to do it by modifying the code of feed file.

Hi! Ok? but Google shopping feed not work right in my site http://artsvet-m.ru/index.php?route=feed/google_base. Follow this link and you will see it. How I can fix it?

Ok I will check and let you know.

Hi, I’m using OpenCart Will your google shopping feed work with that version of opencart? Also, I’m using OverRide engine.

If yes to both, I’ll buy today.


Hi, I am not sure about OverRide engine and I am not familiar with it. You can buy updated version from here: https://goo.gl/EAmii9

will it also upload images and all the variance and option in google merchant account

No, product option variations not supported currently.