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Does this allow users to record their own video via the site the plugin is installed on? Or are visitors only allowed to upload their own?

Hey shermanf. Yes, it does allow users to record their own videos via the site the plugin is installed on provided that the user is using phone or tablet. When a user clicks/presses the browse button, an option to either record or browse for a video pops up.

Hello excellent plug in, congratulations, however I apologize for my ignorance but I can find the short code for single page, Thanks

Hey alfredor, thanks for your purchase. The plugin is presented as a widget on the visitor-side of a website; as such, it does not use shortcodes. Go to your Dashboard and click ‘Appearance’ – under that, you will see ‘Widgets’; click on that. You will be taken to a page filled with widgets. Find ‘OB Video Comments’ and drag it to the sidebar of your choice. Make sure to enter a title. After that, the video comments widget will appear on your single page when you go to the visitor-side of your site. Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you like if you need help.

Hi I get the following error msg on my dashboard and in the widget area

Where it says “mywebsite” was edited out by me for this public post

Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property BuddyBoss_Edit_Activity::$data has no effect in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-edit-activity/includes/main-class.php on line 94

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-edit-activity/includes/main-class.php:94) in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hide_my_wp/hide-my-wp.php on line 1152

Hey Robert. Just sent you another email.

Thank you for going to full lengths in order to ensure that my install will work.As well, I congratulate you on determining your next version and all that it will and can be. I will leave it up to you to share the good news – You have me excited…thanks for helping me and sharing the future regarding this innovative & useful plugin. :)

You have helped in giving us amazing insights Robert. We are very excited about the upcoming update. We will reach out to you immediately when it is complete. I know that others will love the update as well. We at Open Beacon greatly value feedback from customers such as you.

Did you ever get the BuddyPress conflict figured out? We’re thinking of buying this plugin for a site we’re building but need BuddyPress working alongside bbPress for this to work for us. Looks like a great plugin!

Hey arikjohnson. Thanks for your interest. It is a great plugin. We’re busy fixing the conflict with BuddyPress. RobertRoberts has been very helpful in describing his backend environment so we can replicate the error and fix it. I’ll inform you when the fix is complete. All the best with the site you’re building!

Awesome! Thank you – I have an immediate need for this once it’s fixed, so please keep us all posted and we’ll be an early buyer (and rater) – cheers!

Hey arikjohnson. We did extensive testing over the past few days and found that BuddyPress, BuddyPress Activity Plus and bbPress work fine with Open Beacon Video Comments. The conflict seems to come from a plugin called BuddyPress Edit Activity by BuddyBoss; when WordPress is in debug mode. If you are not using that plugin, Open Beacon Video Comments will install fine. If you are using it, you would have to temporarily deactivate BuddyPress Edit Activity when installing Open Beacon Video Comments and then reactivate when the install is complete. We are working on a fix to make to make the two work nicely together. Obviously, when not in debug mode, everything works perfectly and no warnings are thrown. That being said, Open Beacon Video Comments is compatible with bbPress, BuddyPress and BuddyPress Activity Plus.

Hi guys, great work thus far…curious to know if there has been any further development? Ie, FFmpeg compatibility and utilizing Webrtc? Thanks for all your efforts. I have thoroughly enjoyed your plugin thus far. :)

Anything new to update? Thanks

Hey Robert, great to hear from you. We have made changes but are finalising the product for submission. I will keep you informed when the update happens. Have a great day, :)

Hi Guys, that is great news…I look forward to it. Have a great holiday season and have a happy, prosperous New Year 2016. :)

Good evening I just have a question about the plugin. Does the user can put the videos directly from their cell phone

Hey mandii, thank you for you interest in our plugin. Yes, the plugin does directly take video from a user’s cell phone. In fact, the plugin was largely created for users to make videos on mobile and upload them immediately,

Hello and thank you for your response . One last question: what page June to May with a list of comments videos? for example with some code?

I don’t quite understand your question mandii? Would you like to see our demo page?

Hi Guys, any new news for this plugin? I am re-developing my site and am looking for a solution. If you have my email still feel free to contact me. :)

Hi Thabo…I need a wordpress plugin like this one, what do you think? http://doc-kurento.readthedocs.org/en/stable/tutorials/java/tutorial-one2many.html

Hey Robert, took a look at it and it seems like an amazing idea, :) Will take a look it at some more. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi, you said above “Yes, it does allow users to record their own videos via the site the plugin is installed on provided that the user is using phone or tablet” Does that mean they cannot record a video on a desktop computer?

Hey paulzz, thanks for your question. No, the plugin cannot record video via desktop because desktop doesn’t have the recording features available for your browser. What you can do is record your video independently and then upload it via the plugin.

OK. Weird, Chrome and Firefox support HTML audio recording. Thanks

hi, i have some pre-sale questions for you 1.) can i create playlists of comments?, 2.) Is the file generated on the recording option automatically deleted after uploading it?.3.) Can i set a default app for the recording option , so not popup choice.?

Hey intercambio1, thank you for your interest. No, you cannot create from the comments. No, the file is not automatically deleted. The way it works is that it it opens your camera and then you choose whether you want to record or pick a file.

Hello guys, have you ever thought about making this plugin work with PhpDolphin or something similar in a post feed for it maybe? https://codecanyon.net/item/phpdolphin-social-network-platform/5158794

Hey Robert, thanks for making us aware of “phpDolphin – Social Network Platform” – I wasn’t aware of it. Now that we know about it, we will take some time to see how we can create some type of integration. Thanks so much Robert!

Is there a way to set the videos that are submitted to “pending” instead of them going “published”??

Hey jflint1200. Thanks for buying our plugin. Unfortunately moderating a video comment before it’s uploaded is not possible. What you can do is moderate it (set it to “pending”) after it has been posted. If you have another question, please feel free to ask. Thanks.

That is a rough request to moderate every video comment as it is uploaded. That is one hell of a 24/7 job. That makes this plugin a little useless dont ya think? So many bad things can happen when this is auto uploaded.

Not possible? or not going to try? or Impossible?

Hey jflint1200. The videos comments are published automatically without the need for moderation. Similar to the way that most commenting systems work. Should you as the administrator feel that a certain comment is inappropriate, you can simply edit its publishing or change its visibility.

hi.. nice idea… but works only on sidebars? not have a shortcode to put inside pages?

Hey Erik, thank you for you support. I honestly did not see this comment. At the present moment, it only works for sidebars.

For those of you wondering how to stop the automatic publishing of the video there is a file called ob-video-comments.php. Line 462 has the ‘post_status’ set to ‘publish’ – if you change to ‘pending’ the video won’t go live without you publishing it. I personally feel this should be the default setting. Anybody could upload inappropriate comments that the world can see. Open Beacon should be more forthcoming with this information. very simple fix

Hey damian_mac. Thank you for your purchase and your comment. We’ve been trying to email you but it appears that the email you entered on the support site was incorrect because our emails to you were not delivered. That being said, we are glad that you’ve found some resolution to the issue. The idea was to have the plugin create open-ended and free-flowing interaction on a site – we felt that moderation could kill that. We’re regret that this has cause some distress. Now that we know that customers would like to see the pending option, we will create a feature that deals specifically with that. Again, thank you for your purchase – we truly appreciate your support. Please reach out to our dedicated OB Video Comment support staff at thabo@openbeacon.biz. Thank you.