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Hello, Im very interested in this but would like to make some modifications to how the gallery page looks and what is shown. Is this something you can do for us?

Hi, yes i’ll modify it for you. Please provide or express your ideas in your comment or via email:

Thanks Best Regards

In the past month I have sent you 6-7 different messages regarding what customization we would like. you have not responded to any of them. :(

hi, is it responsive? thx

Hi venturenet I will update with responsive in the next version

Thanks Best Regards

Hi, I am interested in buying the plugin but before I ask if I can add a link on the menu that I derive the albums. Thank you very much.

Hi Matiax

You can get album link and add yourself to the menu by edit header.tpl . I can help you or guide you to do it.

Thanks Best Regards

Hello, recently I made the purchase. I’ll try and notice if you need help. Thank you very much.

Hi, the album gallery is displayed correctly but whe I click on album it says Webpage not found Thank you!

Hi please provide your site url via email : . I need to check it to help you fix the issues. Thanks

I went through the demo admin and couldn’t find anywhere to specify where the gallery is displayed. Is there such a setting somewhere? I specifically need to display mine in the body of the category.. NOT the product so for me this is kind of an important thing,

Hi, just go to admin>extension>module>[Opencart Gallery] Album Module or [Opencart Gallery] Video Module to check out it. Thanks

Will this work with the journal2 theme?

Yes, all of themes you want. If you have any problem with your theme, please request support via email : and i’ll help you fix it. Thanks

Hi – i’ve just purchased this plugin and created a gallery – how do i view my gallery? whats the link

Also how do i include a list of gallerys on a single page that i have created?


The link of gallery album : yoursiteurl/index.php?route=gallery/album The link of gallery video : yoursiteurl/index.php?route=gallery/video

Thanks Best Regards

Is there a Multi-Upload Feature, or even a Drag & Drop Upload Feature with this gallery? My galleries would have many images, and I’m looking for something that doesn’t involve uploading them one at a time.


hi, good work!! i buyed this but i can´t see the gallery, i know is that “yoursiteurl/index.php?route=gallery/album” , i have SEO url´s but i don´t see nothing if i put: yoursiteurl/index.php?route=gallery-1 (<-—the name of the gallery), and if i put this :yoursiteurl/index.php?route=gallery-1/principal (<—the name of album), nothing, i have the version, can you help me?

ok i see how works it, but i need to do a different gallery/album for each product, like a examples, how i do it?

ok!!!! :D i found it!!! thanks!!!!

thank you :)

Sent you a email and I have yet to get a response

Do you think it will work with opencart version i am thinking to update my store ? Thanks.

Hi there I have a prepurchase question: I have some information page in my website and I want to add an image gallery for each one. Does this plugin able to do this?

need select all to this module, in file /admin/view/template/common/filemanager.tpl add code <button type=”button” data-toggle=”tooltip” title=”sellect all” onclick=”$(‘input[type=checkbox]’, ’.modal-body’).attr(‘checked’,’checked’)” id=”button-sellect-all” class=”btn btn-default”></button>

i am facing this error – Notice: Error: Unknown column ‘group’ in ‘field list’ Error No: 1054 after activate the module

vqmod is already installed but seo url’s not working for opencart-gallery. please assist me ..

Hi, for your deals product i have sending support mails. I’m not getting any kind of replies? Need reply ASAP. Or refund the money.

Don’t buy this product or from this company, not a single support answered, where as developer is active in social media. Disappointed.


Please some one come and reply to my question which i have sent yesterday. Thanks

hi, its works for version? i update my opencart and i need it…..