Discussion on OpenCart Ebay Importer

Discussion on OpenCart Ebay Importer

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Will you install and rebrand for me?

Hi, will you update this plugin ?

Also does it work with Opencart 3.x ?

For now it is not planned an update, as there are too many dependencies to be taken into considerations. Sorry.

does it work with Opencart 3.x ?

No, sorry.

Does this auto update product stock? and do you plan to make this support v3?

Hello, the update is one time process, it is not keeping updates. v3 was under way, but I postponed it. Maybe will be released next month.

Hello I was about to buy your LiveSmart Video Chat.. but suddenly I see removed no more available.. is it a dead project now?

LiveSmart is back on.

Hello I am in process of promoting my ebay listings on my own website. I am looking for a reliable way to export all my ebay Motors listings to my site along with the compatibility feature aswell. I have seen many of the 3rd party extensions that helps in transferring the ebay listings to website. But most important thing for me is to get the compatibility also. I am open to accept any framework to be used to get this listing along with compatibility.


If the author doesn’t fix this, you can use a work around for now which can help somewhat. You can enter ebay keywords if some of your listings have a common prefix or share some text. Under ebay filter name field enter Seller and filter value field enter your seller name. This will grab everything in your store that matches what you input in the ebay keyword field.

Hi! I just bought the extension and install it to my new OC(Version

However, nothing happen when I try to Import from Ebay. I click “Categories Management” -> enter the url -> click “get from ebay”

Could you help?

Importing from an ebay store no longer seems to work. Has something changed with the ebay API perhaps?

Does this extension make it possible to import orders from Ebay, or just products? Thanks.

Nicky75 hello, I want to buy this addon, just one question, do you know that many addon required one month price for using it .. this import module anything now ebay -> OpenCart no more money?

As discussed via Skype, the module is free for updates after the purchase.


I have downloaded the module and just trying to use it and I keep getting this message come up and wont let me get any ebay products. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/honeysdr/public_html/admin/model/ndebay/ebay.php on line 163Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/honeysdr/public_html/admin/index.php:85) in /home/honeysdr/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 28Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/honeysdr/public_html/admin/index.php:85) in /home/honeysdr/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 29

Hello, thank you for purchasing the plugin. Can you contact me on skype, so I can provide full support?

Please reach me via skype nickolaihadji or from the support form.

Hi there can I just connect to my eBay shop and import all my items to open cart?

Hello. Yes you can input your Ebay store URL in the Ebay URL in the Categories section and then click on Get from Ebay.

Brilliant plug in and 100% support with any problems thanks for all your help


Hello, To stop save image to my host I need to make changes in the core files – product.php where you need to remove the check of file existence as you recommend in last email . Please explain in Read me file how can I found product.php & make changes in the core files – product.php because here is how image looks like in my opencart Thank you so much

Hello, as discussed, the plugin is updated with support of remote images.

Hi, are there any plans to import orders from Ebay to WooCommerce?

Hello, for now the plugin is only for OC.

Can I import from ebay Store category and not from ebay category?

Hello, as discussed in the email, for now the plugin is not supporting import of custom Ebay store categories.

Hi, 1) 2 months back I made query if your plugin importing custom ebay store categories? Is it now? 2) where would all the images store on my site? is it in a single folder or different individual folder for each listing?

1. For now this is not supported. 2. You have 2 options. The default is to store on your server at image/data/ndebay . The other option is to use Ebay URLs , but this is only supported for 1.5.x OC.

Hi Please tell me that this module will work with OC ;atest version and also tell me that will customer/visitor be able to checkout on the opencart store?

Also tell me the module thet you have the module for amazon, I want to do this for a client. :)

I need both integration.

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Yes, the plugin is available for OC 2 – please check in the description for the supported versions. I do not have plugin importer for amazon for now but I plan setting up.

can I Import all ebay categories to use in my store

This is quite an ambitious task. You can start with the categories 1 by 1. For example the first one from the Ebay category list is You have to add about 12000 products. Then the next category and so on. Please have in mind when you merge the products to your store (this is after the import, read in the documentation), that all the images from the Ebay will be stored in you web site. In order not to do this you can go and uncheck “Save a local image copy?” in general settings.

Have Just One Small Question…. Not Mentioned In Description…

Is This Extension Able To Import All eBay Item From Any Particular Store. Like I Have One Store With 20000+ Products, Is It Possible To Import From Only This One…. ?


Yes, you can try to import them, this is a matter of time. Try at the demo page, with the store name, i.e. if you are satisfied with the importing speed. Have in mind that there will e a merge to the store after this.

still no v.2 version?

Hello, version for Opencart v.2.0.x is now available.


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