Discussion on OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress – Helper

Discussion on OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress – Helper

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I have my candle set to gpt-3.5-turbo-16k and max bot response tokens of 16,385 but when I ask the bot a question, it will cut off half way at a certain point. Do you know what the cause of this is?

The Max Bot Response Tokens is set to the max as per the Open AI documentation but this issue still stays. The site isn’t publicly live yet and is still in development so no live link.

lovelysupport Author Team

You don’t need to set the maximum value for Max bot response tokens because you won’t be able to use your site’s prompt. For example, you can set up to 500 tokens for Max bot response tokens, this should be enough.

Please read more about how the Max tokens calculated

If the problem persists, please contact us via and provide your site access details so that we can look into the issue.


I tried setting 500 max tokens and that seems to have worked, it’s responding now and working much better so thank you for the help! Will let you know if I have any other issues.

Can the conversation be in Hebrew, and can we use it to send a voice message to the site manager?

I need a voice reader of the post that the button in the post, I need an accessibility plugin. I need voice search. I need to contact you leaving a voicemail.

I understood that you have 3 plugins that handle the issue:

I tested the accessibility plugin in blind mode, the virtual keyboard in English only, is it possible for the keyboard to be Hebrew/English. Does the voice reader read well in a language like Hebrew from right to left.

Do I need an API setup for a voice reader and is there any help with that? I need the interface for the surfer to be in Hebrew, the interface for me, the managing editor, can remain in English.

Hello! Sending voice messages is not provided in the Helper plugin. The voice messages feature is in the Contacter plugin

Please read the answer about the accessibility plugin here

Presales – How Can one change the welcome voice? From Female to Male and maybe nationality.

You can find the prompt field and other settings in the documentation

Do you have a non Wordpress Version of this Script. Thanks

The Helper non Wordpress version is not available.

Does it have an admin panel?, can you set subscription plans on it?

Hello! The plugin does not provide functionality for distributing it to your clients via subscription or other ways.


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Can a robot speak two different languages?

Hello! The AI bot can answer in the language in which the question was asked with davinci and gpt-3.5 models and appropriate Objective.

They are going to add the option to use the Assistants that you create in Openai.

Hello! Your comment is not very clear. Please specify if you have any questions.

Hello! I just bought this plugin but I can not make the button appear on the website. I configured all the settings correctly but still not showing. Can you help me?

I figured it out. it was Cloudflare causing the issue with the Rocketloader feature.

Hello! Thanks for letting us know the cause of the problem.

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I’m having trouble getting the plugin to answer in the language in which the question was asked. In the Objective field I wrote: “Answer, based on the site content, in the language in which the question was asked.” but, even if the questions are asked in English, the answers are always in the default language (Italian). How can I solve it?

Unfortunately, we cannot control how the functions of a particular model work. We use models provided by the API with certain capabilities. When testing, it seems that Davinci works better using different languages.

To get a link in the answer, try making a specific request like Give me a link to the product/page…

Giuan10 Purchased

Another question about language switching in the chatbot: it’s possible to implement this feature, perhaps compatible with WPML or something?

Hello! We will consider the possibility of adding the languages switcher feature in future updates.

is this life time use? or do i need to purchase gpt plus? to make this work???

The Chat GPT is free but using its API in products is paid. The amount that will be charged in your case is calculated on the API side (indicates in your account) and depends on various factors including the number of requests and text length used for training.


To work with OpenAI you need to copy your API key and paste it to the corresponding field of the plugin settings. You can get your key for free after registering with Open AI. All available plugin settings can be found here

hello – can i know why the bot only work for logged in user ( administrator ) , but no response if the user didnt logged in to wordpress ?

Hello! The plugin should work the same for all users. The only exception is if, when testing as an administrator, you receive an error in the chat about exceeding the Max tokens/Rate limits. Read more about this

If there are no errors on the administrator’s side but still issues for unregistered users, please contact us via and provide your site/staging copy admin access to consider the issue in more detail.

Hello, i activated the ai feature to your plugin, but i always get the answer: This model’s maximum context length is 4097 tokens, however you requested 10943 tokens (10443 in your prompt; 500 for the completion). Please reduce your prompt; or completion length.

I want that the bot give me some details about the site, so i added “post content”, “Post Types- Sites” and a pdf site. So if i ask now the bot some things about the site i always get the same answer, this model´s maximum …..

Can you please help

Hello! The problem is related to the large amount of your site content that you use for the AI bot, you need to reduce your posts/pages list in your Prompt settings . Please read more about limits and how to fix the issue

Is this fully GDPR compliant? Can you include a double opt-in feature to use submitted user data as leads for further marketing activities? Thanks

Hello! Yes, the Helper is GDPR compliant. We will consider adding the double opt-in feature in future updates, thanks.

Does this plugin only respond to pre-prepared questions, or does it answer all kinds of questions? Does it support the Persian language?

Hello! The AI bot can respond based on a specific text that you select/enter in the admin panel or use all available information like a ChatGPT. It depends on what Objective you specify in the AI bot settings.

The Helper plugin can be translated into different languages from the admin side. AI bot can answer the user in the language in which the question was posed. The Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text functions support the following languages Web Speech API is not supported Persian for now.

hello can i know if this plugins allow us to make it feel like normal chatgot conversation?

Your demo show structured convesation like the bot from old tech ( dislogflow ). Can it be free flow like chatgpt?

hi has this been fixed?

How to open the chatbox in full screen on Mobile Interface? currently it is floating on a small box, very difficult to have a proper conversation in such a small screen.. thanks

And this too?

Hello, the issue with font size has been solved in the last update(1.0.8). Select Mobile full size option in Chat Popup tab to make the chat full width on mobile.

Hi 1- Is it possible to display an information bubble? 2- Is it possible to create a question/answer list ? 3- Is it possible to make a conditional question display? 4- Can the user choose the language FR/EN, for example ? 5- Is it possible to hide the questions selected by the user and sent by the chatbot?

Exp: if there are 10 questions, the user selects one the chatbot sends them back then the chatbot returns Choose question but 9 questions only 10 -1 (first question) = 9 in a row


Hello! 1. Please specify what exactly you mean by information bubble. 2. Yes, you can see the FAQ block on our demo 3. No, the conditions are not provided. 4. The plugin can be translated into different languages from the admin side. AI bot can answer the user in the language in which the question was posed. The language switching in the chatbot interface is not provided. 5. it is not possible.

Is there any way to see my users’ chats in the helper?

Because without this we are left very much in the dark without knowing what he is doing, whether he is responding correctly, without direction to fix the prompt..


Hello! The Helper has Bot Logs option with which you can see all interactions between the bot and the user.

1. For Webspeech Api, will the below pricing be applicable?

2. Is it like users can ask queries with voice and the bot will answer in voice as well?

3. Can I make it appear as a page instead of a popup window (like chatgpt interface)

4. Can I select on which page to make the chatbot visible?

The Helper does not use fine tuning model but use completions with chat completions and send a prompt with each request.

Understood. Please if possible consider these features. Helper has high potentials. Hopefully, it won’t fall behind the competition. Best wishes.

Thanks, we take into account all the comments and wishes of our customers and do our best to improve the product.

Hello. I tried your demo and compared the graphic layout of reply between your plugin on ChatGPT. My question is…why if for example the AI engine reply with the steps to follow enumerating them (from 1. to 10. for example), your chat view does not put carriage return for each (reply) pont while ChtGPT does it? Is it possible to have a more readable answers?


Hello! The demo does not have any specific content set that the AI bot should use as context, so the answer is provided from a source accessible to it, like in chat GPT. For your site, you can set the content according to which the bot will respond.

Please note: any OpenAI model has a Max tokens limit, meaning the limit of the text length that can be used for the AI bot. Read more here


Great work on the plugin.

PRESALE Questions:

1.) Can I embed the chat on a page via shortcode instead of using a pop up chat?

2.) How does the PDF feature work? Does the pdf file need to be uploaded on the wordpress website?

Hope to hear from you soon


1) Yes, the chatbot can be added via shortcode in the required page place or using a predefined position. Chat can be displayed as a popup with a float button or as an open chat without a button.

2) To use the information of a PDF file you need to upload it through the Helper plugin settings.

Thank you for response. Another questions: 3.) Can it work with custom post types created via plugins like ACF, METABOX e.t.c other than the post or woocommerce products 4.) Any plans of making the plugin companitble with GPT- 3.5 OR 4? 5.) Can I upload multiple PDF files through the helper plugin?

3) Yes, it supports custom post types. 4)It already includes the GPT-3.5-turbo model. GPT 4 will be added in future updates. 5) You can upload only one PDF file.

Please note: any OpenAI model has a Max tokens limit, meaning the limit of the text length that can be used for the AI bot

Can I test on one website, and then next actually work on another website?

Hello! Yes, you can use the plugin on your test/development site but only for one End product