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I bought this and oodle does not accept API New any more. so I need a refund since I will not be able to use the API

Ill try the code first but what if it does not last.

Shared code that is

I just tested and the shared api key still works.

Hi looking at your demo http://www.codiator.com/Classified-Made-Easy/index.php?ptype=home&&city=New%20York (new york) Not showing any Oodle data .. and I am in new york city—ip ) .. So I take it this plugin/script is no longer working? Let me know. anyway It was a great idea .. do you have plans to do another pluging .. ie ebay, craigslist? Thanks

All the listings you see there were auto generated. As the demo is checked by many so I’ve disabled the Oodle plugin. Though, it works fine, if activated. But please note that Oodle is no longer providing its API key and you’ll have to use the key given in one of the above comments.

Hi I installed the plugin ok, markers and text results are working ok
  • but the sidebar / map results are not showing for oodle – only internal database listings.. anyway to fix that? Thanks

Hi, I’ll check and update it in few days.

Any chance that we can Request an API Key so we can integrate oodle since it’s not allowing you to create one on oodle.com??? I just bought this plugin and cannot use it for that reason…great.

Hi, As mentioned in one of the comments, following key can be used to activate the plugin: 0FDEDFD72104

I want to purchase this plugin and I want to know if the key mentioned is still working? anyone?

Hi, It still works but some categories don’t have listings.

How Would I use the housing/sale/land category in your script?.

Hi, As this plugin is only for ‘Classified made easy’ script and as it doesn’t have 3 category levels so it isn’t possible.

By default it will show all the ads. If you want to show ads from a particular category by default then in plugins/oodle/default.php, locate:


and just below it, add:

if($cat==”“) $cat=”buy – sell”; if($subcat==”“) $subcat=”retail”;

For ex, here we specified ‘buy – sell’ as a default category. Please refer to function getOodleCat and function getOodleSubcat for more category and sub category names and use the counterpart names..

Hi plug-in is not working

Hi, Did you add Oodle api key to the Oodle page in back office.


i got from here this classified script www.laraclassified.com, is running as you see but is only with one ads for test is possible used your script for import ads to my classified website?


Hi, This script can only be used with ‘Classified made simple’ php classified script.


I am interested in buy one version of this oodle plugin for script laraclassified, could you let me know if it is possible?

thanks in advance

Hi, This only supports ‘Classified made easy’ script.

Is there a way to have only medical or health related items show up initially when using the oodle clessifieds plugin? If not can it be coded?



It will be a custom job for which you can pm me.

Is this still working?

yes, you’ll have to get a key from https://www.oodle.com/info/developer/oodle-api/

Dear Sirs,

From what I understand, the plugin only works for the regions of Canada, United Kingdom, United States, India, Ireland. For example, I am in Brazil and in this case I would not see information from Brazil?

Thank you in advance.