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Can you tell me if this takes the % discount on the product base price only. Or if it takes the % discount on the options that affect the price as well.

Sorry for late reply discount module is based on subtotal price and you can set subtotal range from admin and also you can do this for any specific product or all product knock me if you need more my email address thanks..

hello, this module can do % discount by manufacturer ?
thank you

Dear sir no its only work for with any specific product or all product with multiple condition based on start date and end date thanks…


How to either a fixed amount example: from 300$ a 20$ discount is given


dear sir into admin there is above system like you can give discount if the price is 300$ then u can give discount 6.5% then it will be calculate and make discount please check thanks…

Hi there

Can this be applied to a group, such as Dealer, Retail etc?


No Sir its only for Apply for product thanks…

I’m having an issue in that when I set up a discount for a product, the discount is added to the product! Not subtracted!

Can this please be investigated.

I’m using Opencart v


Horse ? Very strange you have no Judgement who is man and who is horse ? be cool thanks ….

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Thanks for the refund.

If you fix all the bugs, and make it production ready, this could be a decent little plugin.

Best of luck.

1. Are any core opencart files modified with this plugin or is it 100% vqmod compatible. 2. Will you be releasing any update. I see this is quite old. 3. Have the above bugs been fixed?

100% VQMOD compatible and no problem it has, its alright thanks :)

Hi, I have interest to buy. but I have question of sample case like this: What if I want to give 20% discount to customer who reach buying any products $200 up to $300, then I want to give 30% from $300 to $400 and so forth. Can this extension handle that?

Hi I have bought your extension, but suddenly I cannot access my admin page. what could be wrong?

Hi, finally I extract again the file and all fixed. But after I try your module, I get bug Issue like this: If I add the products which is not choosed as a discount products to the basket together with discount products, the non discount product is counted too in subtotal all together. How to fix this? Thanks

send me admin access with ftp information i am checking whats problem there thanks :)

Hi, On the product page, the main price over scratches, and next to impossible to write the discounted price? Can you help with this please?

%35 wrong calculation. Can you fix it?

not understand clearly thanks :)

ok sorry my english not good =) sample: 1 product = 10$. this normal price. used the discount this 1 product 50% = 5$

on the 1 product page orjinal price 10$ and the right side 50% discount prince 5$ . can you write the 2 price?

before 10$, after 5$ see on the product page. 10$

Please answer me about this plugin. I also purchase by giving money (not for free). and you gave me old code which is not working.

From past 2 days asking you for latest code.

dear sir what is this please kindly contact with me then i will give you my skype address becz i want to discuss with u whats going on thanks :)

Hi support I’ve had send you email to ask help for some bug issue. Please check, Thanks

i checked and sent you reply thanks :)


Can you update for opencart version

if yes then let me know

regards PRakash

we will do that soon :)

demo not work?

You need it for which version ? it will work no problem :)