Reviews for OpenAI Davinci - AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

Reviews for OpenAI Davinci - AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

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for Bugs

I have looked at the reviews for other scripts offered by this developer and now better understand my mistake. The scripts are only half-finished. I have opened a request with Envato because there is clearly a problem. The scripts are not completed, and when you point this out to him, he says he will not make the modifications—unless I give 5 stars. I have been a member here for 11 years, I have purchased more than 500 items on Envato, and I have never seen so much bad faith. So the developer can say that I am mean, that I am in bad faith... I invite you to look at all his other developments; the reviews speak for themselves.

The author claims that I am asking for modifications. This is not the case. If you purchase this script, I invite you to verify my statements: You can disable features, however, the user will still see the features on their page (image, Voice over...) and will also have an active counter on these supposedly disabled features. Moreover, in the pricing tool, there will still be a reference to the disabled features... so professional? The author will write that I am blackmailing, but if I am wrong, why not say that I am telling lies? This is not the case... I am not talking about adding features; I am talking about a BUG that the author refuses to correct.
I am not asking for free support; I have paid for it. I am not asking for customization, but simply for things to be completed.
Isn't it normal to ask for a finished product? The author tells me the script is not expensive, but I am not the one setting the purchase price.

I think we need to pause and be realistic, perhaps overwhelmed by the requests. But if I ask you why, when I disable an option (image or VoiceOver), it still appears in the purchase options and is considered a customization request... you can answer however you like, just answer the question...

Author response

You bought the script 6 months ago, used it fully till now without any problems or a single complaint, opened support cases which we cleared, all feature in the side menu are disabled correctly and disabled anything extra is your personal preference, currency is located exactly where it should and not as YOU personally want to, and today when we declined your request of feature implementation, you suddenly left us a 1 star review with a message saying that you will reconsider if feature will be implemented, something that you personally want to see.

That kind of blackmailing will not work with us. We already have one around here trying to get a free support for his bad attitude. We are surprised that one can be so arrogant, it only shows how hypocrite you are after using our help via support, saying thank you for all updates and acting in bad faith in the end when your support is about to be expired. If want to see a feature added, there is an entire feature request list that we added to our customer:, use that, don't try to blackmail us via your reviews, it simply doesn't work with us. We are not playing games here and we are busy with developments, and we don't have time to deal with your constant review changes every hour or so...

for Feature Availability

Great script, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, team!

for Code Quality

Great product, incorporating the many potential uses of AI for content development.

Many vendors can be combined in this product, such as ChatGPT, Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, payment gateways that are specific to each country.

easy installation process, and more detailed support via ticket support.

for Feature Availability

OpenAI Davinci is just an amazing tool. It's simply fabulous and hats of the coders for making such an amazing fab. This is one of the best tools I've seen. Only the homepage design needs to be improved and the logo part which we need to upload. The application should have a feature to accept a square logo. Lastly the homepage should be designed for high SEO optimisation. The developer/conceptualisers have done a wonderful job and created a robust tool.

for Customer Support

Excellent script and excellent customer support

for Design Quality

It's a great tool that deserves a 5 star rating, it's quite easy to install even for non-geeks (if you bother to read the documentation). There are regular updates with new features. And importantly, the support is there in case of problems. Frankly, it's rare to find such a great script with such a responsive team. So ... 5 stars for a script that is only evolving!

for Other

começando novamente após bugs da versão antiga , instalando a nova versão do zero para ter certeza que não vai ter auto update


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