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Wow amazing plugin! :)

is it comptible with opencart

yes, for all opencart 1.5.x . Thanks

You have an error in upload/vqmod/xml/vqmod_opencart_blog.xml

Line 47:

Incorrect (actual): <?php echo $po_cms_setting; ?>

Correct: <?php echo $opencart_blog_setting; ?>

Regards ;)

oh yes, thanks. I’ll fix & update it.

Jeje, other little error:

In the same file in lines 61, 62, 65

You have this variables: “news_id” and “news_category_id”

And the correct is this: “blog_id” and “blog_category_id”

With this work fine the SEO URL ;)

i have just fixed all, thanks for your reporting. :D

Hi, can I ask about responsive feature? Thank you

yes,this plugin will be updated with responsive feature in opencart 2.0 version.


Will this work with ANY OpenCart theme?

or do I need to make adjustments (designs/template) in order to make it work with my current OC theme?


Hi It works with all themes, if you have any issues with your theme i will fix it for you. Thanks

Mine doesn’t work and I have been waiting for a response from the developer for a week after 4 emails. No reply. i guess I will have to look for another solution.


I have fixed your issues, please check out again. Thanks

When will it be updated for 2.0?

Hello, Why I get this error message when I want to add new article ?

And why I got two setting on my modules The first one works but get error message when I want to insert new article as I said. But the second one have another error message .

Can you fix all of that?

When i go to my blog post, it just loads my home page. I get these errors when trying to load a catagory. I have VQmod and i have enabled all permissions

otice: Undefined variable: categories in /home/pawesome/public_html/catalog/view/theme/oxy/template/blog/category.tpl on line 11Notice: Undefined variable: catDescription in /home/pawesome/public_html/catalog/view/theme/oxy/template/blog/category.tpl on line 11 Notice: Undefined variable: blogHomeDesc in /home/pawesome/public_html/catalog/view/theme/oxy/template/blog/category.tpl on line 29 Notice: Undefined variable: articles in /home/pawesome/public_html/catalog/view/theme/oxy/template/blog/category.tpl on line 32

Hi, could you please contact me via email : I can not find your email to support you to fix the issues.

my responsive opencart template is for 1.5.6 version, does it support responsive for 1.5.6 V?

also, where to manage blog author? I can’t find it in admin.

Can I get a reply please?

Don’t buy this product or from this company, not a single support answered, where as developer is active in social media. Disappointed.

is it comptible with opencart 2x?