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khanhtruong does not currently provide support for this item.

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refund granted too, thank you Envato.Less than a week to solve the problem, that’s enough for me don’t change my interest to buy products as it’s solved.

i wanna this script. has any problem now?

Please visit , download and install on your host. If everything ok, this script will be ok :)

Boudht this script today and have a problem with Twitter login. Something wrong happened.

Error: The requested address ’/users/twitter_login’ was not found on this server.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Please read this article

Open app/Config/twitter.php and paste your ConsumerKey & ConsumerSecret

I made it during installation. Consumer key and consumer secret are pasted in app/Config/twitter.php but problem is not solved!

Where and how I can change page Title of the main page?

You can find in app\View\Layouts\default.ctp

Can I specify a page to redirect to once the quiz is complete? I’d like to be able to direct them to s specific page based on their answers.

i try to sign up with facebook.. cant get thru.. are u still supporting this app ?

How can I start the admin section?

Is this still supportive and functional?

Can you explain clearly?

Too many errors php and sql. This is a defective product. I demand money back

I read the documentation, but I do not have to study it. Everything is done according to the instructions. The site only errors.

Send me your URL. I will help you.

Thank you that want to help. Sent to you by Email

- ignore this comment. I was able to make it work.

I purchased this script yesterday and installed it. It’s not working. Your support button here says you don’t support the script?? Can I get some assistance or a refund please?

Yes, I support for my customer. Please go to my profile page and send me an pm about your URL. I will help you fix the issues.

Open Quiz based on CakePHP framework. You can find out more here

can i add pictures on Quiz

add quiz in demo , have error database

Nothing work!!!! I want my money back!! 5000 Errors

We require this plug-in for checking Body Type according to ayurveda.

The main work is calculation way. However, calculation is very simple, but I am not finding this type of plug in.

People will answer and it automatically show results based on their answers.

For example, we build a form with 100 questions and each have 3 options from which person can select one option only.

All Option A is for VATA All Option B is for PITTA All Option C is for KAPHA

Person has selected Option A for 70 questions, Option B for 20 questions, and Option C for 10 questions.

Plugin redirect result page show percentage like this:

You have VATA dominant Body Type having following results:

1. VATA = 70% 2. PITTA = 20% 3. KAPHA = 10%

Can your plugin do this? I will buy after your answer.

When function do we need you can see sample link and functions.

Code không duoc dep cho lam

I want a REFUND!!!! this is rediculous.

What wrong with you? You never ask me for support. You purchase my item for a couple hours, then want to get refund. Yes, you’re so ridiculous.

Can I have a leaderboard with this?

What do you mean? the admin backend? If so, of course you can.

Not the backend, sir. I meant the ranking of users who take the test. Is it possibke to create a ranklist after all students have taken the quiz?

Score was saved in statistic table, of course, you can create a rank list. However this feature’s not available, need to be customized.


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