OpenCart Better Image Manager

OpenCart Better Image Manager

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OpenCart is one of the best free ecommerce solutions out there. However its image manager is not one of its strong points. If you run or maintain an OpenCart site of any size, you’ve probably noticed that OpenCart’s default image browser is an epic disaster. The simplest tasks take a multitude of clicks, repeated steps, and frustration:

You click Add Image, then click Browse, then expand the directories, then find the right one, then click upload, select the image, then click OK, then select it again, then click Add Image to add the second image, then click Browse, then expand the directories, then find …. On and on!

Your time is too valuable to waste through inefficient image uploading! Get the OpenCart Better Image Manager today.

OpenCart Better Image Manager replaces the cumbersome OpenCart Image Manager with the sleek and easy to use KCFinder browser. You’ll instantly notice the difference:

- The image manager pops up as soon as you click Add Image, no need to also click the Browse link
- Select MULTIPLE files! (or drag/drop) No more one single file at a time.
- When selecting multiple files, new product image rows are created AUTOMATICALLY
- It remembers the last directory you used, no need to find the directory again each time you use it
- Smoother, friendlier interface
- Cuts time it takes to upload and select images by 70% or more!

OpenCart Better Image Manager makes your image management faster and easier than ever.


- Works throughout most areas of the admin: products, categories, banners, product options, manufacturer logos
- Automatically resizes down very large images, no more manually resizing large images!
- Create folders, change filenames, move images
- Full drag/drop support
- Full size image preview
- Secure: Can only be accessed when logged in through admin interface

Video Comparison

Compare OpenCart’s default image browser to the OpenCart Better Image Browser plugin in the simple task of uploading four images to a product. To watch click the “Video Preview” button at the top of this page.


  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • OpenCart 1.5.x
  • vqMod (free download, installation instructions included)
  • GD, ImageMagick, or GraphicsMagick (99% of hosts provide this)
  • If you use Internet Explorer to access your admin, IE 9+ is required
Due to the very low price of this script, no support is included. The manual does include a detailed troubleshooting section to help you debug most common problems. The script works and is tested with most common configurations. Rare server, plugin, or theme configurations may require custom modification or troubleshooting for the script to work.

Release History


  • Upgraded to latest version of KCFinder


  • Adding an image in the Products / Images tab will automatically populate the preview image in the data tab if it’s blank
  • Added automatic update notifier


  • Fixed a bug that could allow images uploaded to certain directory names to not appear.


  • Better handling of image files with illegal characters in filenames


  • Initial release