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diri0010 Purchased

Could you please help, i have sent you a private email.

Fixed your problems via email. Thanks for choosing us.

how to access admin panel, my email is arfan@rembon.com

Done, but no reply

Please check your email box. We ansered your question.

Amazing… support by email all issue fixed now…

Thanks you so much brother…

Best application, best support


Hello, can you make a script with the following possibilities?

I would like the possibilities in addition to being able to create a page (company, brands) and a page of profiles (person).

No friends, followers and following, there will be the opportunity to love, share, and comment (but also report etc).

There will be the possibility of requesting the certification of an account.

The links will be integrated (like on twitter when you put a link).

You can put links, messages, photos, videos (youtube only), gif but mostly #.

There will be trends for example, 10,000 people marks in their photos, comments #hello, the trend will be #hello but there will be 10 # trends.

A biography (or work you and what do you do). And for business website and city and a short biography.

Website for each profile (if desired.)

Hi dear WhatMan,

Because of this special wanted script.If you want special script for your project you can send me email from my profile.

Best regards.

I sent you an email . Thank you

Hi Dear WhatMan,

Please check your email box. I answered your questions via email.

Thanks for interested me.

Best Regards

Mustafa Öztürk.

email sent for support , ,will appreciate a response thank you

Hi Dear dededesigns, please check your email box. I answered your questions. Best Regards

Kardeşim şu kurulumu yapın başka bir şey istemiyorum. Sıfırdan kurulum yapıyorum sürekli bu hatayı veriyor.


Not supporting comment area. Please send me email using support page. CLICK HERE

Hi Dear pratikmatik,

I answered and fixed your all questions. I wish you success with your project.

Best Regards

Mustafa Öztürk.

login details?

Hi Dear GothamCoffe:

Username: demouser Password: 123456

Thanks for interest.

Best Regards Mustafa Öztürk


Script is amazing. But i found some bugs.Can you fix that bugs? And i am confused why nobody has report that things,i mean how script then work normally. Thanks

Hi dear frivko, thank you for your unterested. Can you please send me your fined bugs via email? I will fix that for in an nxt update.

Best regards Thanks


Did you receive my email for notification bug and can you fix that in next update?


Any demo accounts? I can’t create new account to test the script.

Username: demouser

Password: 123456

Thank you! Do you provide native android application or just a web-view application?

Hi dear Hipster_Themes, included webview application.

Best regards Mustafa Öztürk


Can you fix a problem with notification system for next update?

Can you added with dirrect mesagge system for next update?

Hello support, I have sent you email for the past two days, can please respond? Thanks

Please check your email box. I will send you respond. Thanks.


Please i need a answer about notification system,will you fix this in next update. Notification system not work,and the main problem is that we can’t see who like our post or comment etc. When i press bell at the top i only see blank page.

Thanks in advance

This is my server problem. I have try to fix it. I will talk my hosting campany about it. Thanks for attantion. Best Regars Mustafa Öztürk

How can I see the admin panel?


za5e0k Purchased

when will be a new update and what you plan new update

Good day sir, am Victor from Nigeria, my country is in a critical condition, and the cost of dollars is 1 USD to 318 naira, am in great need of your script and I don’t have enough money at hand to purchase it, because I invested a lot of cash doing mmm-nigeria, I intend using your script as a major business in Nigeria, and it’s urgent. Please I want you to give me a copy of your script then after a few months I will pay you in double fold if you grant my request, I will make you proud and you will never regret your action, I am very broken right now because I invested a lot of my money in MMM -Nigeria and they have not payed me back because they crashed, I can afford a web host in my country, you can contact me via pricop@naij.com, Thanks for your help and support. Victor

Sorry script is not free.

yes sir i know i will pay later—i promise and swear, i really need it


za5e0k Purchased

when will be a new update and what you plan new update

Merhabaa. Is DM system has been update?

I have complained about forgot password, no response since, support please respond

Admin paneli nasıl görebiliriz