Opencart Advanced Deal of the Day

Opencart Advanced Deal of the Day

Opencart Advanced Deal of the Day v.1.0

This extension allow shop owner to add product deals on their website for certain time. Each deal will show countdown timer. It will also display Current, Expired and Upcoming deals.

Main Features:

  • Separate page with all current, upcoming and expired deals
  • Display stock status – yes/no
  • Display deal if quantity=0 – yes/no
  • 4. display deal on top as featured (checkbox – yes/no)
  • Language pack for timer
  • Slightly changed design of the deal box
  • Dimensions (width/height) for current, upcoming and expired deals)
  • Display No. of Items Bought

UPCOMING DEALS – timer counts down the time to the start date/time of the deal. It also displays a message when the deal will start (date and time). When deal is activated, the message “Deal is activated” is displayed.

EXPIRED DEALS – it displays a list with expired/missed deals. You can remove them through the administration section.

Link to a separate page with all deals (if you want to put these links somewhere on your template):

Live DEMO:

Admin Demo:
user: demo
pass: demo

Available Settings

  • As much deals as you need
  • START DATE + TIME, END DATE + TIME, time in format hh:mm, 24hour
  • You can set SPECIAL DEAL PRICE – when deal starts special price is displayed, when expires special price is deleted
  • You can show a different deals every minute/hour/day without having to edit it every minute/hour or daily
  • You can upload a different image for each deal
  • You have an option if ‘LAYOUT = PRODUCT’ – display WHOLE DEAL BOX or just TIME REMAINING above the product price
  • You can limit characters for the product description
  • Deal is automatically deleted when expire – deal disappears and special price is deleted (instead normal price is shown)
  • Sort order
  • Module works also for customer groups
  • Layout – you can specify different position for the different layout
  • Easily set up your UTC timezone – required for the module to work correctly