Discussion on OpenAI Davinci - AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

Discussion on OpenAI Davinci - AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

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Does your “User Activity Monitoring” features in admin is really working or not? i cant see any user activity info, only can see admin monitoring information. How is it work actually.?

In your live demo i can see all users activity info, butin my SAAS i cant see any user activity monitoring. only can see admin info

I am still waiting on version 2.8 which is supposed to be released last month, to (1) fix the ChatBot AI and Templates losing text after being outputted or refreshed, AND (2) the Stripe payments for the pre-paid plans not working. Please deal with these important foundational issues BEFORE you add other features.


I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to let you know that I have an open ticket that’s been active since last month, and I currently have 12 days of support remaining. I’m reaching out because I’m in urgent need of assistance – all of the AI tools are not functioning as expected. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


I am getting this error on my website. It was working well but all of a sudden this one is popping out.

Via davinci setting page

Fixed these issues but when I change the App Name from Davinci to that of mine’s, the website is not opening.

Open a support ticket with further details

My shared hosting does not support php.ini, will the script work for me? if I put php_value output_buffering = On php_value output_buffering 4096 does .htacess work?

Tell me that it doesn’t work on shared hosting and stop wasting my time here chasing questions about my doubts and save yourself the time of answering too!

Where do you think the demo of the script is hosted? :)

Buy the script if you want, and it will work, no need to waste our time with pirate copies.

vps. quero sim que ele funcione, tenho muitas duvidas, em relação a obtenção de api e fazer com que ele funcione

Hello please why when I generate in any templates I get this message as I try all solutions we try also to subscribe but this message still this You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. Please help me fast because we promote our website

for all those who have problems setting the script: all features work perfectly. I followed the steps in the documentation and everything is Ok. Read carefully and try to understand how the configuration must be done, it’s useless to keep asking questions for which the answers are in the documentation. We want to update as soon as possible, but we forget that the answers to your questions also take time. I apologize, the intention is not to give lessons here,I’m only one of those people for whom this script works perfectly.. Thanks to the author.


Thanks for that, we spend too much time on cases where people simply don’t read docs as well, and then complain.


AkEn74 Purchased

dear buddies, you wrote in another comment that you are having problem with a payment gateway and for this we have to wait one more week for the update?! Many of us (most of us maybe) are ok with payment gateways… but we are waiting for AI Chat improvement like the water :) Please release the chat improvement now (that appears to be ready) and later you will release the payment gateway for the few ones that are awaiting for it O_o You can’t imagine how many projects we have paused because we need to see the 2.8 before to go on…. Could you at least update your demo, so that we can have an insight of what to expect?


Update will be released when it will be fully finished as everything is connected. Will come soon. There are plenty of people who are waiting for new payment gateways as well.

I put the openai api key in the script and added credits to the website. and then click the save button. is not working. loads but does not generate any text

I’m testing to see if there are errors, if there are no errors I’ll buy the script. so this is the crucial error that makes everything work. If I can’t solve it, I’ll have the same error in the code I’m about to buy. If you give me a solution and he will get it right. I will buy the script now. because yours is the best

We don’t provide support over comment section, you will need to open a support ticket here if you need help: – for that you will need a valid license key with a valid support

I don’t have an active license, does that mean I won’t be able to clear my doubts? Can you make an exception?

I want to clear a doubt here. without me crediting my openai account. they release me a key. And what about this key that I’m going to use? Can I take this same key that they generate and paste it into the script? So if I want to make it work, I can make a credit payment inside and I don’t need to change the key?

I have a doubt. Is the path to the openai API key here?


Can I use the script with just the openai key?

I don’t need the stable difusion key to run the script?

I log in to the open ai website. click view API. and put it in this path?

I bought $5 credit. Now do I just get a key and stick it on this path?

You don’t need to do anything for it to work?

I saw your documentation. but it doesn’t have enough information

You only need an openai api key for generating text.

I also want to know if, by chance, I am unable to register and get error 500. What would this error basically be in relation to?

Private Ticket #3479991 updated. Can I please get an ETA on resolution?


We are working on it currently, something is blocking email forwarding for you in your hosting, stay tuned.

Thank you-

duypn Purchased

After I changed the Thai language as the default language in the code line 89 as you instructed, it showed the SERVER ERROR error, not just leaving English as the default language and then the user switching the language. Thai language on frontends.

I sent the information via but 1 week passed with no response. My ticket 3458361.


Did you fix your thai json file as we explained you last time? You had around 10 errors in a single json file, and that is what we found, rest was up to you to check. If you replied to that ticket, we will get back to it soon.

Case closed. Your locale file was incorrect, you basically didn’t follow our past instructions and created code as TH instead of th like other languages there, en or es are all with small letters.


jzrcgzs Purchased

Hello, may I ask when the V2.8 version will be available?


Targeted for end of this week, new payment gateways taking up some time.

Hi, I am going to purchase it. But can i get All Payment gateways SAAS features in regular licence ?


Yes you can

i am facing two issues no 1 is I have one subscriber who subscribes to monthly package the subscription is renewed from PayPal but on my site, there is no record also users credit is not added 2nd problem is that my lifetime plan subscribers credit is not resetting every month


Make sure that all paypal events and webhook is setup correctly as sated in the docs. Make sure your cron job is configured correctly and working – yearly/lifetime credits are renewed via cron task.

I have checked cronjobs are fine and i was mention that issue in past in my ticket its not working can you please guide me Is there any way to check is my cron job working fine or not

You can check it with multiple options listed in the app/console/kernel.php file, all cron task commands are there. If you need further help, open a support ticket with further details to have a closer look:


Jackywest Purchased

Hi, I have one question, how a subscriber change his informations ? Example if he want to change his credit card number ?


For security reasons, script does not store any credit card info, user can change his credit card details directly in his payment gateway platform. Script charges based on the subscription id created during first payment and webhook notifications that it received for each payment.

Hi may you kindly respond to my ticket number #3463521 which is over a week now


Sorry, looks like we missed yours, it will be cleared soon

Thank you


nurikp Purchased


Some questions:

1) If we use custom front end page on the main domain and the software in the subdomain with menu buttons linked to signup and sign in pages of the tool (domainname/login and domainname/register), will affiliate feature still work?

2) If we customise any part of the tool, even add some features, will it be lost when the updates come to the software?

3) Any advice on how we can remove codes generated analytics when we disable AI code feature?



1 – should be, we haven’t tested that scenario from our side as it is not a common approach

2 – if it will be the same file that we edited then yes, refer to the docs – changelog before updating, there we post which files where changed

3 – it is removed in the upcoming v2.8 update.


nurikp Purchased


From the documentation, I thought that I could use AWS access keys for voiceover and text-to-speech. I followed the steps outlined in the documentation for AWS setup and generated access keys and s3 bucket name and configured bucket settings. However, when I go to voiceover or text-to-speech, nothing has changed there.

Also, I don’t even know if S3 storage works or not how can I test S3 storage too?



nurikp Purchased

I will set up default staorage and test. For text to speech, you may want to fix the following text in the AWS storage setup instructions page, it says: Under Admin -> Studio Management -> Voiceover Studio Settings and Transcribe Studio Settings (in case if you are using Speech to Text feature of AWS) -> AWS, include your Access and Secret Access Keys:


nurikp Purchased

Also, which one would you recommend as an expert in this field GCP or Azure? I need more natural and realistic voices.

Depends on your language, Azure usually has better quality. You can test both on our demo


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