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thats a nice extension , good luck with sales ! :) , but can you let me know what i can use it for ?!

can i view a demo?

You can view the demo by clicking on live preview.

Hi Jack, Just bought this. Using sellegance theme with Tried reverting back to default template and still cant see it working. Thanks

Can you send me the link where you have installed the module so i can look whats the problem. Can you tell if there is some problem with functioning then what is it or is it not working at all on your site.

I hope now your problem is solved.

Hi Jack, Thanks for your replys. Sorry for not updating you sooner but yes I am still having the issue. It is just not actually showing the radio selection.

The site is at test location: http://www.digitaleye.net.au/work/salondirect/


Hi i have updated the version. Download the new version and try.

Hello, will this work in ?


I bought the module, but I was wrong and had not seen that does not support the version 1.5.6. It can work with my version and I have thrown the money?


very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales

Is this to add an online shop user?