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First Buyer :) let’s hope it works ;)

Thanks for purchase. Please redownload file, i had just fixed presentation bug.

this is error what i found

Notice (8): Undefined index: right_answer [APP/Model/Question.php, line 98] Warning (2): in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument [APP/Model/Question.php, line 98] Notice (8): Undefined index: right_answer [APP/Model/Question.php, line 98] Warning (2): in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument [APP/Model/Question.php, line 98]

I had just fix some issues. Please let me how can you get this error.Thanks for your report error.

i add some question and put them blank and this error arise.

Thank you, I had fixed this error.

Will re download, havent touched files yet. Just wondering if we can ditch bootstrap, last thing i really wanted was a script that uses so much overhead, noted if we throttle our connection, to give faux dial up speed.. All questions load across the page, as if the scripting to display:none for questions 2,3 etc isnt initiating, perhaps a bug of loading all that twatter bootstrap crap up.

Will download and deploy sometime today, and echo more feedback later.

I would advise no one buy this until the dev has upgraded his readme. How this ever got thru review is beyond me. There are Gazillions and Gazillions of errors and file permission changes to make, none of which .. not a single one is explained in the readme.

In fact the readme, could have been written on the back of a postage stamp.

No install instructions, no admin info. No permissions info, nothing zilch.

This is the entire README !

1. Dump database\openquiz.sql to your database.

2. Open app\Config\database.php and edit follow your database config.

3. Go to create your app (Remember: Add your domain and check allow login option). 
Then edit app\Config\facebook.php and edit follow your facebook app config.

4. Get an api_key and secret from twitter ( and fill in app\Config\twitter.php.

5. Update your google account in app\Config\google_analytics.php.

An utter pile of crap. No doubt this file will work, with some instructions. But I really suggest you wait until the dev updates his software and readme and install instructions.

Furthermore within database.php you have mysql details to be added, simple enough but you also are asking for them to be added to some test area, none of which is documented.

Steer clear until DEV has upgraded

+ you cannot for one minute expect ppl to start chmodding every single error as 777 .. I am seeing 150+ errors on screen.

We figured it in the end. BUT and this is a big but, I am tempted to report the item to envato, to temporarily remove until you update your readme file.

I think you have made a great effort in creating this script etc, but your skills in terms of help files and installation are abysmall

Sorry, this app is write based on CakePHP. You must chmod 777 for folder tmp/ . Thanks for your advice, I will update my readme :)

Nah mate not good enough. I am gonna file a complaint with Envato on this.

The script itself is fine, but the execution is shocking.

example: causes errors, you have not implemented any directory access fallback.

Thats just one instance.

You have NO and i mean NO instructions on directory structire, files to edit, admin access. None , absolutely ZILCH

For example, what prat is gonna buy this and every quiz is logged under a folder called PracticTests !

Its a quiz program, fgs. So I need to know step by step how to rename globals, that you have set and how to access stuff.

In fact, I cannot be bothered I am filing an issue with Envato. This piece of scripting is beyond a joke, for even experienced coders to figure out, your folders are absolutley ALL over the place. What could have been achieved with half a dozen folders and files, has taken you 10 megabytes of utter crap to do.

I will give it 30 minutes and then I am reporting the item.

Another example: Thanks for liking this Video ? Erm .. have you pinched this script from somewhere and wrapped it inconsiderately around Bootstrap, and forgot to change stuff ?

Mate I am LIVID !!!!

You had better research about CakePHP before complaining. I do it ( turn on Development Mode) on purpose in order to let other find out the bug and then, give me the feedback. If you are not be happy, I’m willing to send your money back!

Tell you what mate.

Send the money, or do a PROPER installation guide. It’s your choice at the end of the day.

There are absolutely NO instructions for this item, no installation instructions, no admin instructions..

So yep send the money, I will gladly receive it. But I would prefer that you man up and think of it from a buyers perspective.

Your code is riddled with the term PracticeTests , can you tell me of one website that would outwardly promote the use of such a term in a production environment.

Your english within your pages is awful, and users need to know how and where to edit the terms you use.

We have no idea how to log into admin, theres no setup instructions zilch. You have riddled hyperlinks with your crappy email address, I am so over messing with this pile of ** its unreal.

Had you supplied some usage instructions, a proper setup guide , and a howto guide on customising all of your crap out of it, it may have been less painless.

I have pushed a complaint through with Envato, suggesting the same as I have mentioned above. Supply INSTRUCTIONS !

Are you wondering yet why you only have 2 sales ?

You didn’t create answers for your questions

What is really annoying s, a ton of work went into making this. But with no instructions, we just cannot get it to function.

And why h why, are there no options for :

1. Onclick of finish, it SUBMITS your score. 2. Seems no administrative way to only allow registered users to do quizzes. 3. If user not logged in and they complete a quiz, should prompt then on click of finish, to “you can submit your score if you register” 4. not show answers to non registered users.

We still have a ton of id and code exception errors.

A real shame, esp when our client is only deploying this on a dedicated quiz domain.


2 instances of jsapi keys.

No instructions as to why there are 2, plus these would have been generated for your production testing.Is one a server key and one a browser key ? no explanation

Lines 22 and Lines 37

....................... In admin. Caught Exception : No profile ID found ! Notice (8) : Undefined Variable:flot_data_views [app/view/dashboards/admin_index.ctp, line 5]

Lets see if yiu will address these issues

This is not working for me too. Lot of errors. Please provide a working update or i should make a request. i usually buy working tools not tools to debug. Thanks for your understanding.

Controller class Index.phpController could not be found.

Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.

Stack Trace
 #0 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/app/webroot/index.php(96): Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse))
#1 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/index.php(40): require('/homepages/9/d2...')
#2 {main}
Fatal Error (256): [PDOException] SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'dbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.quiz_practice_tests' doesn't exist
#0 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(436): PDOStatement->execute(Array)
#1 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/Database/Mysql.php(307): DboSource->_execute('SHOW FULL COLUM...')
#2 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Model/Model.php(1226): Mysql->describe(Object(PracticeTest))
#3 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(2155): Model->schema()
#4 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php(1010): DboSource->fields(Object(PracticeTest))
#5 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Model/Model.php(2483): DboSource->read(Object(PracticeTest), Array)
#6 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/app/Controller/PracticeTestsController.php(118): Model->find('all', Array)
#7 [internal function]: PracticeTestsController->topten()
#8 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Controller/Controller.php(473): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(PracticeTestsController), Array)
#9 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php(104): Controller->invokeAction(Object(CakeRequest))
#10 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php(86): Dispatcher->_invoke(Object(PracticeTestsController), Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse))
#11 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Core/Object.php(102): Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse), Array)
#12 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/app/View/Layouts/default.ctp(78): Object->requestAction('/topten', Array)
#13 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/View/View.php(595): include('/homepages/9/d2...')
#14 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/View/View.php(411): View->_render('/homepages/9/d2...')
#15 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/View/View.php(373): View->renderLayout('Controller ...', 'default')
#16 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Controller/Controller.php(900): View->render('error500', NULL)
#17 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php(282): Controller->render('error500')
#18 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php(191): ExceptionRenderer->_outputMessageSafe('error500')
#19 [internal function]: ExceptionRenderer->_cakeError(Object(MissingControllerException))
#20 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php(165): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#21 /homepages/9/d208323514/htdocs/wp-tools/quizz/lib/Cake/Error/ErrorHandler.php(127): ExceptionRenderer->render()
#22 [internal function]: ErrorHandler::handleException(Object(MissingControllerException))
#23 {main} [CORE/Cake/Error/ErrorHandler.php, line 136]

I see error: “Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ’...quiz_practice_tests’ doesn’t exist.” I think you didn’t setup database correctly. Please read CakePHP installation ( and SETUP -GUIDE.txt.

I followed the setup exactly like you say and it’s not working. I don’t want to learn how to debug cakephp, i wanted to buy a product working with a correct process install and easy to deploy like it appears in your words, not developping a solution myself in your code. I don’t pay for this.I pay for working tool. Imagine if i am installing a client? What i do? Your product is unsafe if we all must follow a ticket for debug. I claimed my money back. Regards.

You created Table ‘dbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.quiz_practice_tests’ with prefix ‘quiz_’. Did you add prefix for database config? Open app\config\database.php
public $default = array(
        'datasource' => 'Database/Mysql',
        'persistent' => false,
        'host' => 'localhost',
        'login' => 'root',
        'password' => '',
        'database' => 'openquiz',
        'prefix' => 'quiz_',               //===> Change here
        'encoding' => 'utf8',

yes i did. i changed the prefix like it’s written in the file.

ok…. 1)by following the default installation instructions line by line is it possible to make the product work? NO. 2)Did you provide a default login for the admin in your setup? NOWHERE . 3)”Controller class Index.phpController could not be found”. Why do you think i can’t provide a prefix for database when you read that this file is missing?it’s the first line you see in the code result i provide.Please…i’m not a noob and i’m sorry but your product is not premium quality when i see the result. And Envato says in their conditions that they don’t refund paypal issues, so thank you a lot to steal my money people by selling unworking products. I like this, for sure, it’s professionnal vision and condition.

I had introduced my app based on CakePHP 2.x. I do not steal anyone. Please take care of your words… X-(

hey, i payed for a premium product or not? If i tried to install the product for a client what must i say? “Sorry guy, you bought an unworking product and Envato is not refunding, you got it for your money, everything is normal.” ?????? What are you going to do? Make me a process? 1)There’s a missing file, you ignore this word, but it’s the first line of the problem. 2)Envato charged me 2 dollars by paying by paypal but they don’t refund when it’s a paypal issue.

What attitude do you think i must have? Applause? 20 dollars and i got a product with i can do nothing. If i was the only one…..we are 5 buyers, two buyers reveal problems. I don’t understand why the product is still online, why Envato don’t ask you some enhancements. Sorry for the words, i’m not rich, money counts when i buy something. Boring…. Well, sorry for the words, have a nice day, everything is ok.

plz try enable apache’s mod_rewrite and chmod 777 -R app/tmp

Hey dude – nice looking script – want to purchase – please confirm when these bugs are sorted ! cheers 8-)

Its like buying a car, and then having to go to the manufacturer to find out how to build it.

When someone is reluctant to explain a process i doubt credibility. Thankfully with five sales i can now think about down voting.. I would STILL rather have working instructions and deployment guide.

Seeing as the author now ignores my questions, i am filing for a refund.

Filed for refund.

Refund granted, thankyou Envato.